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Psychic Soldier Exclusive!

Episode 150 of The Cult Of Nick

A breakthrough podcast featuring Psychic Soldier Sarah Adams, her Facebook here.


This is Tabitha-Browne.

Here’s the Heseltine article.

Music by The Decadent Marsupials.

“There is no piece of music that is not slightly elevated by a fart noise as its punctuation point.”

The Honest Book of E.Discordia Chapter 23


Hail Eris!

All Hail Discordia!



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Tackling the ET question: Project Camelot and Robbie Graham

“The Cult of Nick podcast” has been going for a few years now. It launched on Disinfo, in 2012. Back then it contained work taken from my archive. For a few years in the UK, I was fortunate enough to be paid to present a national radio show on the sort of topics that fascinate me: occultism, UFOs, ghosts, bigfoot, conspiracy theories.  The show was called “The Night Before” and ran on a UK station called “Kerrang Radio“. We made the international news after interviewing Edgar Mitchell, he announced UFOs were real and governments were covering it up. The interview itself is not my finest hour, his announcement came at the end of an hour long session where we mainly discussed him going to the moon. I keep shouting “wow, that’s amazing”. It’s my attempt to throttle the mainstream audience and remind them that this is a high caliber witness telling us all something incredible.… Read the rest

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Exclusive interview with Jonathan Black

There will be few Disinfonauts who do not have a copy of “The Secret History of the World” by Jonathan Black, the pen name of Mark Booth. This week’s episode of The Cult Of Nick contains an interview with the elusive author.

Also this week, right at the end, there’s a sincere attempt to talk about “the meaning of life.” Arguably this has disappointing consequences.



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Who is responsible for terrorism?


This picture shows, Ahmed Merabet, a Muslim Policeman defending free speech. He died a hero after being shot in the head by a terrorist. It is strangely hard for some people to understand that the man with the gun is the one responsible for the shooting[1]. Not society. Not some cartoons. Not Fox News. Not The Daily Mail. Not even Tony Blair or George Bush and their war in Iraq. Or a magic book from the middle ages. Or you. Or me. Not anyone else. Him. He’s responsible.

Who is responsible for terrorism? Terrorists.

It’s an obvious trick question. Perhaps I’m being mean, this trick question has stumped media pundits and opinionators for many years, but the correct answer is that simple. It just doesn’t make for as good a debate on Fox News and also happens to be diametrically opposed to the aims of people who want to control you by telling you what to do.Read the rest

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Ian McFadyen on The UK Child Sex Abuse Inquiry

Ian McFadyen tweets here:

His story is detailed here: Cover-up that let the head of Nick Clegg’s prep school get away with abusing boys for decades

In this interview he talks about what happened to him and how he is now helping survivors as the UK prepares for a nationwide inquiry into child sexual abuse. An inquiry which has been prompted in part by allegations of a historic pedosadist ring operating at the highest levels of Government.

Please note: the first interview is not subject to copyright in any form. Please repost, YouTube, Souncloud, and distribute, in full, as you see fit.

Nick Margerrison.

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A Quest For Gnosis

Episode #128 of The C.O.N.

Gabriel D. Roberts and Aaron Cheak join us for a chat about the concepts behind “Gnosis” and “Alchemy.” Both experts in their field, it’s worth looking at Gabriel’s homepage here and Aaron’s here

Chris Rawlins is a memory expert. He sent me a copy of his book, which will be reviewed on a future edition. His website is here:

The Decadent Marsupials provide the music this week.

I’m not using Twitter at the moment so if you like what you hear it’d be great if you helped push this podcast out into the farthest reaches of the universe. Pop it on your social media feed and spread it like a contagious disease…Bu4utRKCEAANw9g.jpg large

All Hail Discordia.

Nick Margerrison

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Tim Leary profile with John Higgs and an interview with Thad McKracken

Episode #126 of The Cult Of Nick descends into the net.

It features John Higgs, who writes an excellent blog here and tweets here.

The Discordian festival we refer to is in the UK. A website about it is here:

Thad McKracken writes frequently for Disinfo and has a facebook page which is very active here: His excellent book, which I get a co-editing credit for online, is here:

The music on this week’s podcast is from drone rockers, Quisling Meet, who tweet here:

I tweet here:

Nick Margerrison

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Rest in peace @sweepyface


Who is trolling who?

Dehumanisation is often the starting point of cruelty. Nazis didn’t see Jews as human, that’s how they could throw them into ovens. Slavery in America worked along similar lines, people were treated as cattle because they were labelled “niggers,” a word used to denote someone who was not quite “one of us,” not quite a person. Religions do this kind of thing a lot, in Islam it’s “kuffar”, in Judaism it’s “goyim,” in Christianity it is “heathen.”

In England at the moment the word “troll” is being used by Her Majesty’s Government to do the same. Originally “trolling” referred to a fishing technique where you slowly drag a lure or baited hook from a moving boat. In the old world of forums people would be called out for trying to “troll” for a response to their posts. Now it has become detached from its original meaning and conflated with the trolls of Tolkienesque fantasy.… Read the rest

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The Cult Of Nick: Gunnar Hansen and Pulling the Cosmic Trigger

Pic: "Scott" (CC)

Pic: “Scott” (CC)

Another Tuesday rolls by and another episode of The Cult Of Nick is uploaded.

This one features an audio version of a recent article about the end of the word, which featured on Disinfo here.

It also features a brief report on the event, “Time to pull the Cosmic Trigger”, which featured on Disinfo here.

And an interview with Gunnar Hansen from my radio career’s archives. Disinfonaughts will recognize him as the actor who played Leatherface in cult film classic “The Texas Chainsaw Massacre”.

If you enjoy the podcast you can subscribe easily by clicking through to my personal blog and pressing that big daft iTunes button in the corner.

Nick Margerrison.

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