disinformation®­ curates the most shocking, unusual and quirkiest news articles, podcasts and videos on the web, most of which are submitted by the site’s visitors. disinformation®‘s site contains news you didn’t know you needed … based on the idea that anyone can define what news is in today’s hypermediated, cybercultural world. If you would like to join us in this task, just read on.

You are invited to become an active part of the disinformation® community, whether by commenting on other members’ stories or submitting new stories yourself. To submit a story send your ideas via our Contact Page.

All submissions are subject to our Terms and Conditions of Use. We ask that you are clear about the source of the content of your story. If you are the author, say so (noms de plume are welcome); if you are quoting from a third party source, please name and link to all sources and referenced material. If you’re curious as to what kinds of stories will be accepted for publication, please read previously published stories on our site to get an idea of the themes and concepts that are popular here.

Because we often publish material written by our readership, content found on Disinfo.com is not necessarily representative of the opinions or beliefs of The Disinformation Company or anyone associated with us. We encourage readers to form their own opinions regarding content found here (or anywhere else – that’s the whole point).

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Our History

Launched on September 13, 1996, disinformation was designed to be the search service of choice for individuals looking for information on current affairs, politics, strange science and “hidden information” that seldom slips through the cracks of corporate-owned media. Ironically, it was funded by one of the largest media companies in the world (TeleCommunications, Inc. now part of Comcast), who paid for placement on Netscape’s widely used search page.

The site drew immediate attention and (usually) applause from the very same news media that it was criticizing as being under the influence of both government and big business, but the honeymoon was short. Some three weeks after launch the CEO of TCI learned of disinformation and immediately ordered it closed down. Needless to say, the founding team managed to keep the site going and it evolved into one of the most popular alternative news and underground culture destinations on the web. At the height of the dot-com boom The Disinformation Company was acquired by one of the high fliers of the so-called new economy, Razorfish — when the bubble burst so did Razorfish and today The Disinformation Company is independently owned.

Today in Disinformation

We disagree with any labels such as “progressive” or “conservative,” “left” or “right,” “right” or “wrong” … How can someone truly be well-informed in an ideological box or in the echo chamber of today’s most popular blogs? If you have a difference of opinion, we welcome it.

In the years since the site was launched in 1996 it has gone through several design and editorial changes, evolving from a specialized web-search directory to the current format of a community-based news and content service. We welcome your participation and feedback.

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