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Mayans and Extra-Terrestrials

Stone Head in Guatemala offered as proof of alien contact by filmmakers.

Stone Head in Guatemala offered as proof of alien contact by filmmakers.

Having produced a documentary about the Maya and their famous calendars, as well as published a related book, I feel I know the topic reasonably well. We certainly covered a massive range of theories and ideas. One area we didn’t cover in our film, however, were speculative links between the Maya and alien races. Our general feeling was that the Maya were being accused of needing alien help to achieve their incredible feats of architecture and astronomy solely because, the theory goes, an indigenous people could not have developed these skills and knowledge alone.

Not everyone agrees with us: a new doc going into production claims to reveal the missing extraterrestrial link that makes sense of the Mayan mysteries and recommends that we move to outer space, just like the Maya (oh, so that’s what happened…). Steve Pond reports for The Wrap:

Mayan writings do not predict the end of the world when the calendar cycle ends in December.

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‘We Are Legion’ Explains Anonymous

"Anonymous kind of was like the strong, buff kid who had low self esteem and then all of a sudden punched somebody in the face and was like, 'Holy Shit, I'm really strong!'" This was just one great quote from We Are Legion: The Story of the Hacktivists, which premiered last night at Austin's South By South West festival in a jammed Vimeo Theater. Brian Knappenberger's documentary is a revealing look at the culture of 4Chan and Anonymous, showing the world just how much power this loose but large group really has. In addition to Knappenberger, Internet activist and sometime Anon Gregg Housh led a fascinating Q&A session following the movie, demonstrating how the filmmakers have been able to gain the trust of, and therefore access to, many of the individuals who "are" Anonymous. This movie is going to be huge and I'm hoping to see it released generally soon. Until then, here's the trailer:
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By Popular Demand: The Cure For What Ails You

tnegovan-gregmartin-01A little over a decade ago, disinformation published its first book, the now out of print anthology You Are Being Lied To (superseded by You Are STILL Being Lied To). We didn’t really know much about publishing books at the time, so when the book industry’s biggest annual trade show in Chicago came around, we needed help to stand out from the crowd. Enter Thomas Negovan, who was, and is our standard bearer in Chicago. Proprietor of the amazing art gallery Century Guild, Tom “found the others” for us.

A Renaissance man, Tom is also an accomplished musician who has done something truly unusual and, to my mind so compelling, that if you are anywhere near Los Angeles this week, you should go to the most unique of record release parties. I asked Tom to explain for disinformation:

It’s Sunday night, I’m up in Topanga in my friend Ysanne’s cabin, and as I experience no internet, no cell phone, and a space that is one part The Hobbit and one part Deadwood I’m hard pressed to imagine a better place to be sleeping before my record release on Wednesday.

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World Will End In Exactly One Year

Well ... maybe. A couple of years ago I produced a documentary about the now infamous end-date of the Mayan Long Count Calendar, December 21, 2012. Today is the Winter Solstice, and exactly one year remains until the current cycle of the Long Count Calendar expires. What does that mean? We asked many experts and wannabe experts in the film and as a special Winter Solstice offer, we're pleased to bring you the opportunity to see their answers for just $2.49 (3-Day Rental). Enjoy! For more information on the film, the experts and the companion book by Alexandra Bruce, visit
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Warning To Disinformation Readers: Stories Linking to Lifelock Are Spam

Hi everyone, just to let you know that the site has been targeted recently by some very persistent spammers promoting a site and product called Lifelock.

Needless to say this is fraudulent and I don’t doubt that Lifelock is a crap product. Don’t click links leading to it, don’t use their product and if you can think of a way to spam them back go for it.

They are increasingly trying to post links to stories that then lead to Lifelock (i.e. one step removed) to increase the time it takes for us to remove the posts. The story titles can be very misleading too. Anyway, remember: Lifelock is fraudulent spam!


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An Important New Documentary From David Burstein

Recently a young filmmaker called David Burstein came to visit us at the Disinformation offices in New York. David’s film, 18 in 08, is one that I recommend to anyone eligible to vote in this year’s national elections, but especially first time voters. I promised David I’d run the press release announcing the film on – so here it is:

“18 in ’08” Issues Call to Action for

Youths to Vote and Get Involved and Engaged in Politics

NEW YORK, December 7, 2007 — 18 in ’08, a documentary made by a 19-year-old that serves as a call to action for youths to vote and get involved and engaged with politics, and which has been endorsed by an array of national political leaders and well-known media and educational figures, is now available on DVD. It can be purchased through, and 18 in 08.

Co-Produced and directed by Weston, CT resident David D.… Read the rest

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A New Doc Takes Me Back To The Early Days of

Believe it or not has been around since 1996 and The Disinformation Company, which I co-founded, since 1997. It’s always fun to look back at some family history, so a new documentary about founder Josh Harris really grabbed my attention.

In the very early days of The Disinformation Company’s quixotic journey, co-founder Richard Metzger hosted an interview show on pioneering internet video site It was called “The Infinity Factory” and featured many of the guests that would later become part of our Disinformation TV series, like Grant Morrison and Robert Anton Wilson, sometimes in person at Pseudo’s Soho loft and sometimes by phone.

A couple of my favorite episodes are interviews with my friend and Disinformation author Alexandra “Chica” Bruce (Beyond The Secret and Beyond The Bleep). You can check them out on Google Video.

Check out the preview of the doc (titled We Live in Public and directed by Ondi Timoner) on Harris at Radar Mag’s site.… Read the rest

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