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LifeLock CEO Todd Davis’ Identity Stolen 13 Times

We’ve had this bastard send plenty of spammers to our site … I figured something wasn’t right about this guy. Thanks to WIRED for the investigation.


The hell with you, Todd Davis — some people actually care about personal privacy and you have murdered that trust. Thanks again to Kim Zetter for pointing this guy out on WIRED. Avoid this service at ALL COST:

Apparently, when you publish your Social Security number prominently on your website and billboards, people take it as an invitation to steal your identity.

LifeLock CEO Todd Davis, whose number is displayed in the company’s ubiquitous advertisements, has by now learned that lesson. He’s been a victim of identity theft at least 13 times, according to the Phoenix New Times.

That’s 12 more times than has previously been known.

In June 2007, Threat Level reported that Davis had been the victim of identity theft after someone used his identity to obtain a $500 loan from a check-cashing company.

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The Indigo Aura Children – New-Age Confusion, Delusion & Conspiracy

Indigo Children, Star Children and Crystal Children Investigated

Indigo Children have been on mainstream television news and in dozens of newspapers. They are generally described as highly intelligent, creative, system busting teen psychics with a bright indigo aura and a mission to save the world.

There are scores of Indigo books and videos. Thousands of web-sites discuss the subject or host forums where Indigos can gather. There are even numerous tie-in products ranging from herbal medicines and dietary regimes to seperate special schools.

Personally I was actually a member of the Beloved Community Indigo cult for a limited period of time many years ago. I was then young, naive and unaware of anything about the groups’ murky origins. There are also many Indigo proponents amongst fringe writers and spiritual speaker’s. It is likely that most of them are unaware of the worrying issues attached to this human phenomenon. It has become clear to me that the vast majority of people involved are like myself innocent dupes.… Read the rest

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Maya Prophecy, Long Count Calendars & Possible Cosmic Catastrophe for 21-12-2012 – Part 3

Interstellar Particles, Stellar Storms, Solar System Changes and Mutating DNA in the 2012 Era.

There are at least four major lines of information now opening up to us in the 2012 research community. It is only when they are added together and indeed a possible fifth included as well that a very plausible and perhaps scary possibility emerges.

Let us start with the five lines then in very brief and then we will move deeper.

1. Our quiet sun and shifting planetary energy fields solar-system wide.
2. The alignment of ancient structures to Cygnus.
3. Cosmic winds and dust clouds.
4. An ancient calendar indicating the dark rift.
5. Evidence of novel mutations occurring in human beings.


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No Clear Evidence of a Maya 2012 Doomsday Prophecy

Do the Maya elders predict doomsday?

The modern Maya peoples have an elected council of elders currently headed by Don Alejandro. In recent interviews he has been very clear in stating that the Maya do not believe there is a doomsday tied to the end of the 13 Bak’tun cycle.

In fact Maya elders have only ever ventured as far as suggesting that times of change at the end of such eras may include serious natural upheavals, much as we see our climate changing now.

No Maya elder is stating a complete global devastation ahead. I find that most of their talks carry a very positive air to them, they explain the benefits of the changes they see post 2012.

Is a doomsday within the written prophecies?


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New World Order Climate Change Conspiracy – Mini Ice Age Post 2012?

Co2 Seemingly Does Not Lead to Rapid Climate Shifts

You might quickly conclude that this is a one sided piece. You would be correct. Quite frankly if you do not already know the other side of the debate and it’s claims, you must live in a Himalayan cave and can’t be reading this!

We have lived in a time when so much rubbish has been revealed within that which passed as our education it seems almost no longer surprising to have been lied to. In various aspects we have been manipulated into going to war with ourselves on various levels and making big corporations cash in the process. Whether it is harmful industrial waste products such as Fluoride pumped into our water and being sold to us as a health product, or being asked to finance a war on our emotional state known as terror. Our food that was perfectly fine and healthy is now spliced with animal genetic material and infused with added chemical compounds.… Read the rest

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Maya Calendar Stargate 31-3-2013: 13-Ahau

2012 Rising: We know the date 21-12-2012 represents a cosmic event of great note to human spiritual progression. The 2012 conjunction of the winter solstice sun with the dark rift near the galactic centre and the start of a new precession cycle and new Maya Long Count.

This offers us the chance as a species to align with the cosmic energies of massive positive change. We can consciously choose to rapidly evolve our civilisation and are physical and spiritual selves at that time.

I believe I have found a secondary energetic stargate date hidden within the Maya system and thus far overlooked.


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