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Blood on the Water, Fire in the Sky: Chemical Cover-Up, Martial Law, and a Biblical Exodus.

From Big Medicine Show in New Orleans:

And the second angel sounded, and as it were a great mountain burning with fire was cast into the sea: and the third part of the sea became blood.
Revelation 8:8, King James Bible

A summer of Hell is coming to the Gulf Coast. The situation grows more dire every passing day as BP continues to own their crime scene and fumbles their “Top Kill” solution. An astounding revelation was made thursday of a second giant plume of oil six miles wide and twenty-two miles long discovered by marine scientists from the University of South Florida. As of Friday, scientists in Louisiana discovered another vast plume of oil. BP has been trying to mask the extent of the damage it has done by spraying the toxic chemical dispersants to hide the oil under the surface of the water. Watch Phillippe Cousteau Jr.

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Dog Days of Disclosure: Saber-Rattling for an Alien War, The Maji of Majestic, and the Fight for Free Energy

obama-flying-saucer-2Shawn Mitzel from Big Medicine:

There is a steady drum being beaten under the daily cacophony of economic ruin, terror,war and celebrity fashion faux pas. UFO’s. Aliens. Threat to Humanity. It is beating louder and louder as each week passes. Stephen Hawking made headlines around the world warning us not to talk to ET. He fears they share our genocidal tendencies, our thirst for plunder of resources, and that we will suffer the same fate as the Native Americans after Christopher Columbus’ “discovery.”

We don’t have to worry about that because we are still breaking our toys in the sandbox, according to official MUFON investigator, and sometimes-actor, Dan Akyroyd on a recent appearance on a Larry King Live panel that included physicist Michio Kaku, Seth Shostak from SETI, and scientist/author David Brin discussing Stephen Hawking’s intergalactic fear mongering…

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