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Obama Scores Big with $800 Billion for High Speed Rail

Buried in the $800 Billion stimulus package is $8 Billion for high speed rail in the United States. It’s the most serious investment in commuter rail service in the nations history.

Additionally President Obama intends to ask for a further $1 Billion a year for high speed rail in his budget request to congress, starting with the 2010 budget.

High speed rail was one of Obama’s campaign pledges, speaking in Indiana during the campaign he said:

“The time is right now for us to start thinking about high-speed rail as an alternative to air transportation connecting all these cities. And think about what a great project that would be in terms of rebuilding America.”

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Texas Shutters Peanut Corp Plant

Texas Department of State Health Services ordered Peanut Corporation of America, or PCA to “recall all products ever shipped from its Plainview (TX) plant.”

DSHS made the decision to shut down the plant after find dead rodents, rodent excrement and bird feathers in an area where the air handling system could have been pulling debris into the production area.

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Seattle Top Cop New Drug Czar?

KerlikowskeThe Seattle Post Intelligencer is reporting that Gil Kerlikowske has been tapped as President Obama’s new drug czar.

Kerlikowske has been chief of police in Seattle since 2000, and has reportedly notified senior staff that he’ll be taking the position of director of the Office of National Drug Control Policy upon confirmation. The drug czar is a cabinet level position, and requires Senate confirmation.

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1 Billion Gallons of Toxic Sludge Oozing Towards Drinking Water

So what’s in a billion gallons of coal ash sludge? Well concentrated levels of mercury and arsenic, according to environmental experts. TVA experts claim there’s no danger to humans from the chemicals. This claim despite hundreds of fish turning up dead in nearby waters. Naturally many local residents aren’t too comforted by the TVA’s assurances.

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Focus on Family’s Naughty & Nice List

That fun loving gang that poured $600,000 into California’s Prop 8 campaign, Focus on the Family, is back. FotF has released their “Naughty and Nice List” for holiday shoppers. This list is composed of national retailers and is based on their holiday ads, and whether the word “Christmas” is featured prominently and consistently.

Retailers that wish you “happy holidays” sometimes and “Merry Christmas” other times, are on the “Christmas-negligent” retailers list and include stores like Barnes & Noble, Gap and Kmart. But that’s not the worst list for FotF followers. No that list is the “Christmas-offensive” retailers.

The Christmas-offensive list is reserved for “happy holidays” only retailers, i.e., no mention of “Christmas” per se in their ads. Who’s on this list?

-– American Eagle

-– Banana Republic

-– Bloomingdale’s

-– Lane Bryant

-– Old Navy

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Obamanomics; Geithner is the Right Guy

ObamaToday President Elect Barack Obama selected Timothy Geithner, 47, the president of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, as his Treasury Secretary.

Geithner, who speaks Chinese and Japanese, as well as finance, is widely lauded as the right man for the job.

As president of the New York Federal Reserve Geithner has been dealing with Wall Street’s major players on a daily basis for the past 5 years, and they with him.

Wall Street knows what they are getting with Geithner and they like what they see. Following the announcement of Geithner the Dow Jones Industrials went on a prolonged rally up almost 400 points.

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