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The Elected Delegate and the Dissident in Cuba’s Municipal Elections

Dr. Daysi Victores. Photo: Arnold August

Dr. Daysi Victores. Photo: Arnold August

CUBA: The municipal elections have come to a close on May 19 with the constitution of the Municipal Assemblies and the election by the delegates of the presidents and vice-presidents from amongst the newly elected delegates.

Prior to this last step, thousands of neighbourhood nomination meetings took place between February 24 and March 24 in all 169 Municipalities across the island. From among those nominated by the citizens, a secret universal suffrage ballot election took place on April 25 to elect the 15,093 delegates for all municipalities from among the more than 45,000 nominated directly by the citizens. On that Sunday a candidate, from a minimum of two to a maximum of eight nominees in each constituency (riding or ward), would have to garner at least 50% of the valid votes in order to be elected.

A second round took place on May 2 in those constituencies which none of the candidates garnered at least 50% of the valid votes.… Read the rest

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