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Bye-Bye Darwin: The Hidden Rhythm Of Evolution

"A Venerable Orang-outang", a caricature of Charles Darwin as an ape published in The Hornet, a satirical magazine.[disinfo ed.’s note: The original essay was written in Spanish. The author acknowledges that the English translation is not perfect. He also mentions in response to comments that “as can be seen in the Spanish version, the Bibliography refers to the books ‘mentioned’ in the text, not the books ‘used’ over 33 years of research. My aim is NOT to write an academic paper. If in doubt please consult the original text in Spanish on ““.]

This article surprisingly reveals the existence of a very precise spiral rhythm in the emergence of the evolutionary leaps that mark the history of the universe.

The proposed hypothesis is very simple: just as in any musical instrument successive second harmonics (1/3 of the vibrating unit) progressively generate new sounds, these same second harmonics generate all the major evolutionary novelties in universal dynamics as a whole. It is truly surprising that such a simple proposal is found to be precise and categorical when cross-checked against historical data.… Read the rest

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