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BREAKTHROUGH: DMT Found in the Pineal Gland of Live Rats

siamese_seahorse_fractalIn a major breakthrough in consciousness and psychedelic studies, Cottonwood Research Foundation has published a paper (soon to appear in the Journal Biomedical Chromatography)  documenting the presence of DMT in the brains of living rats.

For decades researchers have hypothesized that DMT may be one of the neurochemicals responsible for consciousness, dreams and visionary experiences. It’s certainly responsible for these and ever weirder experiences for those who have smoked it or taken Ayahuasca. DMT has been documented as naturally occurring in human blood, but this was not conclusive evidence that it is produced in the brain. DMT is structurally related to Serotonin, Melatonin and Pinoline, so the small traces in human blood could be an enzymatic breakdown product of these precursor molecules.

Now we have clear proof of DMT being manufactured in the living Pineal Glands of rats, and that the genes responsible for this exist in the Pineal Gland and Retina!… Read the rest

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Will Corporations Try To Stop The Singularity?

Division by zero

Photo: CERN (CC)


“Corporations are People, my friend”
and they might be slowing down evolution, or even preventing Utopia.

The approaching Technological Singularity could bring drastic changes, such as rendering money obsolete via the destruction of scarcity-based ‘value’ systems. The time is not far-off when nano-replication of gold, diamond or other previously precious materials becomes possible, rendering most economic systems obsolete.

It is clear that legacy-age institutional forces will naturally fight for their survival and relevance. How hard will they fight and can they be influenced to be less resistant?

Human beings are confused and confusing creatures. We don’t have very clear goal systems, and are quite willing and able to adapt our top-level goals to the circumstances. I have little doubt that most humans will go with the flow as Singularity approaches.

But corporations are a different matter. Corporations are entities/organisms unto themselves these days, with wills and cognitive structures quite distinct from the people that comprise them.

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Bucky’s Balls Can Double Your Lifespan

Photo: Jynto (CC)

Buckminster Fuller (1895 – 1983) was the quintessential polymath: inventor, researcher, engineer, philosopher, mathematician, architect, teacher, archivist, author, social theorist, futurist, mystic & poet.

Best known for inventing (or more accurately ‘discovering’) the Geodesic Dome. *There were a few earlier domes built but no evidence the designers understood the engineering & mathematical implications of the shape*. He didn’t live to see the discovery of C-60, formally named Buckminsterfullerine in his honor, or the novel variant fullerines which, as minimum-case geometric shapes, are the essential building blocks of nanotechnology.

Fullerines were discovered in the lab, but quickly thereafter found to be ubiquitous in nature. These little 60-atom carbon soccer-balls are produced every time you strike a match or smoke a joint. They are also seen in deep space in large quantities (created in stellar explosions), and may have a cosmic function in kickstarting self-replicatory life processes.

Now the word is in … Buckyballs mixed in olive oil are like a super-mega antioxidant.… Read the rest

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All-American Nuclear Explosion Photos

Photo: US Government Defense Threat Reduction Agency

This photo-article in The Atlantic contains some rare and disturbingly beautiful photos from the era of reckless American nuclear testing.  It includes a few of the really interesting photos taken just a millisecond after detonation, when the explosion is still a relatively tiny ball of plasma.


“Since the time of Trinity — the first nuclear explosion in 1945 — nearly 2,000 nuclear tests have been performed. Most of these occurred during the 1960s and 1970s. When the technology was new, tests were frequent and often spectacular, and they led to the development of newer, more deadly weapons. Since the 1990s, there have been efforts to limit the testing of nuclear weapons, including a U.S. moratorium and a U.N. comprehensive test ban treaty. As a result, testing has slowed — though not halted — and there are looming questions about who will take over for those experienced engineers who are now near retirement?

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DMT-like Spiritualist Art of Augustin Lesage

Augustin Lesage, Title Unknown.

There is a fair bit of anecdotal and laboratory evidence that the DMT normally produced by the body has a few interesting functions. One of them is being a likely mechanism for the near-death experiences of light filled tunnels and full-life flashbacks in an instant. The theory is that serotonin in the brain undergoes a natural chain-reaction – breaking down into DMT. It’s pretty cool that nature has a built-in function for launching consciousness into infinity, and that it happens to be the same chemical found in Ayahuasca, which has traditionally been called ‘The Vine of Death’ (or The Vine of the Soul).

Perhaps some people are launched into an endogenous triptamine trans-finity sooner than the rest of us … like while still alive.

Meet Augistin Lesage, French trance medium and painter (1876-1954). His art has the meticulous precision of Paul Laffoley  mixed with the weird fractalizing architectural-organic flow of Louis Wain’s cat paintings.… Read the rest

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60 Years Ago Today: Same Old Shit!

What if we were living in an exact repeat of political arguments 60 years ago? Spoiler Alert: WE ARE!

Wake Up

Wake Up Already ... this was 60 Years ago!

Technology is accelerating all around us, but our public policy debates are clearly going in circles. How fascinating that we could be out exploring the galaxy by now, yet here we are hashing out this junk yet again. Exhibit A:Alice In Blunderland: A Fantasy for Every American Citizen” (1952)

Ever heard people calling for you to “Wake Up!” and railing against “big government’, “tax & spend” policies? Freaked out about scary alerts that the Federal government is threatening to control everything? Oh and did ya notice the attacks on public sector workers, dubious examples of government waste, equating regulation with anti-capitalism and, of course, questioning progressive taxes for the wealthy & corporations.
Well you can find them all in this anonymous 1952 political propaganda comic book.… Read the rest

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Radioactive Oatmeal from Fukushima

Via Food Quality news:

Are we about the enter the era of carrying a radiation detector to scan all food before consuming? Damn!

Radiation has been detected in commercial oatmeal in Hong Kong. Despite assurances about “low levels” of radiation, there isn’t truly ANY safe amount of radiation. This is a reasonable concern with extremely hot particles like Cesium-137, which is the culprit in this case.

Even at the miniscule level of 7 Becquerel per kg, I can’t help but wonder about the lifetime bio-accumulation of these particles in the body if they became common in many food products.  There is a lot of conflicting information from all sides of all issues on the radiation legacy of Fukushima … because nobody truly knows the long-term effects.

No recall has been issued by the Hong Kong Center for Food Safety(CFS).

Read more at Food Quality news.

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