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Another Unethical For-Profit College Brought to Light

Students, parents, and all-around consumers and taxpayers are growing increasingly skeptical of the dubious for-profit college model that promises valuable degrees (and ultimately, jobs) but instead leave students with crippling debt and few career options upon graduation. Rising public scrutiny in the wake of lawsuits concerning predatory loans, lack of job placement assistance, misleading recruitment claims, and deceptive financial aid activities have begun to have an effect on this industry’s worst offenders. EDMC (parent company of the Art Institutes) was sued until their stock dropped so far they eventually delisted from the NASDAQ last November, while Corinthian Colleges is selling off or shutting down campuses as it faces lawsuits and investigations from multiple state and federal agencies.

At the Huffington Post, Kyle McCarthy writes about another culprit: Globe University and the Minnesota School of Business (MSB), part of the Globe Education Network responsible for more than 30 for-profit colleges with sky-high tuition, outrageous debt, low graduation rates, high default rates, and more than their share of dirty laundry.… Read the rest

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What We Learned From The Sony Hack

It feels like each day we still hear about the devastating Sony Hack, which leaked countless files about the company and its projects. We have learned a lot from the files leaked.

Some key things we learned from the hack include:

But as pointed out in the Huffington Post, this past week, the Sony Hack wasn’t even one of the biggest data breaches of 2014. It was, in fact, the thirty-third largest of 2014 as shown below in the list of the top 50 data breaches of 2014.… Read the rest

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Uber Problems

It seems like each day we hear about another problem for Uber. Over the past year, Uber has faced numerous regulatory issues and consistent bad publicity. Issues such as spying on journalists, pushing drivers into subprime auto loans, and being banned in some countries are just a few issues that come to mind. See the map below if you need a refresher about their many recent public relations gems.

In fact, Uber faced more regulatory conflicts in 2014 than all previous years of its existence combined.

Perhaps the most disturbing issue is that Uber has profited at the expense of the safety of some of their customers. In New Delhi, Uber has been banned after an Uber driver was accused of raping a 25 year old woman. According to a petition, the driver was a repeat offender, previously spending seven months in jail for sexual assault.… Read the rest

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America's Worst Charities,

Have You Donated to one of the ‘Worst Charities in America?’

It’s that time of year…The season of giving/making last second tax write-offs is upon us and many nonprofits are begging for your money. Many of them are doing tremendous work and deserve the money you donate. Others, not so much.

How often are you approached or receive a phone call asking for a donation to a charity? Chances are, fairly often. How often do you know if the charity blows that money or is actually using it to create the change they claim? Thankfully, the Tampa Bay Times and The Center for Investigative Reporting (CIR) have identified the “Worst Charities in America” so people can help avoid throwing away their hard-earned money.

CIR and Tampa Times ranked the charities by the amount of money they blew on soliciting costs, which were gathered from the latest 10 years of tax filings. The Kids Wish Network ranks as the #1 worst, which hands over an incomprehensible, 84% of money donated to the fundraisers.… Read the rest

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Exonerated Seventy Years After Execution

Earlier this week, a judge vacated the decision against George Stinney Jr, a black teen who was convicted of murdering two white girls in South Carolina. For Stinney, this came 70 years too late.

Despite not having evidence that Stinney committed the crime, and Stinney’s sister testifying that she was with him the entire day, it took the all-white jury just 10 minutes to convict and sentence him to death. At 14 years old, Stinney was one of the youngest people executed in the US and actually had to sit on a phone book to fit in the electric chair.

Unfortunately, Stinney is not the only innocent person which has been put to death. Today, it is estimated that 4.1% of all defendants sentenced to death in the US are, in fact, innocent.

Capital punishment is still widely supported in the United States and legal in 32 states.… Read the rest

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Twenty-Six Wrongfully Detained, Three Tortured More

Shortly after the release of the CIA Torture Report, I discussed the new details revealed about torture techniques used by the CIA.

Today, I feel it is important to raise awareness about those that were wrongfully detained and the egregious amount of time many were detained. The report lists 26 people who were “wrongfully detained,” three of which underwent “enhanced interrogation” tactics.

The report lists 119 detainees, 39 of which were subjected to enhanced interrogation techniques. These 119 detainees spent an average of at least 392 days in custody, while one detainee, Abu Zubaydah, was in CIA custody for at least 1,590 days.

What exactly has any of this accomplished except creating more enemies for our country?

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cia torture report, cia torture, interrogation techniques

CIA Torture Report

This week the Senate released nearly 500 pages of previously classified about CIA detention and interrogation. This report shows us new details about the C.I.A.’s torture techniques. Not surprisingly, the interrogation techniques used, are much more disturbing than originally portrayed.

Some other findings include:

  • The report reveals 20 names of detainees that “have not been previously acknowledged by the CIA to the SSCI”
  • At least 39 detainees of the 119 detainees given in the table “were subjected to the CIA’s enhanced interrogation techniques”
  • While the exact number of days in CIA custody was not entirely declassified, the average time in custody for the 119 detainees was at least 392 days; one detainee, Abu Zubaydah, was in CIA custody for at least 1590 days.

A full table of detainees in CIA custody between 2002 and 2008 can be seen below.

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drone strikes, drones,

Drone Strikes Under Obama

Since Obama has taken office, the use of drones in warfare has continued to increase. With that, we have also seen a tremendous rise in innocent civilians killed and some extremely disturbing tactics utilized during drone strikes.

In Afghanistan and Pakistan, one reason civilian deaths have been on the rise is because often times, residential buildings have been targeted.

As reported in the Bureau of Investigative Journalism, another tactic has involved following up one drone strike with a second, in an effort to target rescuers of the injured. Drones have also been deployed to target the funerals of those killed in previous drone strikes.

The use of drones to fight our wars will continue to be a controversial topic for sure. But targeting funerals and family members as well? For that, there should be no debate.

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WikiLeaks Spy Files



via Wikileaks Spy Files:

In early September 2014 WikiLeaks released its last batch of leaked Spy Files –  which it had started releasing in 2011. To mark this anniversary, data journalist Alice Corona cleaned and structured the data to build an interactive database combining the three Spy Files releases.

Currently, there are 559 leaked company documents, and 15 location tracking reports from WikiLeaks Counter Intelligence Unit (WLCIU). The 559 files disclose to the public internal documents from more than 100 companies specialized in intelligence and (mass) surveillance technologies.

These technologies are sold both to Western governments and to dictators, and have been used by the Syrian government. The 15 documents from WLCIU reveal the timestamps and locations of 20 members of these companies, whose whereabouts WikiLeaks has decided to track in order to show where the main surveillance contractors are sending its people. But what does the Spy Files database actually contain?

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Propaganda Posters

U.S. Patriotism Poster

U.S. Patriotism Poster

One of my favorite things to collect are old propaganda posters. There’s something both chilling and comforting in the way that the systems of power have so crassly and transparently strived to manipulate us, using incredibly similar techniques for so many generations. And, of course, the illustration work is as fascinating as the history behind it.

Some associates have started a new resource for collecting together these old images, and I hope it will become a more robust database as time goes on. If Disinfonauts are interested, it’s free to edit and easy to upload images and info to As of writing this, so far there are only categories for US and UK WWII art, so I hope people soon add WWI, the Bolshevik Revolution, Soviet posters and anything else that is historically significant and visually stimulating. It may also become a good forum for discussing what propaganda is and how it works.… Read the rest

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