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Who Shall Watch The Watchers?

Menwith-hill-radomesThere have often been rumours of this kind of espionage at international conferences, but it is highly unusual for hard evidence to confirm it and spell out the detail. – The Observer (London) commenting on the implications of the latest ‘whistleblowing’ spy scandal involving Edward Snowden, a US National Security Agency (NSA) contractor.

Well… not exactly… indeed, when I researched the NSA spy network seven years ago, there was already reams of evidence – including both formal Congressional and European Parliament inquiries. The key point being, as the London Observer article oh-so-tentatively suggests, that spying is not about protecting ‘us’ from terrible people, but rather about grubby political tricks and commercial advantage.

Here’s what I wrote about Menwith Hill then (in a book about US foreign policy called No Holiday: 80 Places You Don’t Want to Visit)…

“From a distance they seem like giant golf balls, carelessly struck, ending up in the heather, far from the green.… Read the rest

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