Maynard James Keenan Creepily Hit on My Teenage Friends When He was 32

To answer both of your initial questions, no, no one was raped. In fact, no one even had sex. Also, yes, they were 18 years old. One of them might have even been 19 by this point. I’m only going to tell this story for a couple reasons and those reasons are:

A. I can personally confirm that Maynard James Keenan was hitting on teenagers well into his 30’s and

B. Teenage girls are in fact often so naïve that they have zero clue why they’re being invited backstage by a much older rock star.

The story’s pretty simple and nothing remotely fantastic. Common place rock star shit really. Tool was playing a show in Columbus, Ohio in 1996. A few of my very cute young teenage friends were singled out by a roadie and invited backstage. While backstage, they were immediately escorted into Maynard’s tour van. There he awkwardly put one of them in a jujitsu hold and pinned her to the ground. None of the girls knew how to respond to this at all, so he let her go pretty quickly, and they eventually left when Maynard lost interest. No one was harmed in any way.

This story was confirmed by multiple people. Here’s what’s significant. These girls had ZERO clue why they were singled out and invited back stage. None. In fact, when they told me this story and I explained it to them specifically, they still didn’t believe me. I even asked leading questions like, you really think you got singled out in the crowd, out of all those people, because the roadie just thought you were good conversationalists or something? They had no answer for this, but still would not believe me when I told them Maynard thought they were groupies and was looking for sex. Even the weird jujitsu thing didn’t tip them off. Just not fathomable to their young minds, which I found sort of astounding at the time actually.

Hadn’t really thought about it until the rape accusations came out the other day. The new accusations are incredibly sad and if you think I’m just flaming Maynard here I’m not. Is it super creepy to want to fuck teenagers when you’re 32? Yes. In the new public accusation, he was apparently 36 and she was 17, which is even worse (and illegal in that case). The funny thing is, in reading the story I’m sure the ‘Nard didn’t even consider what he did rape at all. Just another day on tour. She clearly wanted the sex because why would she have come backstage and onto his tour van if she didn’t right?

Wrong, as hard as it might be to believe, a lot of teenage girls are in fact so naïve they don’t understand what’s going on in these situations. The reason? They’re kids for Christ sake. Again, I can confirm this specifically. I know this is all considered prototypical rock star shit (rap star shit at this point really) and par the course, but the point is that it needs to change. If you’re in your 30’s and you still want to fuck teenagers, there’s something off. Moreover, you should not just assume that because you’re famous and a young girl is at your show that she wants to fuck you, even if she agrees to come back stage when asked by a roadie. She very well might have zero clue why she was invited backstage by a roadie in the first place.

What I find so creepy about all of this stuff is that if Maynard wanted to fuck say, a 25 year old, he’d have an entire smorgasbord at his disposal. But no, he was intentionally hitting on teenagers. That does in fact veer way into emotionally retardation territory. God only knows how many other stories are going to come out about the ‘Nard here in the upcoming months. Do I think it should ruin his career? Depends on how serious the allegations are and if they can be confirmed. Should every single famous person who has these fantasies think hard about why they want to fuck teenagers exactly? Yes. It’s not only creepy, but it might fuck a kid up emotionally way more than you realize or consider. Anywho, here are the new rape allegations and you can make up your own mind, but yes, I can confirm a few of the basics in regards to what she’s saying. (from Metalheadzone):

“Deep breath. I have to anonymously tell this story because I tried to tell it from my real account and couldn’t name him directly out of fear, so I deleted the tweets. Here goes: I was 17 and he was 36.

I went to see A Perfect Circle and NIN in the year 2000 with my high-school boyfriend. I will leave out the city in an attempt to protect myself. We were looking forward to this all year as both of us were really huge fans, teenagers obsessed with great music.

We were in the front row and my boyfriend had his arms around me. The band started. Maynard noticed me in the crowd. Not that it matters what I wore, but I was wearing a NIN tank top and baggy cargo pants with flat-soled combat boots.

Maynard saw me and threw a water bottle in my direction. The guy next to me caught it. My boyfriend and I laughed and thought that was cool. Minutes later, a heavy-set, blonde, white woman came out to meet us. She looked at me and asked, ‘Do you want to meet the band?’

I said, ‘Can my boyfriend come with me?’ The heavyset woman said, ‘I only have one pass. You can meet them now if you want.’ I told my BF that I’d see him in a few minutes, and then I followed her backstage. She lead me back to the VIP area, and I never saw her again.

Maynard was sitting on a picnic table and was staring at me. NIN hadn’t gone on yet so I thought I had plenty of time to get an autograph and get back to the show and my boyfriend. I didn’t have a piece of paper, so I asked Maynard to sign my hand.

I was ready to go back with my BF. NIN was starting and I didn’t want to miss it. But Maynard kept chatting. He asked me how old I was. I said, ‘I’m 17.’ Then he said, ‘I can’t talk to you here, let’s go watch a movie’ and he pulled me away from everyone and onto a tour bus.

He lead me to a bed in the back on the bus and closed the door. He put on ‘Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas.’ I decided to watch a few minutes and at least have a weird story to tell my boyfriend later. Yes, 17 year olds can be naïve. This is why older men target teenage girls.”

Read the rest over at Metalheadzone, there are other allegations as well.

On a side note, this song has always made me cringe. Ick, just ick.


Thad McKraken

Thad McKraken

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