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Why it matters that you realize you’re in a computer simulation


What if our universe is something like a computer simulation, or a virtual reality, or a video game?  The proposition that the universe is actually a computer simulation was furthered in a big way during the 1970s, when John Conway famously proved that if you take a binary system, and subject that system to only a few rules (in the case of Conway’s experiment, four); then that system creates something rather peculiar.

What Conway’s rules produced were emergent complexities so sophisticated that they seemed to resemble the behaviors of life itself. He named his demonstration The Game of Life, and it helped lay the foundation for the Simulation Argument, its counterpart the Simulation Hypothesis, and Digital Mechanics.  These fields have gone on to create a massive multi-decade long discourse in science, philosophy, and popular culture around the idea that it actually makes logical, mathematical sense that our universe is indeed a computer simulation. … Read the rest

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Yoga-Whoring, MacMindfulness & the Spiritual Industrial Complex

by Sub-Meditator Marcos 

“Be the change AND use it to kick some arse.” — Mahatma Guevara

Wisdom traditions and bodymind practices such as yoga, embodied approaches to leadership, and meditation have been co-opted in service of the ruling corporate class. A radical alternative is now needed to what has become a Spiritual Industrial Complex (SIC). This article is a battle cry for guerrilla teachers in the awareness industry who no longer wish to prostitute themselves to the 1%. 

Monks purchase toy machine guns at Karen State Day.

Monks purchase toy machine guns at Karen State Day.

The functions of the Spiritual Industrial Complex (SIC)

Warped wisdom traditions and body awareness practices are now serving a number of harmful functions. This may be hard reading if like me you’ve dedicated much of your life to this field, please stick with it, the second half of the article is about how we can become spiritual warriors in a meaningful way. In brief, the SIC can and often does:

  • Make us suckers who accept the suck
  • Make us suck more
  • Help only the 1% to get unsuck
  • Helps the 1% make our lives suck more

1.Read the rest

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The Invisible Struggle of Homeless Female Veterans

Not everyone realizes this, but shelters helping homeless or disabled veterans tend to be segregated by gender. In the State of New York there are only TWO shelters for homeless female veterans outside of New York City. TWO. That’s ONE and ONE.

Furthermore, there is a special kind of suffering that goes with being a female veteran. Lauren Dever, Coordinator for the Boston-based Women Veterans Homelessness Program, has commented on the issue, outlining three main features that “are unique to women”:

  1. Female Veterans are far more likely than males to be raising a child alone. When we provide services to women we need to do a better job of also providing care options for her children. This is something that we have been working on in a couple of new programs. If a woman has to choose between getting the care and support she needs and being with her children, we aren’t giving her much of a choice.
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Artist Maxwell Edge Remixes Labyrinth and NeverEnding Story

Maxwell Edge is a musician, theorist, and remix artist who has redone a few classic films from your childhood with entirely new soundtracks; namely LabyrinthThe NeverEnding Story and The NeverEnding Story II.

The re-edits are highly watchable and nigh hypnotic to say the least. But the most interesting aspect of the soundtrack remixes is how they utterly recontextualize these well known films and give them new life and new meaning. There is something deeply gratifying about watching these films again, which many people know line-for-line, with such a fresh and unexpected soundtrack.

Edge’s choice of music is unpredictable, often moving between the profound and the gut-splittingly humorous. According to Edge, much of the synchronization that happens between the films and the new soundtrack choices were unanticipated, wonderful happy accidents—much like the classic combination of playing Dark Side of the Moon with The Wizard of Oz.

Edge’s musical choices range from David Bowie to Blondie to Purity Ring to Rob Zombie to The pAper chAse to ELO to Atlas to the Speed Racer theme song.… Read the rest

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The Wild Mind of Lucia Love (NSFW)

Lucia Love is a multidisciplinary artist who works in sculpture, painting, and performance. But her illustrations retrieve the best of Zap Comics and Ren & Stimpy and often takes it to unpredictable new heights.

