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The Trautonium: A Forgotten Instrument

It’s safe to say that nearly anyone cognizant of the existence of the Trautonium can easily fit under the umbrella category of “eccentric.” Yet, this electronic instrument, invented in 1929 Berlin, is a medium for sublime human expression. Before synthesizers and computers usurped what can more aptly be called today’s “music assembling,” musical instruments that used electricity but still required dynamic human input and live performance had a brief but profound era in the 20th century.

oskar sala

Formal compositions and even orchestral concertos have been written for this instrument, among which is Paul Hindemith‘sLangsames Stück und Rondo für Trautonium.” Youtube user Ghost Money also has several interesting improvisations using the organic but other-worldly sounds of the Trautonium.

Perhaps the only person that can be said to have mastered the Trautonium was Oskar Sala (1910-2002) who pioneered the instrument’s capabilities and applications.  Among Sala’s credits are Hitchcock’s The Birds, where he created the sounds of the birds among a variety of other short films. … Read the rest

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First Great in Jazz: Jelly Roll Morton

ferdmortonFerdinand Joseph LaMothe, better known as Jelly Roll Morton is one of the greats of the roots of jazz, and is too often overlooked.  His virtuosic playing is larger than life, innovative, highly characteristic and a delight for the ears. With his salty beginnings playing in whorehouses as a teenager, he was known throughout the South and West Coast before finding success in the thriving Chicago scene. He will have been born 125 years ago this fall. has compiled a great many of his finest works to listen to and download for free!  Now, how ’bout dat!

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Synthesizing Jet Fuel from Sea Water

060318-N-7526R-154 South China Sea (March 19, 2006) Ð Amphibious command ship USS Blue Ridge (LCC 19) Sailors look on as a refueling probe crosses over the South China Sea, during a replenishment at sea (RAS) with the Military Sealift Command (MSC) underway replenishment oiler USNS Walter S. Diehl (T-AO 193). Blue Ridge, the 7th Fleet command ship, is currently underway for a regularly scheduled deployment throughout the 7th Fleet area of responsibility.

Everybody already knows that jet fuel can’t melt steel beams.

However, perhaps you didn’t know that a team at the Naval Research Laboratories in Florida has successfully developed a technology that synthesizes jet fuel from only sea water and electricity.

With all of their ships and planes, the navy has a huge need of both diesel and jet fuel. Unfortunately, many of the regions that contain large sources of petroleum, have…how shall I say…political interests highly contrary to those of the United States. So sending an oiler supply vessel to shore to find a petroleum source could be a very hazardous strategic move in a conflict and might leave our ships dead in the water or forced to return home. This strategic achilles heel for the navy is bad, but the fuel is also increasingly expensive (cost of fuel for the navy rose from $0.63/gal in 2000 to $3.75/gal in 2013, and effectively costs over $7.00/gal to deliver to the vessels) not to mention environmentally disastrous.… Read the rest

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China is Tearing Down Churches

Via China Uncensored:

“It’s known as the Chinese Jerusalem. Wenzhou, Zhejiang Province has one of the highest concentrations of Christians in China. But for over a year, local authorities have launched a systematic campaign to demolish churches and tear down crosses. It’s part of a larger persecution of Chinese Christians that has risen by 150% in the last year, according to China Aid, a non-profit international Christian human rights organization.”

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World’s Most Persecuted Religion

Muslims need to listen a little more closely to the words of their prophet [*cough cough*Christians*cough cough*]. Persecution of non-Muslims by Islamic fundamentalists has reached a shrill note in much of Europe, Asia, Middle East, North Africa, Sub-Saharan Africa, and the Asian South Pacific, but it seems like that is NOT what Mohammad would want! In a previous article I listed some very surprising quotes of Mohammed from the Hadith that many Muslims (or non-Muslims) would do well to follow carefully today, please feel free to check them out.

