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I’m aware of the seemingly growing movement of Freeman in Canada, I’ve done a little research of the idea in Canada and the UK, but Americans might be more familiar with the idea of a Sovereign Citizen. The ideas are interesting and appealing to many who see the take over of society by corporations and the erosion of citizens right, plus the ever increasing regulations being forced upon the general public. I’m neither for or against Freeman, I’m not sure if what Freeman say is true, you’re better researching it for yourself. Full report by the CBC is available here:

There’s something wrong with our civilization when you have a better (worse?) than 40% chance of getting cancer in your lifetime. Denis Campbell writes in Guardian:

It was one of the starkest statistics about the nation’s health — that one in three of us would get cancer. Sadly, the figures have just got worse. Cancer experts now believe 42% of Britons will get the disease.

Macmillan Cancer Support has revised the figure after its researchers analysed official data covering diagnosis of cancer, death from the disease and overall mortality. Of the 585,000 people who died in the UK in 2008, 246,000 of them — 42% — had been diagnosed with cancer at some point.

The one in three figure has been used by cancer experts, campaigners and ministers for a decade. It is based on the fact that research into every death in the UK in 1999 showed that 220,000 people — some 35% of the 630,000 total deaths — had previously been found to have the disease.

Reported here on the Guardian website: Passengers can refuse to undergo virtual strip by full-body x-ray scanner that leaves little to the imagination of security staff. Originally, passengers had to remove their…

James Sturcke and Maev Kennedy report in The Guardian: Archaeologists have discovered evidence of what they believe was a second Stonehenge located a little more than a mile away from the world-famous…