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Pow-Wow: Pennsylvania Dutch Folk Magic

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“Written by a Pennsylvania Dutch healer in the 1820s, this book is a rambling collection of rural home remedies and folk invocations. Pow-wow is a unique creole of Christian theology and a shamanistic belief system. It is still practiced in some rural areas of Pennsylvania. In spite of the name, it is not of Native American derivation. It is believed to have been brought over to America by German immigrants who practiced folk-magic.”

Mosquitoes? Acne? Hysteria? Knock 'em out with Pow-Wow!

Here is a cure for warts: “Roast chicken-feet and rub the warts with them; then bury them under the eaves.”… Read the rest

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Your Very Own Hex Sign

Pennsylvania hex sign painting is a type of traditional folk art that is alternately viewed as a decorative tradition and as talisman fashioning. The symbols and designs on the signs may represent a family line or locality or they may have magical power to protect a barn from lightning or ensure a bountiful harvest. Check out these great images of Hex Signs and follow the links to eBay to find one of your own.

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Lady Gaga’s Occult Powers on the Rise

Perhaps Austin Gandy’s recent Invisible College segment on the Disinformation World News Podcast was more prescient than we expected?

By Allie Pruitt at Weekly World News

NEW YORK, NY – A paparazzo dropped dead after taking a photo of Lady Gaga!

She's a femme fatale?

Lady Gaga is a pop star who has become as famous for her outfits as she has her music. She wears a new and often bizarre outfit for every single event she attends, making her a prime target for celebrity photographers.

On Monday night, Lady Gaga attended the ACE Awards in New York City. Photographer A.J. Solkaner immediately took a photo of the singer, her face obscured in a spooky black veil.

[continues at Weekly World News]… Read the rest

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More Hollow Earth for Podcast Listeners

As promised, here is a new post offering up some more goodies that spilled over
the edges of my latest installment of Insomnia for the Disinformation World News podcast.
Links, vids, ‘casts and images abound – with a few, extra, subterranean-themed Tom Waits
and Patti Smith songs thrown down the well for good measure.

Thanks to Raymond and Joe for putting up with two rather lengthy segments on a subject
that is as vast as the Planet itself. The Hollow Earth has long been a favorite
crypto-myth-consmology-theory of mine. Enjoy surfing these links as much as
I’ve enjoyed burrowing into this strangeness and sharing my notes.

There's a world going on Underground!Read the rest

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The Art of Death

During the past weekend’s festivities, many of us decorated ourselves and our surroundings in the trappings of the dead. Sometimes, the dear and deceased return the favor, allowing their bones and belongings to be transformed into sacred, artistic installations that remind us of our own fleeting days.

All things must pass...

All things must pass…

The WebUrbanist offers this handy countdown of the world’s most gorgeous (ghastly?) ossuaries.… Read the rest

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New PKD Box Finds the Canon Getting Cukoo

At Amazon:

I wonder if this thing can shoot a pink beam of light?

I wonder if this thing can shoot a pink beam of light?

PKD fans, start your Christmas lists early. This might be the best Philip K. set ever.

“The most outré science fiction writer of the 20th century has finally entered the canon,” exclaimed Wired Magazine when Philip K. Dick: Four Novels of the 1960s was published in May 2007. Now The Library of America has gathered all three volumes of Jonathan Lethem’s definitive Philip K. Dick edition in a boxed set sure to be a must for collectors and sci-fi fans.

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Polanski Arrested for ’70s Sex Charge

En route to the Zurich Film Festival — where he was to enjoy a celebration of his achievements in cinema — infamous movie director Roman Polanski was arrested in connection to a decades old charge that has kept him from entering the U.S. since the 1970′s. (ITN Video)

Polanski famously fled the states following his trial for the statutory rape of a 13 year old girl in 1977. The incident occurred in his friend Jack Nicholson’s home during a time when Polanski’s friends found the director to be suffering from a deep, chronic depression following the murder of his then-wife Sharon Tate and their unborn child at the hands of The Manson Family.

Polanski famously accepted his 2003 Academy Award for The Pianist via satellite as his returning to the United States would mean an automatic arrest.

As of this time it is unclear whether or not he will be extradited to America.… Read the rest

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The Sleepless Film Festival Presents — Once Upon a Time: The Films of Jean Cocteau

Step through the magic mirror with the second installment of the Sleepless Film Festival.

This time around we dip deeply into the cinematic career of poet, novelist, philosopher, painter, designer, boxing promoter, drug-addict and visionary filmmaker, Jean Cocteau. Utilizing images, links, commentary and of course video, the good people at Insomnia order, examine, and present for your approval a total of FIVE invaluable documents of Coteaueana including:

1. Jean Cocteau: Autoportrait d’un Inconnu (Self-Portrait of an Unknown Man)

2. La Villa Santo Sospir

3. Le Sang d’un Poete (The Blood of a Poet)

4. La Belle et la Bete (Beauty and the Beast)

5. The Testament of Orpheus

From bio-doc’s, to home movies, to his classic films, this presentation is a potent primer for Cocteau neophytes, and an important reminder of the invaluable cinematic contributions made by this most important of 20th century artists.

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Sleepless Film Festival Presents – Close Your Eyes: The William S. Burroughs Film Archive Part I

Fellow Disinfonauts,

Take a quick trip to Interzone for the inaugural incarnation of the Sleepless Film Festival: an online series, organizing avant garde movies — along with biographical info, quotes, images, links and criticism — for the discerning cinephage.

This first series explores the work of WSB with three films:

Arena: William S. Burroughs (a BBC doc)

Naked Lunch (the entire Cronenberg masterpiece)

Bill and Tony (one of WSB’s experimental films)

Stay tuned for the next installment: Once Upon a Time: The Films of Jean Cocteau

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