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Are trigger warnings encouraging pathological thinking?

Young girl reading a book, Central Circulating Library at College and St. George Streets, Toronto, Ontario / Une jeune fille lit un livre. Bibliothèque centrale de prêt à l'intersection des rues College et Saint-George, Toronto (Ontario)

“Emotional reasoning dominates many campus debates and discussions. A claim that someone’s words are ‘offensive’ is not just an expression of one’s own subjective feeling of offendedness. It is, rather, a public charge that the speaker has done something objectively wrong. It is a demand that the speaker apologize or be punished by some authority for committing an offense,” write Greg Lukianoff and Jonathan Haidt at The Atlantic:

The expansive use of trigger warnings may also foster unhealthy mental habits in the vastly larger group of students who do not suffer from PTSD or other anxiety disorders. People acquire their fears not just from their own past experiences, but from social learning as well. If everyone around you acts as though something is dangerous—elevators, certain neighborhoods, novels depicting racism—then you are at risk of acquiring that fear too. The psychiatrist Sarah Roff pointed this out last year in an online article for The Chronicle of Higher Education.

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Westboro Baptist Church gets Rick Roll’d

This is a thing of great beauty.

Daniel Kreps via Rolling Stone:

Foo Fighters performed Friday night at Kansas City’s Sprint Center, and is customary anytime Dave Grohl visits the Missouri city, the Westboro Baptist Church was situated outside the venue protesting the gig. In August 2011, the Foo Fighters hijacked the Westboro protests with an impromptu flatbed concert.. This time around, the church’s hateful placards and chants were drowned out by the sounds of Rick Astley’s “Never Gonna Give You Up” blasting out of a pickup truck with the Foo Fighters onboard.

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Outrage Inc.

Horrified by the bailout.
Every week, there is a new “high moral ground” for armchair commentators to climb to and new causes for checkbook activists to throw money at. Both groups pat themselves on the back, feeling secure in their position of social media self-righteousness. It’s easy enough to type words on a screen, to vent, curse and whip oneself into a frenzy over issues, real or imagined. Those words often prove empty when it comes time for action and the money soon dries up for causes, however worthy those causes may be. It is difficult not to be cynical at a time when major humanitarian agencies like the US division of the Red Cross can grossly misappropriate five hundred million dollars that was donated to help rebuild Haiti after the devastating earthquake in 2010. Outrage Inc. cares not for who or what it leaves in its wake and blindly marches on towards its next target, taking the crowd and their cash with it.… Read the rest

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How To Navigate A Data Leak

r2hox (CC BY-SA 2.0)

r2hox (CC BY-SA 2.0)

Welcome to the 21st century. The age of the Data Leak and web security breaches galore. Virtually no website is secure from determined data-miners and hackers alike. On Tuesday, user info (including addresses and partial credit card numbers) was leaked from the site Ashley Madison and has left the web and real world in an uproar. The leak came in two parts. Another info drop was made yesterday and seems to be info from the website owners and internal site goings-on, supposedly including internal site emails.

Very little of our internet deeds or misdeeds are truly secure. This is the era of leaked celebrity nudes, internal email breaches, and security insecurity. For those in the know, it’s easy enough to “cover” your tracks online through a series of email accounts and a few pre-paid credit cards, but on the whole, most people do not go through that much trouble to hide their actions online.… Read the rest

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Bardo Bears & Gnostic Exploration: An interview with Kyle Fite

Kyle Fite is a metaphysical artist, blogger, gamer, shaman, and all around talented guy. His artwork focuses on Western occult tradition, Eastern spirituality and all philosophical points in between. His work has been featured in many occult journals and can be seen on the covers of several books from occult or specialty presses. This year he began a comic series and published a tarot deck.

Imhotep-Master Builder

Imhotep-Master Builder


Aonie Anfa: Your art is a heady mix of ceremonial magic, archetype and the occasional pop culture reference. It’s quite visionary! How much of a lasting influence did figures like Kenneth Grant and Crowley have or continue to have on your artwork? Are there any other occult writers that majorly influence your art or inspire you?

Kyle Fite: Thank you. In my personal “line of work,” I really don’t see a hard and fast line dividing literary influences from the visual.… Read the rest

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The Delightful Art of the Macabre: An Interview With Gigi DeLuxe and Ugly Shyla

(L) Gigi Deluxe (R) Ugly Shyla. Gigi pic (c). Ugly Shyla Pic courtesy of Alas Vera.

(L) Gigi DeLuxe (R) Ugly Shyla. Gigi pic courtesy of the artist (c). Ugly Shyla Pic courtesy of Alas Vera (c).

