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What Is “White Supremacy”? (The Angry Face Of Donald Trump)

Donald TrumpWhy are White Supremacists pouring out in droves to support Donald Trump? And why is Trump’s angry all over the media? Because Trump is simply another chapter in a long history of the United States as a racist country:

The USA is the first nation in the world to be born racist and also the first to be born capitalist.  That is not a coincidence.  In the United States, as history shows, capitalism and racism go hand in hand.

The roots of White Supremacy lie in establishing economic exploitation by the theft of resources and human labor. That exploitation has then been justified by a racist ideology affirming the inferiority of its victims – and it still continues today.  [Thus the calls to “make America great again” and “respect our heritage”]

White Supremacy is an historically based, institutionally perpetuated system of exploitation and oppression of continents, nations, and peoples of color by white peoples and nations of the European continent, for the purposes of maintaining and defending a system of wealth, power, and privilege.… Read the rest

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Panting For Breath On A Virtual Shore


Our brains are being reprogrammed — literally. And not for the better, but droolingly bad.

A “detriment to cognition, concentration, contemplation and psychological health,” causing “structural abnormalities in gray matter” to the tune of a “fifteen percent shrinkage in the area of the brain that controls speech, memory, motor control, emotion, sensory, and other information.”

That´s what research in neuroscience is showing about all of the pervasive technologies — video games, cell phones, televisions, etc — so many of us spend numerous hours hyper-connected to all day long.

And, “This shrinkage is cumulative: The more time online, the more grey matter shrivels.”

“New studies are showing that internet and social media use contribute to or instigate even bigger mental breakdowns: split-personality disorder, delusional and paranoid thought, suicidal thinking, even psychosis . . . psychosis, that is defined as, a loss of what is real.”

These technologies, which we have only really had so dramatically present in our lives for the last five years, are contributing greatly to the mental breakdown of millions of people.… Read the rest

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The Case Against Competition

Alfie Kohn is the Noam Chomsky of psychology and education. His research on competition, completed years ago, is more relevant and vital today than ever.

Kohn’s book No Contest: The Case Against Competition reviews all the available research in “psychology, sociology, biology, education, and other fields,” clearly demonstrating that our struggle to defeat each other — at work, at school, at play, and at home — turns all of us into losers:

“Contrary to the myths with which we have been raised, Kohn shows that competition is not an inevitable part of ´human nature.´ It does not motivate us to do our best (in fact, the reason our workplaces and schools are in trouble is that they value competitiveness instead of excellence.) Rather than building character, competition sabotages self-esteem and ruins relationships. It even warps recreation by turning the playing field into a battlefield.

No Contest makes a powerful case that ‘healthy competition’ is a contradiction in terms.

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