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We Are All Jellyfish

A breath of life into the dust or a more mucosal event, perhaps Atum in his primordial sea or the operculum of Aphrodite?

Pic: Dan90266 (CC)

Pic: Dan90266 (CC)

The earliest emergence of animal form is being reordered by recent genome sequencing.

Previous classification of sponges as the primogenitor of animal life is now challenged by the ctenophores or comb jellies.  The ancestral march of earlier eucaryote forms, stabilizing as Flagellates, Slime Molds and Ciliates becomes Animal with the acquisition of characteristic structural symmetries, muscle cells, nerve nets and sensory organs.

Comb jellies (though not true jellyfish) appear little more than a blob of slime when subjected to terrestrial conditions.  In the buoyancy of water their apparent formlessness unfurls into an invaginated opalescence of light diffracting cilia and bioluminescence.  They are predatory, some using their flagella as hunting nets or secreting secreting adhesives to capture prey.  Just as nudibranchs some are able to incorporate stinging cells consumed from prey into their tentacles.

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House Science Member: Evolution a “Lie Straight from the Pit of Hell”

In a speech delivered to the congregation of Liberty Baptist Church in Hartwell, GA, Rep. Paul Broun (R-GA,) a member of the Tea Party Caucus who sits on the Committee on Science, Space and Technology, described evolution, embryology and the Big Bang theory as "lies straight from the pit of hell." In an article in the Athens Banner-Herald, Broun spokeswoman Meredith Griffanti attempted to downplay Broun's comments, stating that Broun speaking off the record about his personal religious beliefs. However, video of Broun's speech tells a different story. Broun tells the congregation that the Bible offers direction on how to run public policy and directs him in how he votes as a congressman:
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Psychopaths Deprived Sense of Smell

Divining the scent of L’Air du Temps wafting on the breeze?Scent of Psychopathy

Nosing a marlish I Sodi Chianti for plum & red currant body with notes of tobacco & cocoa?


Not if you’re a psychopath.

In the ever increasing range of neural dysfunction being discovered among those displaying sociopathic tendencies, impaired sense of smell has been added to the list.

In a study published in the journal  Chemosensory Perception “researchers found that those individuals who scored highly on psychopathic traits were more likely to struggle to both identify smells and tell the difference between smells, even though they knew they were smelling something. These results show that [frontal] brain areas controlling olfactory processes are less efficient in individuals with psychopathic tendencies.”

Could this be a factor in lack of emotional understanding & callousness?  After all it is a familiar experience to most how deeply scents imprint memories and emotions. … Read the rest

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Doomsday Prophet Admits to Buying Influence at Marine Corps Base

Arnold Böcklin - Die PestVia Rock Beyond Belief:

Apocalyptic Christian groups have long proselytized within the United States military fostering an underlying mythos of worldwide destruction and Manifest Destiny that provides a continuum with the political rhetoric of theoconservatives.  The drive to self-fulfill prophecy becomes the fodder for irrational fear based domestic politics and the justification for foreign policies that create enemies out of innocents.

It is time that the endeavors of religious organizations to infiltrate and influence the workings of the military and the state apparatus are exposed.

Fortunately the Army thought Foxhole Atheist Justin Griffith needed ‘remedial Spiritual Fitness Training’ and suggested he write a blog… He writes at Rock Beyond Belief:

     “Two national atheist groups, and one advocating religious freedom, have complained to Navy Secretary Ray Mabus   that officials at Camp Pendleton, Calif., continue to deny them access to the base while giving “preferential treatment” to Christian religious organizations, including a controversial church they say is steeped in “doomsday theology” and embroiled in sexual-abuse scandals.”

“We are disturbed that the government is giving such extensive support, including assets, resources and personnel, to a single sect of Christianity,” the three groups wrote in their letter to Mabus.

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