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Occupy Toronto Says “Thank You” to Police?

LetterThis letter has been seen circulating amongst protesters at Occupy Toronto. As the camp faces the possibility of eviction, some of the occupiers have been seen toting stacks of letters and handing them out to police on the camp’s perimeter.

Some protesters are irked over the fact that the letter was not passed through any General Assembly while others are pleased to see “the viewpoint of the reasonable” achieve a seat of prominence in the public eye, as some mainstream news media have broadcast the letter on the 6 o’clock news.

The question to be asked is, does this letter help or hurt the movement?

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The End of Democracy for Non-Dummies

F_ck-the-poor Following is an essay outlining some current problems with today’s form of globalized capitalism.

The message being conveyed is that there is something kind of off about the existence of hundreds of millions of people (the first world/outer party) who assume that they are democrtic citizens when the power to literally topple governments and start world wars is handed down dynastically into the hands of very few people. I’m aware that I am largely preaching to the converted, but if you’re interested, please read on.

The whole of human history may be considered as a broad narrative detailing the aggregation and evolution of small human communities into city-states, nation-states, super-national states and perhaps ultimately – a global state. It is perhaps the case that the current rate of social aggregation has exceeded the rate at which societies are willing to adjust economic and regulatory conditions within the emerging global community. The discrepancy between the economic condition of a global “free-market” and the severe lack of regulation and cooperation between world governments has allowed for the creation and proliferation of a new ruling class which may be referred to as the Global Aristocracy.… Read the rest

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Resist ‘1984’ in 2010: Facebook Mass Deactivation Attempt on March 7th

This is a call to all readers,

I represent a small group of people who have chosen to permanently deactivate from Facebook on March 7th.

Although we are all aware of the website’s convenience, we are abandoning Facebook for the Promised Land that was once known as life. In order to demonstrate our acknowledgement of the website’s obvious capabilities, we created an event page using Facebook. You can find it here:!/event.php?eid=308145337480&ref=ts

On behalf of dwindling humanity in the face of population overload, we cordially invite you to check out the page, and hope that you will consider participating in deactivation on March 7. By gathering many participants in a show of solidarity, we hope to create some awareness and generate mainstream discussion on the true implications of web 2.0.

On the page you’ll find a heated and sometimes hilarious wall-debate outlining many different reasons why one may or may not choose to take up the cause.… Read the rest

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