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Obama and Biden on Impeaching People Like Themselves

From the Daily Paul: "The President does not have power under the Constitution to unilaterally authorize a military attack in a situation that does not involve stopping an actual or imminent threat to the nation." — Senator Barack Obama, December 20, 2007 Also, here's Ron Paul on "Freedom Watch" (I don't see how Napolitano can remain on Fox News, I think by this time next year, I'll be he'll have been kicked out):
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No Internet In Egypt As Protests Escalate

By Ronnie Kerr at

First Facebook and Twitter were made inaccessible, now the entire Web. Blocking access to Twitter and Facebook just wasn’t enough for the Egyptian government. Around 11 hours ago — or a little after midnight in Egypt — the Internet went completely dark.



Now protesters all across Egypt must find a way to organize without the Web and, in Cairo, with an elite special operations force deployed to put a stop to massive demonstrations that have rippled across the state, ignited by a revolt in Tunisia that successfully toppled the regime there.

Both were drastic measures taken as preemptive steps by the Egyptian government ahead of possibly the largest demonstrations yet, which Reuters says are planned for Friday after weekly prayers.

But neither the people taking to the streets in Tunisia nor those in Iran during the summer of 2009 ever had to face a complete blackout of the Internet, a highly strategic attack on Egyptians’ freedom of speech undoubtedly ordered into effect by the Egyptian government.
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Mass Animal Deaths Tracked By Google Maps

From Jennifer Viegas at Discovery News:

The recent mass deaths of birds, fish, crabs, manatees, penguins and other animals are now being tracked by Google Maps.

“Aflockalypse,” as the Washington Post and other news outlets are calling the bird die offs, can now be studied, along with the other animal deaths, online at the single Google webpage.

The events appear to all date from December 2010 to the present — likely a choice of the map’s creators, since previous events could have also been documented. The majority of the events are shown to have occurred in the United States, but the map also charts the following:

  • “100 tons of fish” dead in South America
  • “Hundreds of snapper” perished in New Zealand
  • “Thousands of fish” were found floating dead in the Philippines
  • “150 tons of red tilapias” died in Thailand
  • “Scores of dead fish” in Haiti
  • 50-100 Jackdaws dead in Norway
  • Over 300 doves dead in Italy

and several more.

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Fed Bailed Out McDonalds & GE – With Your Money

McDonald's logoGeneral ElectricSuppose you were an idiot, and suppose you were a member of Congress; but I repeat myself. — Mark Twain

Craig Torres and Scot Lanman writing for Bloomberg:

The Federal Reserve’s emergency lending during the financial crisis spanned the global economy, from the largest U.S. financial firms to community banks, hedge funds and a fast-food company.

The Fed, in compliance with orders from Congress, today named recipients of $3.3 trillion in emergency aid. Among them were U.S. branches of overseas banks, including Switzerland’s UBS AG; corporations such as General Electric Co. and McDonald’s Corp.; and investors like Pacific Investment Management Co. and computer executive Michael Dell.

Lawmakers demanded disclosure, over the Fed’s initial objections, as U.S. central bankers pushed beyond their traditional role of backstopping banks to stem the worst financial panic since the Great Depression. The Fed posted the data on its website to comply with a provision in July’s Dodd- Frank law overhauling financial regulation.

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The Possibility of Hope

A great extra from the fantastic movie Children of Men. Modern philosophers, political scientists, and climate scientists weigh-in on the state of the Earth, global politics, militarism, mass-migration, global warming, and the future of humanity. (For the disinfo regular, I'd recommend the watching the movie The Constant Gardener and the documentary Darwin's Nightmare, but perhaps you already have...)
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