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Mea Culpa: Fox News Keeps Making Conservative-Friendly Mistakes

From Daily Finance:
Every news organization makes mistakes. But when Fox News makes mistakes, they seem to tilt in a suspiciously consistent direction, favoring Republicans and conservatives over Democrats and liberals. It happened again Wednesday, when host Gregg Jarrett, introducing a segment on Happening Now, described the "huge crowds" that were turning out to greet Sarah Palin on the promotional tour for her book, Going Rogue. "These are some of the pictures just coming into us," Jarrett said as images of Palin surrounded by throngs of supporters flashed across the screen. While Palin may indeed be drawing big crowds, it didn't take long for liberal watchdog blogs like Think Progress and Media Matters to point out that the masses Jarrett touted on Happening Now had nothing to do with Palin's book...
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Sarah Palin Booed at Rangers/Flyers Game

NOTE: Political views aside…Philly fans need no reason to boo. But throw in this tidbit from the Philly Inquirer about Palin readying for a jog through Philly’s Center City with a NY Rangers’ jersey on, well it gives you the idea that the maybe-next VP is not a real stickler for details.

Philadelphia Inquirer

You never know where you are going to find a political scoop, but Lynn Zinser at her NYT hockey “Slapshot” posted first that Sarah Palin, in her much-ballyhooed appearance dropping the puck at the Philly Flyers’ opener, was greeted by “resounding (almost deafening) boos from the Flyers crowd.”

Fox Sports observed on its site, “The crowd reacted with a mixture of cheers and boos at her appearance.” AP also detected a “mixture” of cheers and boos.

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