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New Photography Exhibit: Warhol, Burroughs, Lynch

Warhol, Lynch, BurroughsAndy Warhol is better remembered for his paintings, and even his films, than for the hundreds of photographs he took in the last period of his career. William Burroughs’ legacy counts writing and even painting before his drawn-on photographs. David Lynch is a known cinematic genius who happens to love capturing still images of massive industrial spaces.

Each of these tertiary bodies of work would be fascinating to see on exhibit, but a gallery in England has decided to display photos by all three artists in a trio of contiguous exhibitions. I know, it’s blowing my mind right now. Here’s the word from Channel 4:

They’re three of the key counter-cultural figures of the 20th century: Andy Warhol the pop artist, William Burroughs the cult novelist and the film maker David Lynch.

Now a trio of exhibitions at London’s Photographers’ Gallery shows us another side to these men – the view from behind their stills cameras.Read the rest

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Neşe Lisa Şenol: Psychedelics in the Humanities

Neşe Lisa Şenol gives a brilliant thirty-five minute lecture on the importance of psychedelic research in the social sciences and humanities. Neşe makes some avid points, such as riding the “Psychedelic Renaissance” to infiltrate academia, and finding a precedent for psychedelic studies in Queer Studies.

“Queer is whatever is at odds with the normal, the legitimate, the dominant,” she quotes from David M. Halperin’s Saint Foucault.

Grant Morrison’s Supergods even gets an honorable mention.

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