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The Abandonment of Julian Assange

30C3 Assange 02WikiLeaks founder, Julian Assange, ’celebrated’ his second anniversary in his self-chosen prison in the Ecuadorian embassy in London. On the anniversary of his flight to the Ecuadorian embassy, I asked Assange’s father, John Shipton, about how his son’s health was holding up.

‘His health is OK. They work at health. There is that worry if you have an accident or become sick you have to leave your asylum. I imagine that is what the British government is hoping for. They are hoping that he will become unwell by keeping him in a position that is unhealthy. They are cruel people. They have no humanity.’

Greg Barns, who was campaign manager for the WikiLeaks Party, and who spent three days in the embassy this time last year, reflected these concerns about how long Assange could survive. He described the situation in the embassy:

‘There is no natural light. You are breathing in recirculated air.

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No Blood for Opium

It was common during the opening of the Iraq war to see slogans proclaiming “No blood for oil!” The cover story for the war – Saddam’s links with Al Qaida and his weapons of mass destruction – were obvious mass deceptions, hiding a far less palatable imperial agenda. The truth was that Iraq was a major producer of oil and, in our age, the Age of Oil, oil is the most strategic resource of all. For many it was obvious that the real agenda of the war was an imperialistic grab for Iraqi oil. This was confirmed when Iraq’s state-owned oil company was privatised to western interests in the aftermath of the invasion.

Why then are there no slogans saying “No blood for opium!”? Afghanistan’s major product is opium and opium production has increased remarkably during the present war. The current NATO action around Marjah is clearly motivated by opium. It is reported to be Afghanistan’s main opium-producing area.… Read the rest

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