Gigi Deluxe and Ugly Shyla made names for themselves as artists who give us a glimpse into the macabre and delightfully dark corners of art. Their work grants us a perspective into subject matter that is often imitated, never replicated. Gigi DeLuxe lives in Chicago, where she is a tattoo artist, painter and jeweler. Ugly Shyla originally hails from Louisiana and has now moved to Austin, Texas, where she continues to craft dolls and jewelry.

Aonie Anfa: What is your personal mission statement or mantra as an artist? Both of you work in the realm of the occult or traffic in the delightfully strange. What recurring themes or images present themselves in your work and how do those subjects resonate with you personally?

Gigi DeLuxe: I don’t have a personal mission statement or mantra but I do have a favorite quote from Gustave Flaubert that I set as an ideal goal for my daily life.… Read the rest

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Salvation’s Grim Price: Reality Show Snake-Handling Preacher Dies of Snake Bite


Pic: National Geographic (C)

When Jamie Coots and his family made headlines last year, it was for all the wrong reasons and under quite a dubious cloud. The National Geographic Channel featured Coots and his congregation in the show “Snake Salvation”. Soon, the internet began to light up as the family sold their particular brand of “salvation” and “gospel truth” to the ever hungry meat-grinder of popular media and fast-food reality television.

Jamie Coots was arrested in 2008 in Kentucky for possession of venomous snakes without permit. He had 74 snakes in his home at the time. His legal trouble resurfaced in February of 2013 in a court in Knox County, Tennessee, when he received a year’s probation for transporting venomous snakes through the state of Tennessee while en route to Kentucky. During both investigations, the snakes were found to be severely neglected, infested with parasites, extremely ill and dehydrated. The snakes that were seized from Coots in 2008 and 2013 had to be euthanized.… Read the rest

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‘All Censorship Is Against Life’: Steven Johnson Leyba And Steve Hapy Of The Coyotel Church

The Coyotel Church is an apostate art movement founded by Steven Johnson Leyba, Steve Hapy and an enclave of other outlaw artists. Seven years ago, The Trickster’s Bible was published and Coyote was again loosed upon the world under the guise of art, controversy, flesh, text and paint. I recently spoke with Steven Johnson Leyba and Steve Hapy about the church and its goals.



Aonie Anfa: What does COYOTEL mean to you personally? How do you balance Spirit, art, yet also seemingly push an agenda as an apostate or fringe art movement? How are you able to keep your artistic integrity and vision honed?

Steven Johnson Leyba: Coyotel is creativity over compliance. It means my imagination over the dominant cultural consumer, entertainment and propaganda control grids, as it should be with every living being. It’s an affront, a war waged against the prescribed culture traps that seek to script our lives.… Read the rest

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On the Left Hand Path: An Interview with Occultist Don Webb


Author, magician and researcher Don Webb is well known in magical circles for his work with the Temple of Set. In this interview, Webb discusses levels of magical insight, the Left Hand Path and other topics of possible interest to some disinfonauts.

Aonie Anfa: Thank you for speaking with me. Your work could be
 considered some of the most foundational in the modern Left Hand Path, and
y our book Uncle Setnakt’s Guide To The Left Hand Path is lauded as
 a cornerstone resource in many LHP reading lists. What are your
 personal views and goals of the particular sort of Work you do?

Don Webb: First, let me thank you for your kind words. My writing is expressed in two main areas. I write fiction – science
 fiction, fantasy, horror and “experimental” writing – and I write
 nonfictional works of philosophy and magic. I also teach creative
 writing for UCLA Extension.… Read the rest

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On the Obeah Tradition: An Interview With Nicholaj de Mattos Frisvold

Nicholaj De Mattos Frisvold is an anthropologist, psychologist, and author of several works of occult lore, including Obeah: A Sorcerous Ossuary:

Of all the Living Traditions, Obeah has remained the most elusive. Whilst Vodou and Santeria have had both academic and occult treatment in tomes widely available to the seeker, Obeah has stayed uncompromisingly rooted as a sorcerous tradition veiled in obscurity. In Obeah: A Sorcerous Ossuary, Nicholaj de Mattos Frisvold teases open this Caribbean mystery and reveals a crooked path into the hidden world of Papa Bones and Sasabonsam with a short monograph concerning the history of this incoherent cult and the ways in which power is bestowed upon and wielded by the Obeahman.

The text includes the Kabalistic Banquette of Lemegeton, the Hypostasis of Abysina Clarissa and the Green Beasts, a Kabalistic Mass for Anima Sola Mayanet, a Call to Papa Bones, a Call to Spirit Guides, a Call to Anima Sola Abysina Clarissa, the Missale Ezekiel Sasabonson or the Conjuration of the Shadow-Self, and the Ritual Reptilica de Anansi, and offers insights into the Obeahman’s special relationship with the spirits of wood, water, and bone.

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