“The only people who are following my Tumblr are porn blogs,” she’s said. When I asked her if she was, technically speaking, a fine artist she countered with, “I think I am a painter who makes other things sometimes.”

Here are only a few examples of her drawings:

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Cornel West on Bernie Sanders, Michael Eric Dyson, Black Lives Matter, Trans Rights and More

From GRITtv:

In an exclusive new interview on The Laura Flanders Show, author, activist and public intellectual Dr. Cornel West responds to criticism from MSNBC host Michael Eric Dyson and discusses Bernie Sanders, Palestine, Black Lives Matter, B.B. King, and the LGBT movement. Dr. Cornel West has written or edited dozens of books, including classics like Race Matters, and Democracy Matters. His most recent is Black Prophetic Fire, written in conversation with Christa Buschendorf. He has also been an outspoken supporter of the causes others won’t touch. and an equally outspoken critic of President Barack Obama. He was the civil rights elder most warmly embraced by Black Lives Matter activists on the ground in Ferguson and Baltimore.

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Homophobes WAY more likely to Love the Cock: Study Finds

Screen Shot 2015-05-03 at 10.05.32 PM

If you hate gays, chances are you’re gay too!  That’s what a landmark study published in the Journal of Abnormal Psychology discovered all the way back in 1996. The authors wrote: “Homophobia is apparently associated with homosexual arousal that the homophobic individual is either unaware of or denies.”

The study evaluated a group of heterosexually identified males. The men were questioned as to their level of anxiety regarding homosexuals. The men were then shown three different types of pornography: straight, lesbian, and gay. During their viewing a device was attached to their penises to measure arousal.

The shocking result was that men who exhibited homophobic tendencies were guaranteed to get a red-hot boner from the gay porno.

This study also sheds light on the otherwise seemingly bizarre phenomena of anti-gay politicians turning out to be queer as folk.

Homophobes are also more likely to die earlier than the tolerant.

But if homophobia has been linked to a shorter lifespan, and given the staggering list of homosexual behavior observed within the animal kingdom, the question remains: If homophobia is so bad then why on earth did God make human homosexuality (along with many forms of fashion, fat-eating, tattooing, and many other common things) a sin?  … Read the rest

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Facebook’s Real-Name Hellhole: Part 1


Shit is getting real at Facebook over what people choose to call themselves, but why the controversy has lasted this long leads to even stranger questions.

Native Americans have filed a class action lawsuit against the behemoth’s longstanding, but previously rarely enforced, “real-name” policy. In this case, Facebook suspending the accounts of Native American names that are not Anglicized enough to appear authentic. Over the legal name weirdness, activists like Dana Lone Elk are joined by what some might consider unexpected allies.

In Facebook’s home turf of San Francisco, after what are now being recognized as failed negotiations with the company, the LGBTQ community has redoubled its fight against the company for not only allowing users to go by their drag and trans names, but also for disregarding how their policy affects vulnerable individuals. The legal name policy not only stifles self-expression, but also puts users at risk of bullying, bigotry, or worse.… Read the rest

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The X-Men are Sooo Gay

"Resolution" by Ponderosa

“Resolution” by Ponderosa

You might not have noticed through the dense fog of fantastic abilities, leather and spandex outfits, hot celebrity portrayal, general mayhem, and multiple future storylines, but X-Men represents the landmark queer literature of popular culture. Complete with secret identities, powers that awaken during puberty, viscous social and government oppression, as well the constant struggle for equality—there are few ongoing works that so totally embody the struggles of others, outsiders, revolutionaries, and other such nonconformists as wholly as X-Men does.

Filmmaker, comic book writer, and pop culture maniac Kevin Smith famously remarked: “Little kids walk out of the movie they’re all like, ‘That Wolverine! Snikt! Snikt!’ I’d go ‘Come here, little kid. Do you like Wolverine? That means you love cock. Nevermind Snikt, Snikt. Dick. Dick.'”

Wanna know more about the queer parallels in the X-Men universe? Here are a few time-vampirig papers, chapters, and articles on the subject.… Read the rest

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