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A Plan For A Post-Labor America

The WallBecause I share the concern that the Occupy Movement has no plan for change, I humbly present for consensus. . .


Education reform. A popular misconception about the American ED-U-SYSTEM is that it is ‘broken.’ When in fact, it is quite good at what it was designed for; creating dependable laborers for Industry. Thanks to the schooling system, youth are trained very early in how they are expected to be useful in the “REAL WORLD.” The real purpose of public education consists of three courses: one in punctuality, one in obedience, and one in rote, repetitive work.

Labor-based economy demands workers who show up on time, workers who will take orders from a management hierarchy without question and it demands men and women to slave away at machines or in offices. Rather than lament or ignore these facts we should look at this system as a necessary evil that has allowed us to develop ourselves to this present state of technological sophistication — actually paving the way for what comes next.… Read the rest

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Observations on Atheism

CyclopsSo the question has been raised to atheists: if life is the product of random chance and there is no divine authority and life is ultimately what you make it, then why do you care what people believe one way or another? Specifically in regard to a belief in God.

One response to the question is commentary on monotheism’s Apocalyptic “literalists” — people who sincerely want to see the world end and are actively trying to bring about its destruction.

Atheists see it as their moral duty to attack the root of such beliefs — which just happens to be belief in God. And it’s fair to say this is all part of the Atheistic consensus.

So atheists are literally trying to save the world … delusions of grandeur, anyone?

Time and time again I can’t help but notice the parallels between atheists and religious types: the bitter hostility towards anyone who doesn’t just choke down their ideology; the inconsistent belief system and subsequent rationalizations that sidestep the issue by exploiting our human emotions.… Read the rest

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Hi, I’m the Anti-Christ

ressurection-13-1Hi, I’m the Anti-Christ:

My name is R. Talmadge Lacy and I was born on 12/13/1979. (12 = number of Apostles + Jesus = 13) // (1+2+1+3+1+9+7+9=33) 33 is called the Christ vibration for reasons that are mysterious and weird. On top of all that my dad was a carpenter and my mom’s name is Virginia: (Virgin)ia.

Now what exactly makes me the “Anti”-Christ? Well according to mainstream Christianity, Christ is something separate from yourself; an external authority figure one must submit to in order to be saved. I, however, do not believe in this model of Christ. You might even say I believe the exact opposite is true. Now I’m not the first or only person to hold this point of view — from Jewish mystics to gnostic Christians, many have associated the Messiah (the morning star) with our personal consciousness. Thereby by the light of consciousness every man & every woman was likened to a star — therefore one must follow one’s own highest light in order to become one with God.… Read the rest

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I guess I should start by saying what a big fan I am of Front 242. From Geography to UP EVIL & OFF and everything in between. Then a couple of years ago I finally got my hands on their 2003 release, PULSE.

The track listing was very intriguing — I was excited by the prospect of entering a new world of ‘cyberpunk” soundscapes augmented by an erotic delirium of industrial proportions … something about sorcery enhanced by cybernetic implants for cross-dressing degenerates. But then I actually listened to it … and the magic was gone. I eventually ‘unchecked’ all the tracks of the album and deemed it a lost cause and failure.

Oh, the irony. Cut to a few days ago when looking to free up some space on my HD I set my sights on iTunes. I inevitably sought out the unchecked tracks that’s when PULSE was put back on my radar.… Read the rest

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“Liberals” Take Over The Media

zine diagram-DAs far as memes go, “liberals control the media” seems pretty prevalent. People who long for the days of school spankings shriek it at the top of their lungs – actual liberals believe it if only so they can believe they control something. But as we slowly descend back to Earth we realize The Media is a business.

And the point has been made that you could look long and hard through the board of directors of any of the media giant(s) before you find an honest-to-God Liberal. Liberals are tolerated in the media to the extent that they can make their bosses money.

All these points became clear to me in light of a new propaganda film (made by Citizens Against Government Waste) making the rounds where we see a group of Chinese circa 2030 cackling over America’s demise. Maybe you’ve seen it too – where some communists attribute America’s immanent doom to our use of socialism.… Read the rest

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Bored With Your Sex Life?

mood # 9Marijuana won’t be legalized  anytime soon.  But that’s OK. Because what I’m about to tell you is going to make weed look like the cheap high it is.

When everyone catches wind of what I’m about to tell you — the establishment will be tripping over themselves to legalize every single drug in the book to keep from losing you as a customer. That’s how powerful this secret I’m about to reveal to you is. . . Your brain produces a chemical known as DMT; one of the most powerful hallucinogens in existence.

Reports of encountering “multidimensional machine elves” are common. And your brain produces this chemical naturally. In fact they say DMT is what makes us dream. Now what if there was a way to release this chemical into your body on demand? It would obviously have to be a form of self-hypnosis; a way of “tricking” your brain into mass-producing and releasing this chemical.… Read the rest

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Introducing The American Party

ressurection-10Dear Friends, Countrymen, Freethinking Radicals and Brainwashed Monkeys,

Thank you for coming. Thank you for showing your support. Thank you all for making The American Party happen. If this is your first time learning of us then an introduction is in order.

We’re responsible for creating the petition to free Patricia Marilyn Spottedcrow. A mother of four sent to ten years in prison for selling $31 of marijuana. On April 20th, 2011  we’re going to march on Washington D.C. and petition President Obama to pardon her of all criminal charges and penalties.

But I got to let you in on a little secret. This isn’t entirely about Patricia or getting her out of prison. This is bigger than that. This movement is about the fact that everything in this country is fucked up on every level: top to bottom, large to small. Patricia was just the straw that broke the camels back.… Read the rest

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The Presidential Pardon

ressurection-10Like any sensible American, I was outraged when I heard  a mother of four was sent to 10 years in prison for the sale of $31 of weed.

The mind boggles at this travesty of “American Justice,” and so I encourage everyone else  outraged by this egregious violation of basic human dignity to petition President Obama to immediately pardon Patricia Marilyn Spottedcrow of any criminal charges and penalties. Let’s get organized and march (is April 20th, on D.C. good for you?). Peacefully of course. If Egyptians can topple their government — I think the least we can do is get this woman out of prison.

Here are some slogans that may or may not catch on:



When it’s all said and done, I think history will show this to be the incident that ‘broke the camel’s back’ in regard to marijuana prohibition.… Read the rest

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The Ke$ha Kult Tarot Book

The KE$HA KULT TAROT BOOK is the result of a process. This is the story of that process.

The KKTB started life as three separate books. (In the order they were produced: The K.oM. BOOK1 (55 pages), The K.oM. BOOK0 (20 pages) & Introducing Metabolic Chambers (46 pages).

“KE$HA KULT” began exactly how I describe it in the book; I was a fan of KE$HA’s music, started noticing how our artistic vibes ‘meshed,’ read an article where she said ‘pop stars are like cult leaders,’ freaked out, created KE$HA KULT. KE$HA KULT then started assimilating all my previous works. And it was good. A KE$HA KULT BOOK (25 pages) was produced … and nothing happened … until Black Friday, 2010 when the Disinformation Company finally released ‘Introducing Metabolic Chambers’ on their website. I meant for it to be released on Halloween (culmination of the 7 Sisters), but what/ev, it worked out because one of the comments on the book was a link to another website which made this cryptic remark

“It seems some folks at Disinfo are engaging the Game.… Read the rest

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