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Don’t Vote for Archie Or Jughead

Picture: Maurice Coyne, Louis Silberkleit, John L. Goldwater (PD)

A recent essay at Spyoptaelip draws comparisons between those two archetypal images of bumbling teenage Americana and our two presidential candidates:

The great non-event of the 2012 presidential election is upon us. The money has been pouring in, the scripts and teleprompters are in place, and the pantomime is about to begin. No candidate would have gotten this far unless permitted to do so by the macro-engineers who manipulate all things; that mysterious force “behind the curtain” that vets and trains and stage-manages its unwitting puppet-clones so as to do its bidding.

Archie and Jughead are comic book characters meant to portray normal American kids. Readers are supposed to be able to relate to them, much as Americans are expected to relate to Obama and Romney. Archie is a lovable, though accident-prone, redheaded 17-year-old and a typical small-town teenager. This might be Obama.

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A Civics Test For Those Wishing To Be President

Imagine if the incumbent US president and all of his Republican challengers were required to respond to a civics test so as to determine their suitability for office. The test would concern the constitutionality of three things: (1) the current money and financial systems (incl. foreign aid); (2) the conducting of undeclared foreign wars, and; (3) the recent legislative attempt to deprive the People of their unalienable rights under §1031 of the National Defense Authorization Act. Instead of debate after stage-managed debate, why not insist on having each prospective office-seeker commit to responding to this little civics test? After all, if the underlying fundamentals of our laws are simply ignored, how can an aspirant to the nation’s highest elective office be tolerated and even seriously considered? How can such a person be acting in the best interests of the People, viz., the true Sovereign for whom our system of government was established? Accordingly, I challenge President Obama and the Republicans seeking the nomination to respond to my little civics test, as presented below, by unequivocally stating their respective positions in essay form:


The U.S. Constitution of 1787 was a world novelty. No nation prior to this time had a written constitution in place[1]. Since its adoption in 1789, the U.S. Constitution has been the supreme law of the land. Today it consists of seven articles and twenty-four amendments[2]. Do you believe in adhering to our Constitution?...
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OccupyWallStreet Economics

Occupy Wall Street

Photo: David Shankbone (CC)

J. D. Suss writes on Stories, Essays, Detritus:

Economics 101 teaches that the quantity of a product or service is determined by the demand, which is reflected by its price and is a function of its quality.

The Occupy Wall Street (OWS) Movement might be deconstructed using this same analysis:

The number and size of Occupations worldwide can be determined by the demand, reflected by the price we pay for sympathizing and participating—a direct result of discerning the quality of the values it promotes.

The individual making such a discernment wants an assurance of its quality before committing to the OWS Movement. He or she does not want to be bamboozled by some phony color revolution sponsored by a hidden power elite, or a false flag operation carried out by its governmental minions. An individual requires a solid basis upon which to make a reasoned choice that this Movement is in his or her best interests.… Read the rest

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