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The Lost Spiritual Path in Wes Anderson’s Films

11783040314_4e4dae9a6c_zOn elephant journal, I explore what happened to the aspect of Wes Anderson’s older films in which a white male undergoes a transformation to a new paradigm of living:

About a decade ago, acclaimed director Wes Anderson started taking some flak for what critics perceived as repetition of childish content, or content he had imagined in his youth. I didn’t agree with the Hollywood echo chamber at the time, but I also never really got Anderson’s films until “The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou” (2004). Despite being a twentysomething, I related far too much to Bill Murray’s rendition of a man in mid-life crisis.

As I reacquainted myself with Anderson’s back catalogue (and discovered his feature debut, “Bottle Rocket”, from 1996), I started to notice symbols, character types and traits that reappear in a seemingly intentional way: the overachieving kid, the has-been adult, the disgruntled wife, ex-wife, or widow and even the pregnant woman.

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Connecting with Nature a Humans Guide – PBM2L

Christopher “Selomon” Closson and Shantastic Shine host a special episode of the PBM2L Podcast to help you strengthen your connection with Nature and Mother Earth.

In this episode we host 7 different perspectives on connecting with nature and why that is important. The solfeggio frequencies, macro cosm and the micro cosm, why mother earth is the best role model, ways for you to go out and connect with nature on a deeper level during nature walks, how the birds know when to fly south and much more.

Join us for a very special episode as we host our second edition of the segments show where we give everyone their own segment to talk about this subject. This includes Certified Angel Therapist Sarah Hall, Spiritual Awkening Guide Curtis NeSmith Jr. aka The Realest Idealist, Producer and Co-Creator of PBM2L Ashton Robertson, Founder and Director of PBM2L Christopher Selomon Closson, Self Development Trainer Mattrick Holbert and Spiritual Medium and Co-Founder of PBM2L Shannon Shine aka Shantastic Shine.

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Sustainable Communities and Eco Villages

Selomon and Shantastic Shine interview Shayna Gladstone about traveling South America and finding eco-villages and sustainable communities.

In this episode we talk with Shayna Gladstone, co-founder of Project NuMundo, about traveling with purpose. She describes her stories of learning to let go of material objects that were holding her back from pursuing her passion. We also talk about living in harmony with nature, having zero waste while traveling, permaculture and life coaching to help ignite people’s visions and dreams.

Shayna is the Cofounder of NuMundo and Founder of Dream Activation, international eco-network weaver, business coach, crowdfunding consultant, nomad, serial project igniter, performance artist, experience facilitator and life-long earth-guardian.

Learn more about her and her projects on Project Bring Me to Life’s website.

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Multidimensional Beings and Pillars of Light

In this episode, we speak with Jacob Paskus about a paranormal experience he had while sober when he saw multidimensional beings and pillars of light at the top of a sacred hill. During this discussion we talk about the possibility of Jacob’s two parallel lives in two different timelines coming together in the spacetime continuum.

Jacob Paskus is a musician and producer under the name Stratosphere and travels the country playing at different venues. His music can be described as downtempo, chill, ambient and spiritual. Stratosphere aims to raise the vibration of the listener through doorways and walls of sound, earthy tones, grounding beats, and deep bass.

Learn more about Stratosphere at!stratosphere/c1c4s

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Overcoming Chronic Pain to Walk a Pilgrimage


I describe my path of preparing for Spain’s Camino de Santiago spiritual pilgrimage, when I’ll also participate in the Deep Democracy Institute‘s intensive seminar for large group facilitation in Barcelona, on elephant journal:

Living with chronic illness I often cycle between gratitude for life’s hidden meanings, a subtle aching for a cure, and a spiral of despair when one fails to appear. But now I’m seeing those aren’t the only options.

Muscle pain, exhaustion, and mental fog have been a daily part of my life for most of the last four years. The diagnosis of chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS) doesn’t provide an adequate medical explanation, since the condition is still poorly understood.

