Is Reality Bending VALIS Tech Blocking Our UFO Investigations?

May 29th, 2018 –

In this dream I’m witnessing these four dudes from afar. I’m not sure if I’m watching their proposal on YouTube or whatever but they’re laying out this plan to investigate this particular conspiracy theory and I’m intrigued. In a typical dream logic sort of way, it’s unclear what this conspiracy is exactly, but I’m impressed and think they might be onto something, so I decide I’m going to dig into it myself independently. Now, what’s funny about this is that it becomes immediately clear that they’re going to search for intel in a very nuts and bolts kind of way and I’m going to take a totally different approach.

Whatever this conspiracy is, it involves some huge either corporate or governmental conglomerate. I see them from afar going through the typical journalistic progressions you would when researching such an entity via interviewing people, digging through records, etc. I instead go full on Dr. Strange and start exploring the facility on the astral plane and to add a fun metaphorical touch, I’m beginning my search on the back end of the compound, while they’re chatting up folks on the front end. Pretty clear software metaphor embed I must say.

From there it all gets incredibly cool. As I explore, I’m sort of effortlessly shifting perspectives from third person and above to a ground level first person vantage point. It is in fact this behemoth and mostly empty sprawling facility (empty from the astral perspective at least). Again, possibly corporate but strikes me aesthetically as more of a military installation. Possibly a combination of both. I’m wandering around like this for quite a while and not really finding much of interest other than cool high tech architecture when it suddenly gets super weird. Hard to explain honestly, but out of nowhere, in my mind’s eye I see this crystalline amaranthine hued living psi machine. It’s purely in the periphery of my consciousness rather than coming from a more physical plane, just hanging there on some level of higher perception. Sort of like the M’Kraan crystal in X-Men lore, or honestly Phillip K. Dick’s VALIS satellite, which actually immediately occurs to me in the dream.

The important thing is that the second this thing shows up in my mind, I know I’ve failed in a way. It is preventing me from seeing whatever it is I was looking for, and I’m instantly aware I have zero ability of getting through the astral barrier it’s throwing up. Hell, I have zero clue what the thing even is and it’s disorienting. Instinctively I’m aware I won’t be able to gather anything concrete on the target which pisses me off, but it’s not like what I perceive next isn’t compelling. Whatever the fuck this thing is can actually alter reality in the lower waking realms. I see these other dudes who initially instigated the investigation and this pinkish crystal thing is onto them. It’s reaching into their world and intentionally throwing them off track, in addition to subtly turning them against one another via emotional manipulation. It’s controlling employees of the conglomerate’s responses to their inquiries, lining up synchronous frustration to dissuade them, feeding them leads to nowhere, etc. From my perspective, it almost looks like a crackling static sort of energy is rippling around all of these intentional disruptions.

After witnessing this for a while I finally fly out of the facility, admittedly a bit disappointed, but also sort of dumbstruck. I see from afar how these bros have essentially given up on their search, so I track them down in the skin world to inform them they were in fact onto something. When I confront them with this information in person it gets super strange as I can tell this amaranthine mineral entity really did a number on them. They’re completely divided on the topic and it’s a bit of a sore spot in a way as I start to realize. A few are completely convinced there was nothing there, a few immediately start conceding how odd it all was and I can tell deep down they still know something’s off. The dream goes on for a while longer but that’s the only stuff that’s truly relevant. What’s important is that when it finally ends I wake up with the distinct sensation that some almost pink colored spirit form had immediately left its merger with my soul structure, pleasantly jolting me into waking consciousness. That sort of thing is typically a fairly clear message: pay attention.

I am. What can I say, I have zero idea what this conspiracy actually is, but the ONLY conspiracy anything I’ve ever really given a shit about is supposed “alien” phenomenon. In that field, like in most, investigations almost never turn up anything concrete. You can find enough to know something’s there, but what that something is exactly? Who knows? Maybe this is why, it’s not something we can understand and there are mechanisms set up to maintain our continued ignorance. Even if we investigate it on the astral plane, there are still barriers blocking our mental probes. We’re like dogs in the human world when it comes to this stuff. I also love the metaphor that the astral investigation was in fact more effective though. I didn’t come up with anything concrete, but I didn’t come away thinking I was digging into nothing either. Moreover, the concept that reality altering technology far beyond our comprehension is disrupting our explorations into this sort of shit is an incredibly intriguing concept.

Also, this did seem to involve some huge corporation or government facility, which certainly lends credence to the idea that these daemonic motherfuckers (whatever they are) are embedded into the very fabric of our society, unbeknownst to pretty much everyone (although I think most of us have our suspicions).

On that front, on June 5th I had another hypnagogic bombardment feeding me even more intel on the nature of omni-dimensional daemonic consciousness. Same deal as a few weeks prior where I was seeing this process from above, here I’m seeing it on the inside and from below. With feeling now but a re-iteration of the exact same concept. I’m entering the minds of multiple individuals for temporary periods and altering their behavior (unbeknownst to them), all as a means to tie together a much larger plot.

What’s significant about this experience though is that it’s fueled by anger. Like I said, it had feeling. In retrospect, it’s funny how this came about really, but somehow this temporary annoyance at work pissed me off in an almost an irrationally intense manner. I rarely get pissed at my dumb ass day job, and I had every reason to be pissed, but man, I haven’t been that mad in quite a while. As I dive in and out of liminal states of awareness that night I can feel that this anger is precisely what’s fueling these plot tweaks. Of course, the idea that states of anger, pain, and depression drive these reality writing missions is what was shown to me when I was first introduced to the concept, but I still didn’t quite get it.

I was once told that: “you can’t control people with light”. I’m entering these people’s inner worlds on the crest of what feels like black, damp, cavernous energy. I can feel the rage emanating from the inside of them while also pulling from an endless supply beyond, like an obsidian alien anger cave. I keep warping through person after person like this, altering the plot structure as desired and then bolting to the next persona through sinewy connective psi tendons. This might sound creepy or unpleasant but it’s not at all. Precisely the opposite, there’s a blissed out narcotic calm to the entire experience despite it’s admittedly bleak sort of visionary aesthetic. I’m powering the world with yin energy, and again, I was just shown how this happens from above, here I seem to be coming in from below. Just a completely different perspective than the last spirit world instructional scenario.

I go through the exact same thing in my liminal consciousness states the entire following night, but since I’m no longer quite as pissed, the feeling isn’t quite as intense. I think I was just educated as to what it feels like to be a daemon. You can’t control people with light after all.


If you’re curious, you can also hear me discuss this experience in the podcast below entitled: Tales from the Astral Plane:


Thad McKraken

Thad McKraken

Thad McKraken is a psychedelic writer, musician, visual artist, filmmaker, Occultist, and pug enthusiast based out of Seattle. He is the author of the books The Galactic Dialogue: Occult Initiations and Transmissions From Outside of Time, both of which can be picked up on Amazon super cheap.
Thad McKraken