Charles Stuart II the First African American King of England

Image Copyright DC Comics.

“Spoilers! I am reborn.” The American Christ raised his black fist to the midnight sky, and Kirby Lines radiated around it. Shiloh, the name of the biblical messiah, the orphaned brother; rose from his grave, alive with his god power. His Highpower.  The Grant Morrison comic mega event from DC comics; Seven Soldiers introduced comics first ethically Black Israelite superhero. Could the film debut of Kendrick Lamar be at hand?

Black Israelites or Black Hebrews are a group(s) of black Americans, Black Caribbean’s and native Americans who identify themselves as the native peoples of Earth and the Chosen People of the god of Abraham. Some groups are listed as Hate groups for their extreme patriarchy and curiously enough, anti-Semitism.

Black Hebrews do not identify as an African people. They state that they are phonetically different from black Egyptians and Nubian Africans of North Africa. What is it that places this almost 300 year old belief on the radar of anti-hate groups? The Black Hebrews, using the King James Bible, which they cite, is written by Whites, identifies them as the people of legend, royalty and the modern day Israel a product of the Biblical Devil.

Black aristocrats, and royalty and controversially also kingship lies hidden in the secret history of black Hebrews in Europe. Black Nobility in Europe King Charles Stuart  II; the so called “Black boy” and European art’s Blue Men all portray individuals with attributes typical of black and Indian peoples. In the case of Charles Stuart II King of England it is also etched into his name since Stuart means, “swarthy” in old English which was also used as “black”. Stuart also has a Hebrew and Scottish meanings, which comes as no surprise since Morrison has already made a connection between his people and their Semitic history in Seven Soldiers.

In the comic, the world’s first superhero, Aurakles has been captured by the villains. Shilo as Mister Miracle attempts to exchange his life for Aurakles freedom. Phantasmically  possessed mobster; Boss Darkseid levels a pistol at the hero and with one bullet to the heart, kills him. This sacrifice maybe more than a story vehicle to progress a plot. As Morrison has used Shilo’s ethnic heritage to reinforce the mechanism of his apotheosis, could the woolly and red haired Aurakles be Shilo’s great great uncle Essau? If so does Shilo freeing Essau recalibrate biblical prophecy and mend those ancient fraternal wounds, or might Morrison be saying that American males are brothers despite their deep historic differences?

Shilo Norman the mortal superhero is reborn from death, enlivened with a new found governance of the Soul and the mystical qualities it possesses. What is the place of the Soul in this world? Capitalists cannot purchase it outright and must rely on alternative methods to squeeze out any of its caloric content. The west has all but declared the Soul to be a fiction and an impediment to so-called progress. What about the individual being, are they entitled to their Soul or is it simply property on loan from one cosmic deity or another? As usual the answers are inside.




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