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US Patent Application 20090010962 – Genetically Engineered Swine Influenza Virus and Uses Thereof

Scientist who heads WHO laboratory on influenza holds patent for bioengineered swine flu virus

The Information in this thread was brought forward by ApollonianFunMachine in this forum board thread. He joined ATS today. Both he and I agree that this information deserves a thread on its own.

Posted by ApollonianFunMachine

what do you all think of this? I think these pages need to be preserved before they get spread far enough to be removed from view. Briefly, I will tell you how I came across this information, and some other startling revelations I stumbled onto afterwards. I was talking with a friend earlier about the patents issued for the swine flu viruses, and why I think the information on patents is the cornerstone for understanding why so many are deeply suspicious of the events surrounding this current “pandemic”. He asked me what I knew about the patents and what information I could share, and I quickly did a search and found the usual info that is circulating regarding Baxter’s and Novartis’ patents.

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