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Hypnotic Bar To Take Over Real Bar To Prove Drugs and Alcohol Are All In The Mind

For the first time an experimental hypnotic bar will take over a real bar, Toronto’s legendary Monarch Tavern, in an attempt to prove that alcohol and drugs can be replaced entirely by trance states.

A woman hypnotized to be man checks out a man hypnotized to be a woman after they both drank The Hypnotic Bar’s Gender Bender Fender Blender a hypnotic drink that causes you to switch genders.

A woman hypnotized to be a man checks out a man hypnotized to be a woman after they both drank The Hypnotic Bar’s Gender Bender Fender Blender, a hypnotic drink that causes you to switch genders.


This Saturday the famous Toronto drinking hole, which boasts more than 30 brands of Bourbon, will become a “hypnotic bar” where people will be hypnotized to think they’re drunk and in altered states. They’ll dance, party and stumble around and then become instantly sober. Organizers say they can also have psychedelic or visionary experiences.

“This should be impossible. Otherwise why would people pay so much for booze?

“People will lose inhibition, they’ll laugh and have fun. Some of them might even get lucky just like in an alcoholic bar,” said Drashko Saban co-organizer and head of Consciousness Hacking Toronto, a group which promotes inquiry into altered states of counsciousness.… Read the rest

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Two Raging Grannies

Disinformation is pleased to announce the release of our newest documentary: Two Raging GranniesThis hilarious doc about two grannies and the economy has been making its way around the international film festival circuit, but will be officially available to the general public on Tuesday, September 15th.

If you order the DVD today, you’ll receive it on or before the release date (9/15).
It’s also available to stream and download via Vimeo.



Shirley (90) and Hinda (84) are two lovable raging grannies from Seattle. Sometimes they bicker like an old married couple, but their relationship is intimate and always filled with humor and adoration. They have always been engaged in social and political issues from world finance to global warming. They also worry about what the future holds for their grandchildren.

Now they have a ‘raging’ question: Why do we need perpetual economic growth?

This is the starting point for a coast-to-coast journey.… Read the rest

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YouTubers: Win $10,000 in the UltraWide Festival 2015

For those who dream of becoming a singer: American Idol;

For those who dream of becoming a chef: Master Chef;

For those who dream to having their own fashion line: Project Runway;

For those who are interested in technology and gaming and dream of creating their own successful YouTube channel with millions of subscribers and followers, there’s the UltraWide Festival.

DreamSetup_Key Visual_20150903 (1)

The UltraWide Festival this year is based around the ‘Dream (PC) Setup’ Competition. Winners (3 people) will receive a sponsorship of $10,000 USD to purchase IT devices of their choice and the newest LG UltraWide Monitor to help create the tech setup of their dreams.

During the UltraWide Festival, they will also get to team up with some of YouTube’s most popular tech and game stars. Linus Sebastian from LinusTechTips, Lewis Hilsenteger from Unbox Therapy and Jahova Witniss will be on hand to help applicants step up and become the next big thing in technology or professional vlogging.… Read the rest

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The Visit: An Alien Encounter

The Visita mockumentary, documents various government agencies as they try to deal with Earth’s first alien encounter. The film originally premiered at Sundance 2015 and is officially releasing on Vimeo today.


“This film documents an event that has never taken place – man’s first encounter with intelligent life from space.” The film explores a first contact scenario, beginning with the simplest of questions: Why are you here?

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R.C. Christian (A Pseudonyn)


What’s a “pseudonyn,” you ask? Why it’s the indelible typo carved into the granite tablet set horizontally in the ground a few feet west of the Georgia Guidestones. The name in question, R.C. Christian, is the pseudonymous identity of the man allegedly behind the Georgia Guidestones, probably a word play having to do with the Rosicrucians, the secretive society hotly tipped to be part of whatever the Guidestones are about.

It was also the answer to our last Guidestones Giveaway. This week’s question: What is the name of the evil corporation featured in the Guidestones series? Send us the answer (don’t worry about spelling: like R.C. Christian, we can live with typos) via our contact form and win of a copy of Raymond Wiley’s book, The Georgia Guidestones: America’s Most Mysterious Monument and an official Guidestones cap (first 5 correct answers).

Here are Seasons 1 and 2 of Guidestones, completely free through September thanks to our producer friends.… Read the rest

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Pulling the Cosmic Trigger: The Contact Experiences of Philip K. Dick & Robert Anton Wilson

robertantonwilson.jpgOur old friend Kenn Thomas’s Steamshovel Press has an exclusive essay by AK Wilks on the similarities between the contact experiences of two of our favorite writers, Philip K. Dick and Robert Anton Wilson:

This article will look at some of the similarities between the contact experiences of two American writers, Philip K. Dick and Robert Anton Wilson. In the 1973-1974 time frame, both would have unusual experiences that they thought could be contact with an extraterrestrial civilization. Or some undefinable something that wanted them to think it was extraterrestrial. And as incredible as it sounds, some of their experiences are confirmed by other people, and include verified transmission of knowledge that it seems they could not have obtained from any human source. We will also look very briefly at some other possibly related contact experiences involving musician and cultural icon John Lennon, researcher into human-dolphin communication and consciousness Dr. John Lilly and the Swiss scientist and inventor of LSD Dr.

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A Message About The End Of The World


The Georgia Guidestones: are they a message to us about the end of the world?

We can’t say for sure, but there are plenty of clues, many of them written into the Emmy Award-winning series Guidestones. It’s a drama but one uniquely suited to disinfonauts – where else are you going to find plots points including MK Ultra, steganography in famous paintings, and of course, the agenda of the creators of the Georgia Guidestones?

A couple of weeks ago we gave you Season 1 and now, as promised, we’re bringing you Season 2 (dubbed Sunflower Noir, completely FREE on our YouTube Channel through the end of September. Here it is, as a binge-viewing playlist:

This is the synopsis:

Guidestones: Sunflower Noir opens with Sandy Rai having been on the run since discovering the evil empire of Kraaon and her family’s involvement with it. Finally re-surfacing in London, she discovers that her has died.

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Be Not A Cancer On The Earth – Leave Room For Nature

cancer on the earth

“Be Not A Cancer On The Earth – Leave Room For Nature” – one of the ten mandates carved in eight languages on the Georgia Guidestones. People have been debating their meaning for about 30 years and the modern megalithic site has inspired all sorts of theories as to their origin and meaning.

guidestones hatReturning disinfonauts may know that we’re exclusively running the excellent web series Guidestones on our YouTube channel and our Facebook Videos page, completely FREE through September. We’re also giving away copies of Raymond Wiley’s book, The Georgia Guidestones: America’s Most Mysterious Monument, and official Guidestones caps. Just drop us a line via our contact form answering this question:

What is the name that Sandy and Trevor find on the Guidestones in Episode 9?

We’ll be picking 5 winners out of the proverbial hat*

*terms and conditions: must be within continental USA due to shipping expense.

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Maintain Global Population Under 500 Million


That statement (“Maintain humanity under 500,000,000 in perpetual balance with nature”) has an awful lot of people perplexed, anxious or both. It’s one of the ten instructions carved in eight languages on the Guidestones in Elberton, Georgia and certainly the one that captures the imagination of people thinking there is a plan afoot to drastically reduce the world’s population.

It’s also at the core of the award-winning web series Guidestones, which we’re pleased to bring you free of charge until the end of September, now conveniently collected into a single auto-playlist on YouTube:

Let us know what you think of the series. We’ll be bringing you Season 2 in full on or about August 21st.

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