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The Art of Writing with Award Winning Author Mark David Gerson

This episode features Award Winning Author and Creativity Coach Mark David Gerson about how we all can have breakthrough writing experiences. Hosted by Selomon and Shannon Shine.

In this episode we speak with Award Winning Author, Screenplay Writer and Creativity and Empowerment coach Mark David Gerson about breakthrough writing experiences. We cover topics such as why writing isn’t perfect and will never be perfect, messages he received from Melchizedek, what the word ‘muse’ means and so much more.

Passionate, inspiring, insightful and intuitive, Mark David Gerson is a highly sought-after speaker, coach, editorial consultant and media guest.

Known as The Birthing Your Book Guru, Mark David works with an international roster of clients to help them get their stories onto the page and into the world with ease. Having overcome his own writing challenges, he is uniquely qualified to fire up novices and seasoned professionals in any genre to unleash the power of their creative potential and get their writing project done.

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Overcoming Chronic Fatigue Syndrome – A Spiritual Pilgrimage

Hosts Selomon and Shantastic Shine talk with Nick Meador about his spiritual pilgrimage and his first solo journey abroad to walk the Camino De Santiago as a way of overcoming the limitations of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.

In this episode we speak with Author and Holistic Facilitator Nick Meador about overcoming limitations that come with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. Nick talks about his spiritual pilgrimage on the Camino De Santiago, Way of Saint James, how he is preparing for it and what he is expecting from it.

Other topics of note include his explanation about why suffering plays a part in spirituality, what his biggest fears and concerns are about traveling abroad alone and how he uses dream interpretation in his holistic practice.

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Today’s Planetary Signs of a Revolutionary Transformation

Hosts Selomon and Shantastic Shine interview host of the #1 Astrology Podcast on iTunes, This Week in Astrology, Benjamin Bernstein about the planetary alignments that are bringing a revolutionary transformation to Earth right now.

In this episode, we speak with Benjamin Bernstein, a professional astrologer and host of the #1 Astrology podcast on iTunes This Week in Astrology, about the revolutionary transformation that is occurring during a Pluto and Uranus square. We also talk with him about archetypes, why do the planets affect us, Pluto not being a planet, the difference between horoscopes and zodiacs, indigenous astrology and if there is a 13th zodiac.

We also talk with Benjamin about his Shamanic Breath Work Techniques, Astrology services and many more spacey topics. Near the end is a collective card reading by Shantastic Shine that will send shivers down your spine and a short meditation to leave you with peace of mind by Selomon.

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Reprogram Your Limiting Self Beliefs – Scott Golden on PBM2L

Hosts Selomon and Shantastic Shine interview Scott Golden on how we can overcome challenges and reprogram our limiting beliefs into golden opportunities.

In this episode we interview Scott Golden, host of the Power of Perception Radio show, about overcoming challenges, reprogramming limiting beliefs and the 6 basic human needs. He also describes the difference between pain and suffering, visions for the future and being a Life and Creativity coach.

The Power of Perception Radio show is a series of shows that helps people see all aspects of life from a new viewpoint. Everything from self help to sports and music is covered.

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Ego Death Experience – Mattrick Holbert on PBM2L

In this episode, Selomon and Shantastic Shine speak with Philosopher, Self Development Trainer and Writer, Mattrick Holbert about his first ego death experience and how we can create a culture we can all benefit and enjoy together.

What does it take to create a new culture? What tools can we use to get our society back on track? In this episode, we talk with Mattrick Holbert about creating a new culture. He describes his first ego death experience that led him to a path of learning from spiritual teachers like Bruce Lee. We also talk about what it takes to go from a Type 0 Civilization to a Type 1 Civilization which includes free energy and sustainable technology.

Mattrick describes for us the ideas of the Trivium, Quadrivium and Pentivium which are ways to improve ourselves and improve our society. Read more of Mattrick’s work at

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Hopi Indians’ Blue Star Prophecy – Robert Harding on PBM2L

Hosts Selomon and Shantastic Shine interview author and healer Robert Harding about his incredible story of what he describes as a spiritual awakening that includes the Blue Star Prophecy made by the Hopi Indians.

Robert Harding was an ordinary man living an ordinary life for 49 years, when one day, he beheld the vision of Mother Mary floating directly above his bed. What happened next is an amazing story of a vision quest and spiritual pilgrimage that led Robert to the Hopi land and the Blue Star Prophecy.

