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Chilean Students Demand Complete Transformation of Education System

Free Education Protests

Photo: Diego Grez (CC)

Who said that massive/social cultural revolutions were a thing of the ’60s? Via the Atlantic:

For the past several months, students, teachers, and their supporters in Chile have been staging chaotic demonstrations against their government.

Their goal is to transform the country’s education system. In particular, they’re seeking a referendum to significantly increase the funding and quality of public schools. Students have engaged in multiple forms of protest, from hunger strikes and sit-ins to marches and pillow fights. Smaller groups of protesters have engaged riot police directly, hurling stones and firebombs.

Chilean authorities have responded by banning demonstrations, pushing protesters back with water cannons, and offering education proposals that have been rejected. Students in the tens of thousands — with popular backing across Chile — continue to march without official permission, and public sentiment against president Sebastian Piñera continues to grow.

Collected here are some scenes from the streets of Chile over the past few months.

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