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Homophobic Australian Cult Leader Claims He is the Second Coming of Christ

Photos from Marshall's Facebook page. Combined via Inquistr.

Photos from Marshall’s Facebook page. Combined via Inquisitr.

Another cult leader. Another declaration of the second coming of Christ. Brian Leonard GoLightly Marshall, 71, claims he is “he is ‘Jesus of Nazareth’ reincarnated” and says that he even has support from the Vatican. Apparently, the Pope was to announce him as the second coming in 2013, but the plans fell through due to the anti-Christ’s intervention.

Jon Austin via The Daily Express:

Brian Leonard Golightly Marshall, who refers to himself as BLGM, claims to have confirmation from a former pope that his face is burnt into the famous Turin Shroud and he is ‘Jesus of Nazareth’ reincarnated.

The wild claims – coupled with homophobic rants about lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people (LGBT) “being destroyed” and allegations the current Pope Francis is his nemesis – have sparked concerns as his number of followers grows.

Marshall lives in the small coastal town of Toogoom, 180 miles north of Brisbane, in Queensland, Australia, with his wife, pet cat, plants and a car he calls the ‘Ark of the Covenant’.

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Four B-Grade Science Fiction Films in the Public Domain

Inspired by Open Culture’s new post, “The 5 Best Noir Films in the Public Domain,” I did a brief search to see which other films reside in the public domain.

Behold the wonder that is b-grade, public domain sci-fi.

The Brain That Wouldn’t Die

The Brain that Wouldn’t Die entered the public domain after American-International Pictures failed to add copyright information to the new title card.

Completed in 1959, the film was officially released in 1962. Directed by Joseph Green with an estimated budget of $62,000, The Brain That Wouldn’t Die follows a grief-stricken doctor who keeps his decapitated girlfriend’s head alive while he searches for a replacement body. The girlfriend, Jan Compton (Virginia Leith), is understandably pissed that the doctor won’t let her die. So, she communicates telepathically with a mutant locked in the laboratory, willing it to kill the doctor.

Mystery Science Theater 3000 covered The Brain That Wouldn’t Die in episode 513 and was the first film watched by Mike Nelson after he replaced Joel Robinson.… Read the rest

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Welcome to Life: The Singularity, Ruined by Corporations

It’s easy to fantasize about what the singularity could bring us. YouTube user Tom Scott has created perhaps the most likely — and most depressing — scenario of what our technological futures could hold.

You die. Your consciousness is uploaded to the Life Network and now you have to choose from three tiers.

Tier One — Uninterrupted simulation.
Tier Two — Advertiser supported offer. You may see targeted advertisements from sponsors in the sky and other places.
Tier Three — Value offering thanks to commercial partners. Complicated mental processes, such as creativity and self-awareness, may be dulled or disabled in times of high server activity.

And it only gets eerier…

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Artist’s Grotesqueries Confront Biotechnology


Australian artist Patricia Piccinini creates hybrid sculptures that echo modern science’s obsession with biotechnology and bioengineering. Her work is currently being exhibited the Galway International Arts Festival in Galway, Ireland. She’s known for her “Skywhale” hot air balloon, which is basically a giant turtle with draping nipples.

Read more about her work at Beautiful Decay and Hi Fructose.

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Memory Loss Man: “We’ve Never Seen Anything Like This Before”

jodene e (CC BY-NC-ND 2.0)

jodene e (CC BY-NC-ND 2.0)

You wake up and go to a dentist appointment for a routine root canal. The treatment includes some local anesthesia. Everything goes fine. Except after the procedure, you can only remember the last 90 minutes of your life. This is exactly what happened to WO.

It appears that the dental procedure is not the cause of the memory loss and WO has no structural abnormalities in his brain. Scientists are understandably baffled.

So what happened?

via PsyBlog:

However, there’s no evidence that the dental procedure caused the condition.

This is what has puzzled the scientists.

Normally, such serious memory problems are accompanied by brain damage, typically in a structure called the hippocampus.

But, in WO’s brain there are no structural abnormalities.

Apart from the memory problems, WO seems the same as before, physically and psychologically.

He is capable of learning (although he forgets everyting within a day), his personality is the same and his intellect is intact.

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Exploding Bugs: Christian Man Tries to Disprove Evolution

Dr. Martin continued to believe in evolution after converting to Christianity — that is until he started doing some research of his own. He came to the conclusion that certain creatures, such as the bombardier beetle, simply defy evolutionary theory.

Here’s how the host explains it, “His first study was of a beetle that really should’ve exploded and shouldn’t even exist.”

How’s that for solid logic?


h/t Christian Nightmares. Follow them on Twitter.

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