Introducing The Chaos Shamanism Podcast

Over a decade ago, I discovered that I could communicate with nonphysical beings via Clairsentience.

So many remarkable, terrifying, and wonderful things have happened in my life since then that I decided to keep a record of them. After experiencing the reality of things which are considered nonexistent and preposterous by the majority of our culture, I decided to collect a modestly sizable library of the occult, esoteric, paranormal, and UFOlogical.

That record of my experiences, my collection of books, related stories I’ve saved from the internet, and personal communications with experiencers of the mysterious have been alchemized into the digital audio which is this podcast, which takes you on a journey through the occult and the strange  ranging from cutting edge science to the fringes of paranormal research and the unknown.

I’ve been making this podcast for over a year now, but since it’s new to Disinfo, I’ll start with the first episode.

In this first episode, I describe what I mean by “Chaos Shamanism” and “Clairsentience”. I also refer to public figures whom have had an interest in the occult, and read an article by Robert Anton Wilson about the absurdity of materialist dogma and its collusion with the Military Industrial Complex.

Valen Jamason

Valen Jamason

Utilizing his extensive library, research and personal experiences, Valen Jamason takes you on a journey through the occult, the spiritual, the strange, and the generally unknown aspects of the human experience.
Valen Jamason

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