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What Do Secular Humanists And Atheists Want?

TheocratsThousands of Secular Humanists and Atheists will gather on the National Mall in Washington for Reason Rally on March 24. What do we want? We want to restore the values of our nation’s founders with a specific vision and plan for a Secular America.

In 2012 the Religious Right has veto power over one of two major political parties in the most powerful nation on earth. To win the Republican nomination all candidates must pledge allegiance to One Nation Under a Religious Right God. It’s Theocracy-palooza. Yet Mr. Conservative, Barry Goldwater, said, “I don’t have any respect for the Religious Right.” Why the change?

Shortly after the Republican convention in 1980, Ronald Reagan, stood before evangelical ministers in Dallas, declaring, “I know that you cannot endorse me” but “I endorse you.” This pivotal declaration, the culmination of effective organizing by the Religious Right, led to our current unprecedented moment in American history.… Read the rest

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