Stanton LaVey to Bring “Satanis – The Devil’s Mass” on 16mm to the Zephyr Theatre in L.A.

Stanton LaVey, the grandson of Church of Satan Founder
Anton LaVey, will be hosting two screenings of the documentary
“Satanis – The Devil’s Mass” on 16mm film on August 11th
at the Zephyr Theatre in Hollywood Ca. Stanton grew up In The
Black House, Church of Satan headquarters, with Anton as his
father figure. Stanton LaVey will be speaking and sharing family
stories related to the films being screened.

Anton LaVey in a still from “Satanis – The Devil’s Mass”

Satanis: The Devil’s Mass is a 1970 American documentary
film about Anton LaVey and the Church of Satan. It was
directed and produced by Ray Laurent and released by
Something Weird Video on 17 June 2003. Filmed in San
Francisco California, the film is a compilation of ritual footage
and interviews with LaVey’s family, neighbors, and church
members, as well Christian priests and Morman Missionaries.
Display ads at theater showings read: “Satanis is the most
pertinent, and perhaps the most shocking film of our time.
In addition to Satanis, Stanton will be screening a previously
unreleased 20 minute filmed interview of Anton Szandor
LaVey America’s Black Pope & never-before-seen candid film
footage of Anton LaVey playing music and philosophizing at
home in ‘The Black House’.

There will be an early screening and a late screening each
followed by a VIP gathering with Stanton LaVey for those who
purchase VIP tickets. The VIP gathering will give attendees the
opportunity to ask Stanton LaVey questions in a casual setting
amidst a fabulous array of “LaVeyana” which is what all
collectable items related to Anton LaVey & The Church Of
Satan are now called. Stanton LaVey’s collection includes over
100 original drawings by his legendary grandfather. Original
LaVey drawings will be on display and prints available for
purchase. Travel back in time if you will to 1969/70 when the
axis of aquarius made it’s last turn entering us into it’s new
bright age! Take a trip down memory alley and remember a
simpler time filled with magic & wonder with Anton & Stanton

View a sneak peek of some of the footage


Tickets can be purchased at:
Ticket prices are as follows:
$25 General Admission Ticket
$40 Special Admission Ticket
-Preferred Seating
-1 Commemorative Gift Item
$66.60 VIP Ticket Admission
-Premium Seating
-Concession Basket
-3 Commemorative Gift Items
-Raffle Ticket
-VIP ONLY Private Gathering With Stanton LaVey
(Held From 7pm-8pm /1am-2am)
Doors Open At 3:00pm
Presentation Begins At 3:30pm / With A Live Introduction By Stanton LaVey
Show Concludes At 7:00pm

Special VIP ONLY Private Gathering With Stanton LaVey
Will Be Held From 7:00-8:00pm
Doors Open At 9:00pm
Presentation Begins At 9:30pm / With A Live Introduction By Stanton LaVey
Show Concludes At 1:00am
Special VIP ONLY Private Gathering With Stanton LaVey
Will Be Held From 1:00-2:00am
A Cinemodium Production / 2018 LaVey Inc