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Free Speech! How Should It Work?

Cooperation is the foundation of any and all societies. A high level of cooperation leads to a higher standard of living and a greater degree of prosperity. A low level of cooperation leads to a breaking down of society as seen so many times in man’s history. When we agree to cooperate in an effort to make and maintain a society we agree to respect each others rights whether we acknowledge this openly or not.

Our rights are the guidelines of our freedoms. If one man’s freedom becomes another man’s slavery that is not freedom but an abuse of freedom. It is a blatant act of disrespect and a severe lack of cooperation, thus counterproductive to society. People that willfully disrespect the rights of others in a society are an enemy to society no matter how their religion or personal beliefs may justify such actions.

Speech is a very important freedom that is abused quite often in our society.… Read the rest

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On Bullying

Bullying is taught in schools, churches and families throughout America. Bullying is a common practice in our military training. An extremely prevalent form of this teaching is “group punishment.” One person or more breaks the rules or is accused of not carrying his or her weight; and everyone is punished for the perpetrators’ infractions or inadequacies simply because they’re in that class or unit.

This incites the group to pressure the perpetrators into working harder or altering their behavior. This form of bullying is also very common in the work place and is an encouraged form of harassment. This pressure is “bullying” and it takes many forms: Beatings, hostile behavior and threats, ostracism, and many other forms of harassment. At Columbine the victims of bullies bullied back and only after that did people speak out against bullying on a nation-wide scale.

They formed organizations to prevent and stop bullying. All of their efforts are in vain until we stop the unjust practice of group punishment.… Read the rest

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Free Speech Moment: Declare War on Christianity Not Drugs!

Peter's CrossSite Note: From time to time, does post an article for the sole purposes of the speaker intended on exercising their First Amendment rights. If you are curious about this new venture, contact us through the site with the subject line “free speech moment”, and of course, all comments are welcome.

HFS, Christians have denied and continue to deny non-Christians the right to pursue happiness. Christians oppress homosexuals and their right to marry and pursue happiness. Christians are attempting to thwart legal marijuana use. It’s time we deny them their rights for they have clearly shown they abuse those rights to oppress non-Christians.

If Germany can keep out Scientology then America should be able to boot out Christianity!

ISN, 666

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A Proposal For An All New Ten Commandments

10 CommandmentsHFS, yeah the old ones lost their magick so I thought I’d give you all some new ones, charged with the force and power of the Aeon of Horus … ISN 666

#1 “If you cannot respect the rights of others than you yourself shall be denied your rights.”

#2 “Shun all forms of social status and classes, these are mere illusions that attempt to justify ignoring the needs of society.”

#3 “If you make children, you are responsible for their health, education and happiness. If you take a person into your household or join a person in their household that has children of their own you are to accept full responsibility of their care as if they were your own.”

#4 “When you view someone as a burden to society, know this line of thinking is a much worse burden and more detrimental to society than poverty.”

#5 “When your religion, belief, ideology or personal opinion justifies violating the rights of others, know you are an enemy to the cooperative.”

#6 “Live a full and happy life, shun rewards and promises of heaven.… Read the rest

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The Virus

Tiny little robots of God adjusting life forms and controlling populations.

Take note on how you feel before and after a cold or flu are you the same you?
I think of the yearly cold and flu season as the viral update.

Many escape this natural cycle in life by getting inoculated.

Postponing death through education, in this case in the form of a weakened virus shot.

Thus bringing up the point of where do we draw the line at working with or against nature?
Viruses come in many forms including thoughts and ideas that are communicated to others.
One of the most well known of this type of virus is “Propaganda” this nasty little bugger
manipulates the masses in many ways, war, genocide, persecution,exploitation, enslavement,
and control of the general population.  Fear is the basic fuel for this virus so by removing the fear you can starve the virus.

This can be done through education, by exposing the virus and educating the masses to see it for what it is and not to be effected by it.… Read the rest

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No on Prop 8 by Rev. Michael Shane Margolin

No on Prop 8 by Rev. Michael Shane Margolin


The latest yes on 8 commercial I saw called the superintendent of schools a liar.

Remember, prop 8 is being funded by the Knights of Columbus, a Catholic order.

Also remember that one of the first tricks a bully uses is accusing the victim of the crime the bully is guilty of. Remember our own childhood in public schools, anything that was even close to being controversial our parents had to sign a permission slip for, as I did for my own son.

Please remember that the Catholics were the ones that told you that a dead man came back to life, and the world is flat and you were born in sin.

At least public schools teach the world is round.

Decide for yourselves who the real liar is.

Vote no on Prop 8 and consider a yes vote on prop 666, the Catholic Church loses it’s tax exempt status for not supporting freedom of religion and propagating discrimination and intolerance.… Read the rest

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