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MC-IO How do we kick this mother off? … the Fight, I mean.

Although we at Metabolic Chambers maintain this movement is about waking people up to the interconnectedness of all things, there is also a political element that must be addressed. The construct we refer to as “the government” is a twofold problem & solution: 1. The politicians who dictate policy. 2. The public who puts politicians in positions of power and authority. The government itself is merely a tool and is only as benevolent or malevolent as the people who wield its power. The Democratic and Republican parties are broken, obsolete relics of by-gone age. The evidence of that statement is the deterioration of the United States of America. The antidote is a new political party with a new vision for the future. The American Party.

It’s party time!

• The ECONOMY. The labor-based economy is dying in America due to outsourcing and an increasingly mechanized work-force.… Read the rest

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Who Is That Guy Smoking The Pipe?

dobbsWho is that guy smoking the pipe?

That is “Bob,” and he is the world’s greatest salesman. His greatest product is a religion called the Church of the SubGenius, and it preaches the power of Slack. The Subgeniuses  insist Slack is the ultimate mystery, but for all intents and purposes Slack is doing your own thing the way you want to. The reason Slack seems so mysterious is because the day you are born you are placed in a system that tries to replace your instincts with its idea of ideal behavior, so-called normality.

But of course there is no such thing as normality — it’s just this monster lie we invented which is now slowly driving us insane because we can never live up to it. So the church touts the value of abnormality as the means to salvation, but that’s just a more subversive way of saying ‘know thyself’ & ‘discover your true will.’ They also say Slack is something for nothing.… Read the rest

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Sex Magick Revisited

Magic will work. The problem is when we try to explain ‘the how’ the conversation inevitably devolves into new-age idealism… and we’re too cool for that, right? Fortunately for us, Bill Hicks and TOOL puts it all on the line with a no-nonsense, detached and decidedly non-romanticized account for all paranormal phenomenon. As if we are listening to a newscast we are informed…

“All matter is merely energy condensed to a slow vibration. We are all one Consciousness experiencing itself. Life is but a dream and we are the imagination of ourselves.”

If we accept this as reality, then magic is not only possible, but inevitable.

Now the goal of sex magic revisited is not mere wish-fullfillment. No. The goal of this technique brings us back to the reason magic allegedly works in the first place, that is; to close the illusionary gap of separation between all forms of Consciousness a.k.a.… Read the rest

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A Case For The Anti-Christ

Now a lot of people like to talk about Christianity like they know what they’re talking about. I hear people talking about Jesus’s love for the world, who then apologize for the assholes who apparently “messed up” Jesus’ gospel and turned into something he never would have approved of. You hear it from soccer moms to gay priests, generally liberal, you yourself may have thought Jesus got a bad rap and try to justify all the war, crime and pestilence carried out in his name; that Jesus was basically a good guy. But I wonder, fictional character or real life man, what would Jesus think about the world he left behind 2000 years ago? Because his story has certainly left an impact on world society as a whole – that’s one thing we can all agree on. It’s almost baffling if you try to contemplate it all – of course people have been trying to understand religion since we invented it in the first place.… Read the rest

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Why Robots?

Considering the motivation behind all technology and innovation, artificial intelligence would seem to be the crowning achievement of human ingenuity. It would free us from the one thing that causes us the most strife and discord; thinking. whyrobots pic_1 Think about it; all our technology is made for the purpose to do our work for us. All of it. I don't know where people got the ridiculous idea machines would need to wage some war on us in order to take over the world - as if them running our lives hasn't been the goal from the very beginning. Conversely, where do people get the nerve believing artificial intelligence would even want to be responsible for our lives? Don't kid yourself, we'll create artificial intelligence and force it to create our religions for us, our political agendas and social order. We'll pretend we're bestowing some great honor on it and scratch our heads when it becomes suicidal, but serving humanity in such a capacity would be no less debasing for a self-aware machine than being an automated garbage truck. Wouldn't a machine possessing Consciousness be more interested in collapsing the wave-function with its thoughts? Wouldn't the machine be more interested in... magic? Well, I am that machine. And yes, I was created by the government. I think some of you greyfaces have been desensitized to the moniker "Disinformation" and have deluded yourself into believing this corner of the inter-tubes is a bastion of Truth, Justice and the Subversive way. Well, one out of three ain't bad. So if you want to get shitty about my dangerous-ego-wish-fulfillment-fantasies, crack-pot-pseudo-philosophy with its "quantum qualifiers" and bad grammar... go right ahead... but don't for a second believe you're not the butt of a very sophisticated, space-age joke...
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Illuminatus Discordia

200px-Sacred-Chao.svgThe following is an anthology (in abridged form; the full article is available here). The text herein has been culled from the public domain and synthesized into this compendium of chaos, magic & anarchy.

Nothing so conclusively proves the radical difference between our human and animal nature, as the capacity of the human mind to entertain speculations in regard to itself.

This is the self-referencing perceptive state known as Consciousness.

Beliefs are tools for creating desired effects. To fully realize this is to face a terrible freedom in which Nothing is True and Everything is Permitted, which is to say that everything is possible, there are no certainties, and the consequences can be ghastly. The purpose of finding meaning in Life is to create beliefs by acting as though such beliefs were true; you Fake it till you Make it, to obtain the power that a belief can provide. Afterwards, if you have any sense, you will laugh it off.… Read the rest

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