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The Secret History of the Vietnam War

imagesVICE’s Daniel Denvir interviews Nick Turse, author of Kill Everything That Moves: The Real American War in Vietnam.
If for some reason you have any lingering doubts about the way that war was conducted (or the way that we continue to conduct war today), here’s one excerpt from the interview that should put them to rest:


There was even a “Mere Gook Rule?”
There was a shorthand in Vietnam: the MGR, or Mere Gook Rule. The idea is that the Vietnamese weren’t real people. They were subhumans. Mere gooks who could be abused or even killed at will. And this is something that was inculcated in troops from the earliest days of training. I talked to a lot of veterans who told me that as soon as they arrived at boot camp, they were told you never call them Vietnamese. You call them gooks, dinks, slants, slopes.
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Satanist Lucien Greaves On Conversations With Matt Dwyer

PINK-MASS-570Comedian, writer, and actor Matt Dwyer interviews the Temple of Satan’s Lucien Greaves, the man behind the “Pink Mass” ritual performed over the grave of the mother of Westboro Baptist Church founder Fred Phelps Jr.

In a brilliant way of going at the Westboro Baptist Church using their own tactics, the ritual is performer to turn straight people gay in the afterlife. Greaves currently faces charges for desecrating a grave even though during the ritual the grave site was unharmed and left as it was found upon leaving. In this compelling talk, Graves addresses common misconceptions of Satanism and the media’s failure to accurately report not only the details surrounding the “Pink Mass,” but Greaves’ intentions by performing the ritual.

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The Time William S. Burroughs Became a Scientologist (And His Subsequent Dismissal of the Religion)

Screen Shot 2013-07-30 at 11.16.25 AMWilliam Burroughs first became attracted to the Church of Scientology because of its claimed ability to extinguish the wounds of bad memories. For nearly a decade (also what most consider his least artistic years), Burroughs followed the churches teachings in much the same way he sought out other “mind-expanding” techniques such as hallucinogens.

It would be L. Ron Hubbard’s “fascist tendencies” which led Burroughs to finally denounce Scientology via the Los Angeles Free Press.

You can read his collection of criticisms of the church in a free PDF: Ali’s Smile/Naked Scientology.


Scientology is a model control system, a state in fact with its own courts, police, rewards and penalties. It is based on a tight ingroup like the CIA, Islam, the Mormons, etc. Inside are the Rights with the Truth. Outside are the Commies, the Infidels, the Unfaithful, the Suppressives. Rarely has this formula been expressed with such consummate effrontery, like you go into a store to buy a suit the clerk puts you in a Condition of Doubt, you work all night in the stock room and go around with a gray rag around your arm and petition the entire store to let you back in so you can buy something.

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George Carlin: An Interview

2618307083_762347d48cI first saw George Carlin perform live when I was 17 and that instance came with it the completely revelatory vision of my life with and in comedy. The introduction came in a happenstance moment as an employee of Star Plaza Theatre in Merrillville, Indiana where Carlin happened to be headlining one Friday night. My job after ushering cars into the parking lot was to “patrol” the aisles of the theatre as sort of a back-up usher. I sat Indian-style on the pathway of the floor as George came out. It wasn’t long after taking the stage that he filled me with a burning inspiration and hope for my own future.

To hear someone of and from around my parent’s generation display a “fuck you” attitude toward an American culture that puzzled, shackled, and lorded over me in the form of its authority figures turned my entire world on its head and let me know by George’s logic that I wasn’t wrong or a bad kid to have these little buds of forming resentment against societal command.… Read the rest

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‘Bastards of the Party’ Film Explores How Government War Against Black Panthers Led to Crips Gang

bastards-of-the-partyThis documentary takes it’s title from a passage in City of Quartz that reads: “As even The [Los Angeles] Times recognized, the decimation of the Panthers led directly to a recrudescence of gangs in the early 1970s. ‘Crippin,’ the most extraordinary new gang phenomenon was a bastard offspring of the Panthers’ former charisma, filling the void left by the LAPD SWAT teams.”

It’s closing in on 1968 and the civil rights era is fading due to leadership dissolution brought on, notably, against The Black Panther Party by the American government (J. Edgar Hoover, COINTELPRO). Born out of the disjointed fraction of the Party was The Crips. With the collapse of California’s manufacturing base and The Crips offering the only seeming alternative, black youth gravitated toward the lure of the modern gangster lifestyle which was rapidly making a name for itself in the illegal trade of drug trafficking.

Watch this film. It’s on Netflix, if you have it.… Read the rest

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Eddie Pepitone: A Mad Prophet

On Saturday night, in the side room of a city pancake house, I felt like I was swept up in the fervor of a mad prophet railing against a society out to get us fueled by our own stupid self-interests with the many occasioned cue to make us laugh. That mad prophet? Comedian Eddie Pepitone.

This was a guy burdened by the immediate world he inhabits, and also sick with the world at large. He’s pushing a boulder up a nearly infinite hill and anger, humor, sadness, philosophy, and social awareness are what he uses to lessen some of the burden caused by the rock’s strain.

Pepitone weaved out of his prepared material to address a woman’s perpetual cough by wondering aloud if he was in the Soderbergh film CONTAGION, all without losing the momentum of the bit he cut away from. It was seamless and perfect; as if it were part of his act.… Read the rest

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