At the beginning, I couldn’t help but interpret this situation through a mystical lens. It had to be part of a “spiritual crisis.” Only that perspective made any sense—that “the universe” had unforeseen plans for me.

The illness has undoubtedly sent me down a path of self-development that I might have never have found in “normal” health.

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PBM2L Podcast #57 Three Days of Light

Selomon and Shantastic Shine interview Scott Love on episode #57 of the Project Bring Me to Life Podcast.

In this episode Scott Love, founder of Emergence Earth and creator of the Three Days of Light Gathering, talks to us about how he went from living an unfulfilled life to divine revelations that led him to first create the 11/11/11 gathering in Sedona, AZ and eventually to founding the Emergence Earth network and a conscious gathering called Three Days of Light.

Throughout the interview we touch on subjects such as meditation, being an entrepreneur, the four pillars of natural health and wellness, self and spiritual development, sustainable living and community and culture. Scott also describes some of the hardest and most joyful parts of creating and hosting a conscious gathering like 3DL and what it’s like when the event has come to a close.

Scott Love, Founder of Emergence Earth, is best known for his passionate drive as a Community Outreach Director and “Action-ist”.

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Ashton Robertson: Expand Your Consciousness Webinar

Get a fresh perspective on the evolution and understanding of consciousness. Dive deep into the multi-layered teachings from across the world about who and what we are, as consciousness. Learn about the force of the universe, that flows through us all.

Join the live chat room at

Ashton Robertson had a big spiritual awakening in 2007 and has been spreading knowledge, light, love and wisdom with the world in many forms ever since. He is a writer, musician, and he loves holding group meditation sessions. He holds vast knowledge within holistic health, science, esoteric wisdom, meditation, chakras, dimensions, and parallel realities.

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Shay D. Coleman on PBM2L: What Is an Empath?

Selomon and Shantastic Shine interview Shay D. Coleman on episode #55 of the Project Bring Me to Life podcast:

When you are around someone who feels sad, do you suddenly feel sad too? Maybe you get angry for no reason and don’t know why? You could be an empath.

In this episode of the PBM2L Podcast we speak with Shay D. Coleman about what is an empath and go over some of the ways you can protect yourself. We also talk with Shay about some of her early paranormal experiences and premonitions.

Shay is a clairvoyant empath born in New Jersey on June 30th, 1987. At age 7, she had her first premonition in which a deceased family member came to her to deliver a message. Shay currently provides tarot and rune readings, along with dream interpretations and spirit animal impressions.

Find out more by visiting

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PBM2L Holistic Health Round Table Discussion

From episode #54 of the Project Bring Me to Life Podcast:

In this episode of the #PBM2LPodcast we host a panel discussion on holistic health. We cover many forms of alternative healing including meditation, reiki and theta healing which is using metaphysics to heal the mind, body and spirit. Our panel talks about their respective fields of holistic health along with personal experiences of miraculous healing.


Jodi Criser – Jodi graduated from Frostburg State University in 2005 with a Bachelor of Science in Political Science. She completed her Reiki Master training on October 16, 2010, after a year and a half of study. She owns and runs a holistic and spiritual center in Cumberland, MD called Peace of Me. Find out more information at

Shantastic Shine – Miss Shine is an intuitive guide who has the ability to be a medium for lost loved ones and others that are on the other side.

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Sarah Solstice on Project Bring Me to Life

Selomon and Shantastic Shine interview Sarah Solstice on episode #53 of the Project Bring Me to Life podcast:

Sarah Solstice is a writer, vocalist, dancer, acrobat, actress, producer and performance artist. She shares a message of ease, fun, joy, and perpetual partying.

Hosts Selomon and Shantastic Shine speak with Sarah about subjects such as her party method to life known as Earth Planet Party, her back ground as a Christian, how to be heart centered and some of her most intense meditation experiences.

Find out more about Sarah Solstice at

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