In this episode we speak with Robert Harding, author of Blue Star: The True Story of One Man’s Spiritual Awakening and Vision Quest, about his amazing journey from living an ordinary life to one of grand adventure as he traveled from London, England to the Hopi Land in the United States. Other subjects that come up during the interview are how he became an intuitive healer, what he learned about in the land of the Hopi’s, the Blue Star Prophecy and advice for others who want to go on a vision quest of their own.

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Will Our Wasteful Habits Lead to Extinction? – Desiree Bullard on PBM2L

Selomon and Shantastic Shine speak with Desiree Bullard about the effect that our wasteful habits are having on the planet and simple things we can do to live more sustainably.

Will our wasteful ways be the next big meteor to destroy civilization? In this episode we speak with Eco Vital Solutions founder Desiree Bullard about how our simple lifestyle choices can damage the Earth and simple things we can do to fix it!

Consumerism is a major contributor to climate change and global environmental damage, according to Vital Eco Solutions. Changing our shopping habits can be one of the most effective ways to reduce negative environmental impacts.

Vital Eco Solutions can show you how to become an ecologically responsible consumer. See “Green Living” for more information. When businesses apply similar ecological practices, the impact reductions are even greater. See Green Business” for more information. Whether a household or a business, changing consumer habits to be more eco-friendly can save you money.

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You Hold the Power of the Universe – TechnoShaman on PBM2L

Hosts Selomon and Shantastic Shine interview Daniel Donovan who claims we all hold the power, knowledge and wisdom inside of ourselves and that we can awaken this power.

In this episode of the podcast, we speak with producer and shamanic facilitator Daniel Donovan. We talk about hearing people’s thoughts, kundalini yoga, the akashic records, shifts in consciousness and his book titled Finding Your Inner Shaman. Other topics include ayahuasca, preaching at church in front of 6,000 people at the age of 17 and how he has studied religion, philosophy and psychology.

Daniel Donovan has studied various forms of religion, philosophy, psychology and spirituality over the past 18 years, both by formal education and experience. These studies include: immersion into Eastern modalities; Kundalini Yoga; Middle Eastern; Eastern and Western Mystery Schools; and over a decade of personal and group Chakra work.
By traveling the world he has gained a unique and eclectic blend of teaching that incorporates practical practice with a deeply spiritual, creative, and inspiring perspective.

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The Lost Spiritual Path in Wes Anderson’s Films

11783040314_4e4dae9a6c_zOn elephant journal, I explore what happened to the aspect of Wes Anderson’s older films in which a white male undergoes a transformation to a new paradigm of living:

About a decade ago, acclaimed director Wes Anderson started taking some flak for what critics perceived as repetition of childish content, or content he had imagined in his youth. I didn’t agree with the Hollywood echo chamber at the time, but I also never really got Anderson’s films until “The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou” (2004). Despite being a twentysomething, I related far too much to Bill Murray’s rendition of a man in mid-life crisis.

As I reacquainted myself with Anderson’s back catalogue (and discovered his feature debut, “Bottle Rocket”, from 1996), I started to notice symbols, character types and traits that reappear in a seemingly intentional way: the overachieving kid, the has-been adult, the disgruntled wife, ex-wife, or widow and even the pregnant woman.

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Connecting with Nature a Humans Guide – PBM2L

Christopher “Selomon” Closson and Shantastic Shine host a special episode of the PBM2L Podcast to help you strengthen your connection with Nature and Mother Earth.

In this episode we host 7 different perspectives on connecting with nature and why that is important. The solfeggio frequencies, macro cosm and the micro cosm, why mother earth is the best role model, ways for you to go out and connect with nature on a deeper level during nature walks, how the birds know when to fly south and much more.

Join us for a very special episode as we host our second edition of the segments show where we give everyone their own segment to talk about this subject. This includes Certified Angel Therapist Sarah Hall, Spiritual Awkening Guide Curtis NeSmith Jr. aka The Realest Idealist, Producer and Co-Creator of PBM2L Ashton Robertson, Founder and Director of PBM2L Christopher Selomon Closson, Self Development Trainer Mattrick Holbert and Spiritual Medium and Co-Founder of PBM2L Shannon Shine aka Shantastic Shine.

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