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Short Film ‘Chapel Perilous’ Is A Metaphysical Comedy Trip-Out

Chapel Perilous from Matthew Lessner on Vimeo.

via Vimeo

SYNOPSIS: Levi Gold (David Henry Gerson) is paid an unexpected visit by Robin (Kris Park), a door-to-door salesman with nothing to sell. The ensuing encounter forces Levi to confront his true mystical calling, and the nature of reality itself. A metaphysical comedy trip-out with music and performance by Sun Araw.

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Journal Pulls Paper Due to “Legal Context” Created By Climate Contrarians



Some anti climate change “conspiracy” theorists blame everyone but themselves for looking bad. A strange loop happens, then another strange loop, and then academic freedom is limited.

via ars technica

The initial paper produced results that weren’t entirely surprising. By surveying visitors to climate blogs, its authors found that free-market fans tended to reject scientific findings that had potential regulatory implications, something that’s been found by a variety of other researchers. But it also found that there is a population of people who doubt scientific findings simply because they tended to doubt nearly everything, ascribing a variety of things—the Moon landings, the World Trade Center attacks, etc.—to conspiracies. This might seem surprising, but the results held up when the same authors extended the study to the US population in general.

What’s probably less surprising is that some of the subjects of the initial paper responded with a new set of conspiracy theories, focused on the paper itself.

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Why Is The US Military Performing Brain Surgery On Bees?

English: Female Augochlorella aurata (sweat be...

Female Augochlorella aurata (sweat bee in the Halictidae family). Photo taken in Concord, NH. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Researchers perform ultra precise brain surgery on bees in hopes of developing drones/mavs with advanced nighttime navigation.


A surgeon wielding a micro-scalpel cuts through the head capsule of her subject, the nocturnal sweat bee Megalopta genalis, in a lab at the Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute in Panama.  The surgeon, a researcher working under Dr. Eric Warrant, of Lund University in Sweden, inserts a glass electrode thinner than a micrometer into the bee’s brain. She is trying to pierce something very small—a monopolar cell in a layer at the top of the brain called the lamina. Warrant believes these cells are responsible for a trick called neural summation, which helps the bees maximize the use of light photons to see in their dark habitat—the dense tangled undergrowth of the nighttime Panamanian rainforest.

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How to Survive a Scalping

The author explains how a scalped head changed the American West and the geopolitics of North America.

English: "Robert McGee, scalped by Sioux ...

“Robert McGee, scalped by Sioux Chief Little Turtle in 1864.” Robert McGee, head-and-shoulders portrait, facing right, showing effects of being scalped as a child. Photographic print on cabinet card. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

via Outside

So maybe you two can tell me,” I shouted over the holiday din. “How can you survive a scalping?”

“Whoa!” someone said. “Now that’s a real conversation stopper!”

My two subjects were standing in a circle of people holding drinks and chatting, presumably about holidays plans or the Clark Fork Coalition’s good work in river restoration, in the middle of a party tent festooned with cheery Christmas lights.

The two of them, doctors Doug Webber M.D. and Gary Muskett M.D., both avid outdoorsmen themselves, have seen all sorts of cases involving wilderness injuries in decades of experience in the emergency room of St.

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Illuminati Training Video Leaked

Enjoy this parody(?) video by filmmaker Matt Anderson.

Anderson explains the video as follows:
“Illumicorp is a parody of sorts. I guess the best way to describe it is that I wanted to make a corporate training video for the ‘Illuminati’ that synthesized all of the conspiracy information floating around. If such a group did exist, how would they really function? My wager was they would act just like any other faceless mega-corporation. It was originally to be part of a larger project, but that never came about so I released Illumicorp as it’s own standalone video.”… Read the rest

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The Sacred Mysteries of Quetzalcoatl

Behold, I send you forth as sheep [neophytes] in the midst of wolves [the profane]: be ye therefore wise as serpents [magicians], and harmless as doves [mystics]. Matthew 10:16

English: Quetzalcoatl, God of Wisdom

Quetzalcoatl, God of Wisdom (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

via Gnostic Teachings

Unquestionably, the theme of Quetzalcoatl is transcendental and deserves to be reflected upon profoundly.

First of all, I have to emphatically state with complete clarity that Quetzalcoatl is not a myth.  Unquestionably Quetzalcoatl is the great Word, the Platonic Logos, the Demiurge Architect of the Universe, the Creator.

When we study Quetzalcoatl, we then discover that within it there exists the same Cosmic Drama of Yeshua Ben Pandira (Jesus Christ).  Quetzalcoatl carrying his cross on his shoulders reminds us precisely of the Martyr of Calvary.

Thus, indeed, Quetzalcoatl is the Logos; he is what is, what was, and what will always be; he is the life that palpitates within every sun.  So before the Universe came into existence, Quetzalcoatl already existed.

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Nine new Dead Sea Scrolls found

Portion of column 19 of the Psalms Scroll (Teh...

Portion of column 19 of the Psalms Scroll (Tehilim) from Qumran Cave 11. The Tetragrammaton in paleo-Hebrew can be clearly seen six times in this portion. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

What else is gathering dust in storage?

via The Times of Israel

An Israeli scholar turned up the previously unexamined parchments, which had escaped the notice of academics and archaeologists as they focused on their other extraordinary finds in the 1950s. Once opened, the minuscule phylactery parchments from Qumran, while unlikely to yield any shattering historic, linguistic or religious breakthroughs, could shed new light on the religious practices of Second Temple Judaism.

The Israel Antiquities Authority has been tasked with unraveling and preserving the new discoveries — an acutely sensitive process and one which the IAA says it will conduct painstakingly, and only after conducting considerable preparatory research.

Phylacteries, known in Judaism by the Hebrew term tefillin, are pairs of leather cases containing biblical passages from the books of Exodus and Deuteronomy.

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Giant glass biodomes could help revive endangered species

biodôme Montréal janvier 2010

biodôme Montréal janvier 2010 (Photo credit: synhack)

Nature can use use all the help it can get. Just keep Bud and Doyle away.

via The Verge

A green, tree-lined valley in Yeongyang-gun, South Korea could soon be turned from a picturesque slice of nature into a scene out of a sci-fi film, complete with giant glass domes encapsulating the landscape. Despite disrupting nature in the short term, the plan is actually a national research and conservation effort, and architect and engineering firm Samoo recently unveiled its winning designs for the project, the National Research Center for Endangered Species, to be built there.

Most eye catching are the giant glass biodomes that will be build along the hillside. According to FastCo Exist, these closed-off ecosystems will be used to breed and raise endangered birds before releasing them back into the wild. The domes’ looming height is apparently a necessity to allow the birds to adapt.

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Intel Panel ‘Very Close’ on Killing NSA Phone Programs

This reminds me of a Richard Pryor Joke. “The reason people use a crucifix against vampires is because vampires are allergic to bullshit.” They’re also allergic to sunlight, much like the NSA.


Crypt (Photo credit: chb1848)

via Politico

The House Intelligence Committee’s Republican and Democratic leaders said Thursday they’re nearing agreement on legislation that would end the National Security Agency’s bulk collection of U.S. citizens’ telephone data.

Negotiations on some key details remain fluid, but Ranking Member Dutch Ruppersberger (D-Md.) said in an interview that he’s “very close” to a deal with Chairman Mike Rogers (R-Mich.) on a plan that would allow phone companies to hold telephone records now collected by the NSA and conduct individual searches needed to pinpoint suspicious activity.

“We’ve got to have legislation that will take away the concern and perception that people are being listened to,” Ruppersberger said. He added that he hoped to reach an agreement before the end of this month.

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