In this video, Raymond Ibrahim, a native of Egypt, discusses how Christianity has been virtually exterminated in many Muslim majority countries during the last 50 years, and speculates on the political motivation for why the Western media refuses to report on it.

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Computer Hallucinations: Large Scale Deep Neural Net


Recently, Disinfo ran an article about how Google set up feedback loops to its image recognition software and created some very interesting “dream”-like effects. Yeah, Google. “Dream.” You can view a gallery of their images here.

Some other software engineers, among whom is Jonas Degrave, a Belgian PhD student, who are not nearly as concerned with euphemism, have created an “LSD neural net,” which is similar in concept to Google’s feedback loops. Except they actually made a channel on Twitch that shows the algorithmic permutations in real time video, constantly zooming in like a fractal. Remarkably, the viewers in the video chat can type in two objects, for example “tent + gondola,” and the algorithm randomly choose one entry and morph using images of these objects. It is really quite interesting.

If you’re some kind of freak that actually knows how this stuff works, feel free to check out the write up giving background on how the engineers technically created this piece on Jonas Degrave’s site.… Read the rest

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The Gender Divide on Nuclear Power

According to David Roberts at Vox, women are more likely to oppose nuclear power than men, but why is this?

“In short, the real gap on nuclear power is not between men and women, but between white men and everyone else. And this has far more to do with socialization than with any inherent or biological differences.”

via Vox:

Over at Morning Consult, they’ve done a survey on attitudes toward nuclear power, and according to reporter Davis Burroughs, nuclear reactors “face pronounced unpopularity among an unexpected bloc: women.”

Is it because women know less about nuclear?

Many nuclear advocates, confronted by the gender gap, posit a simple explanation: women know less about nuclear power. After all, the science and engineering fields generally, and the nuclear industry specifically, are dominated by men. Women are socialized at an early age to avoid those fields (though that may be changing).

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Alan Lomax: American Ethnomusicologist

Alan Lomax an ethnomusicologist, much like Bela Bartok, was responsible for the recording and preserving of American folk music in the 20th century, much of which has ceased to exist in a living form. Without the foresight and diligent cataloging performed by Lomax and his colleagues, the Americana not practiced in modernity would have been lost to history.

Alan Lomax was born to a pioneering folklorist, John Lomax, and employed by the Library of Congress from 1937-42 collecting folk music. Unfortunately, due to the dogs of war being unleashed, in 1942 the budget for collecting folk music was cut by Congress. Coincidentally, the FBI also began investigating Lomax off and on from 1942 until 1979 for some flimsy communist allegations. We can tell that Lomax was one of the good guys by a description given of him in an investigation:

An FBI report dated July 23, 1943, describes Lomax as possessing “an erratic, artistic temperament” and a “bohemian attitude.” It says: “He has a tendency to neglect his work over a period of time and then just before a deadline he produces excellent results.” The file quotes one informant who said that “Lomax was a very peculiar individual, that he seemed to be very absent-minded and that he paid practically no attention to his personal appearance.” This same source adds that he suspected Lomax’s peculiarity and poor grooming habits came from associating with the “hillbillies who provided him with folk tunes”.

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Screw-worm Flies: Proof that Government Can Occasionally Work



Have you ever heard of the screw-worm fly? There is a reason for that. It is a nasty bug that lays eggs on the open wounds of animals, even tick bites, and the hatched larvae bore carnivorously into the flesh around the wound. The larvae drop to the ground once done feeding on the living flesh, dig into the earth and pupate, emerging 10 days later as adults to mate and restart the disgusting, parasitic process all over again. Until roughly 1966 they were endemic to all of the southern Unites States, and we have only the broad efforts of concerned scientists, informed citizens, active public officials, and the cooperation of those living north and south of the Mexican border to thank.

It has always been widely regarded that screw-worm flies completely suck, but they especially presented a liability for farming and cattle producers. The initial idea that screw-worm populations could be suppressed by releasing factory-reared specimens with detrimental survival traits was first discussed by Knipling and Bushland in 1937.… Read the rest

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