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McDonald’s Transgender Beating

Not sure what's more shocking, the beating itself or the employees warning the women to get out before the police come as the victim has a seizure... From the Daily News:
The victim of a vicious beating at a Maryland McDonald's is a transgendered woman, according to a LGBT advocacy group that's calling for authorities to investigate the case as a hate crime. [Warning: Video footage may be disturbing to some people] The shocking video, which went viral on the Internet this week, shows the woman being kicked in the head by two girls at the Rosedale fast food chain as some of the staff stood by laughing...
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Obama Says Manning ‘Broke the Law’ Before Being Tried or Convicted

As always, I'm not sure what's worse: the fact that once again our president doesn't know what the fuck he's talking about and searches for above-average vocabulary to employ throughout his stumbling; or the fact that he's talking about how we're a "nation of laws" and the world works by following rules, and the fact that one was broken is more important than the war crimes it purportedly unveiled.
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6 Secret Monopolies You Didn’t Know Ruled the World

Cracked has a cool way of introducing a line of thought for the internet fanboys ... here's a recent article from Christina H. on QuantaWhether You're a Mac or a PC, You're Probably a Quanta
Start any Mac vs. PC debate and sooner or later someone will bring up how Macs' "highest quality components" make the choice equivalent to "Porsche vs. Camry." Of course, Apple likes to play up this perception, invoking the picture of PCs made sloppily in sweatshops while Macs are put together in sparkling white labs by Apple store employees. Not only are the laptops you're arguing about both put together in Taiwan, but very likely even by the same company. Taiwan's Quanta Computer makes 33 percent of all laptops in the world, including Dells, HPs, Sonys, Toshibas and yes, Macs.
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Will Generation Y Be the Greatest Threat to Consumer Capitalism Yet?

Douglas Haddow writes about the “coming barbarism” in Adbusters:
Adbusters Corporate Flag

On a blustery February morning in 2009 I found myself stranded in Heathrow Airport’s Terminal 5. My flight was delayed indefinitely due to the UK’s biggest snowstorm in 18 years, leaving me to wander aimlessly against a backdrop of scrolling cancellations and panicky commuters. Outside the billowing airport architecture London was deadlocked, its citizens sabotaged by an absentee polar jet stream.

As I wandered through the terminal I watched groups of temporary refugees from across the world form micro-communes, emptying their luggage onto the floor and building little nests out of coats and sweaters. It was a surreal image: The typically bustling and optimistic concourse was transformed into something that looked more like a deportation centre.

Having been mugged at knifepoint in a dodgy Parisian stairwell earlier that week, I was without cash or plastic. No big deal at first, but after ten hours of hunger pangs, desperation set in.

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Struggle and Substance: Convicted of High Revolution

From Jaguar Press:

We are made sick in this world. Fed on garbage and medicated on fear, our bodies are reaching their toxic limit physically and psychically. Who could tell us not to get fucked up, when we have to deal with genocide, factory slaughter, and the perpetual betrayal of our democracy and freedom. When the tortures of capitalist society circle our heads like a bloody carousel, where is there relief? This article will examine briefly the relationship between alcohol and marijuana and revolution.

We find solace in the effect of altering our perception and the routine of addiction. Alcohol is one of our favorites, of course, and we get drunk and act stupid and laws get put on the books and the drunks go to jail. It’s subject to absurd levels of social control and cultural stigma so that we have a hard time breaking from the mind numbing routine—drinking at a bar or a house flirting, hooking up and feeling strong/not-so-strongly about the experience.

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Onion Google Bashing

Some Huxlean-esque satire from the Onion regarding Google's power, brilliant as always. I'm curious if the average person sees this and laughs, or sees this and cringes in fear. I think this one is almost as good as "Google 'Opt-Out' Feature Lets Users Protect Privacy by Moving to Remote Village"...
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California to Legalize Marijuana? Why?

From The Curse of The Illusioned: As a lawsuit threat letter from Marlboro proves, something like these cig joints were around for a while — until Marlboro got pissed. There have been stoner rumors for years about how Marlboro has "Marlboro Greens" already patented and tested for the day the green dope is finally legal, and since it'll be on the California ballot in a scant half-year, it looks like that day is close since every one and their mother (and in many cases, their grandmother) smokes and advocates marijuana usage. But I don't get it. I don't understand why everyone's so stoked on it. Look past the whole "it's about time the government gets with the times" or the "it was never legalized because they couldn't figure out how to economize it but now we need it to combat the budget deficit" shit, let's look at it like any other crop (i.e. tobacco) or any other substance (i.e. alcohol) or other food (i.e. beef) law. Let's think about it with a few questions I'd like to raise...
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