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The Strange Life of Creatures Whose Sperm Is Larger Than They Are Some insects and sea creatures produce sperm that is up to 10 times bigger than they are. Now scientists have used an innovative new x-ray technology to show how this bizarre situation evolved over hundreds of millions of years.

It sounds like a genetic aberration, but supergiant sperm can actually be an evolutionary advantage in several species. Fruit flies are a just a few millimeters long, but their sperm are 6 cm long. To top that, a human male would have to shoot out sperm that are up to 60 meters long. Another super giant sperm producer is a type of ostracod, a sea crustacean that looks like a tiny snail less than a centimeter long. Its sperm grows up to 10 times longer than its body.


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Breastfeeding May Boost Grades

DENVER (UPI) — Breastfeeding was associated with an increase in high school grade point average and an increase in the odds of attending college, U.S. researchers said.

The study, published in the Journal of Human Capital, looked at the academic achievement of siblings — one of whom was breast fed as an infant and one of whom was not — found that an additional month of breastfeeding was associated with an increase in high school GPA of 0.019 points and an increase in the probability of college attendance of 0.014.

American University professor Joseph Sabia and University of Colorado Denver professor Daniel Rees used data from the National Longitudinal Study of Adolescent Health. They said more than one-half of the estimated effect on high school grades of being breast fed, and approximately one-fifth of the estimated effect on college attendance, can be linked to improvements in cognitive ability and health.

The researchers examined the breast feeding histories and high school grades of 126 siblings from 59 families.… Read the rest

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Six Ridiculous Sex Myths (That Are Actually True) from

Jay Thomas: The only thing more awesome than an urban legend turning out to be true is if that same legend involves some sort of nefarious sex or groin related hilarity. Luckily, all of these qualify.

#6. Digit Ratio Theory

The Legend: “Dude, I can totally tell he’s gay! Look at his fingers!”

This sounds like one of those playground urban myths that adolescent males use as an excuse to punch each other. Supposedly, comparing the size of your index and ring fingers can tell whether a guy is destined to one day make out with Sulu and Andy Dick in a poorly lit alley in Hollywood.

Yeah, right. Enough of your ignorant homophobia!

The Truth: Incredibly, this is a real thing. It’s called digit ratio theory and multiple studies have confirmed it.

Apparently if you have a longer ring finger, it means you got more testosterone as a fetus and are more likely to be hyperactive, aggressive and disgusted by anything featuring Hugh Grant.… Read the rest

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What Happened When This Teen Auctioned Her Virginity

Deborah Arthurs, Daily Mail: A teenager who sold her virginity online for £8,800 has revealed the details of her tryst with the winning bidder. Alina Percea, 18, auctioned her virginity on a website so that she could afford to pay for her computing degree. The winner of the auction was a 45-year-old Italian businessman but she had no qualms about going through with the deal.

The businessman from Bologna paid for her to fly to Venice where the couple toured the sights before spending a night in a luxury hotel. Alina, who underwent two medical examinations to prove her virginity, said: ‘I liked the man and got on with him well. He
didn’t look 45, and he seemed much younger. ‘We spoke in English as I can’t speak
Italian and he can’t speak Romanian. He paid me a lot of compliments throughout the day, and he was very funny and charming.… Read the rest

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Where Would You Take a $100,000 Check That is Also a Suicide Note … To the Cops or to the Bank?

Alan Prendergast, Denver Westworld: John Francis Beech had a date with destiny last summer. He counted down the days on a calendar in his garage, crossing out each day leading to the final Sunday in July, on which he’d scrawled the word “OUT.” But first he had one last bit of business, one final appointment to keep.

On July 17, Beech, a 53-year-old retired Coors manager, drove to Laradon Hall in north Denver. He’d called a few days earlier to arrange a meeting with Annie Green, the acting director of Laradon, a nonprofit that operates an alternative school and other programs for people with developmental disabilities. Beech had never met Green, but he explained on the phone that he was planning to leave his entire estate to Laradon. He was a member of a local Elks club, he added, which had adopted Laradon as its primary charity.

Green readily agreed to see him.… Read the rest

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Hookers No Longer Welcome On Craigslist

Erick Schonfeld, TechCrunch: After coming under increasing scrutiny from various state attorney generals for the open prostitution listings in its “erotic services” category, Craigslist is now folding in the face of criminal charges. The company said in a blog post that it will replace the erotic services category with a new “Adult services” category where each ad will be individually reviewed before posting.

Existing ads in the erotic services category will remain for seven days, but already new ads are not being accepted in that category. People trying to place an ad in the adult category are reminded: “Ads suggesting or implying an exchange of sexual favors for money are strictly prohibited” and “Ads including pornographic images, or images suggestive of an offer of sexual favors are strictly prohibited.”

A quick glance at the erotic services section for New York City shows a lot of flesh with ads promising “IT’S NOTHING LIKE THE FIRST TIME!!” and “ASIAN HOTTIE … TO FULFUILL YOUR DREAM … WILLING AND READY.” Meanwhile, the adult services section for NYC is slightly less explicit.… Read the rest

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Meet Kari Ferrell: The Hipster Grifter

Doree Shafrir, New York Observer: It’s likely that when Kari Ferrell walked into the Vice magazine offices in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, last month to interview for an administrative assistant job, they thought they’d hit the jackpot. Ms. Ferrell — petite, 22 years old, of Korean heritage — had a huge tattoo of a phoenix across her chest and a cute pixie haircut. She was talkative, funny, charming, adorable. She had a tattoo on her back that read “I Love Beards.”

She told them she’d been working for the New York office of the concert promotion company GoldenVoice, which puts on huge rock festivals like Coachella near Palm Springs, Calif., and that she’d moved to New York from Utah just a few months earlier. They hired her on the spot.

A few days later, one of Ms. Ferrell’s new colleagues came by her desk. “I said, ‘Excuse me, miss, is [her boss] downstairs?’” the 29-year-old told the Observer.… Read the rest

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New Orleans Man Loses Chunk of Arm in Possible Zombie Attack

Xeni Jardin, BoingBoing: The headline is a keeper: “Metairie man says stranger chewed, swallowed after taking bite out of his arm.” The story is horrible, but more frightening still, it suggests the imminent threat of a worsening zombie onslaught.

“Lancellotti said he tried to defend himself with a garden rake. As the men struggled over the rake, the stranger bent over and bit Lancellotti on his right forearm, the report said. Lancellotti’s flesh ripped away as he fell to the ground. The man then got on top of Lancellotti and began choking him, the report said.

“It was then that neighbor Chantal Lorio, a podiatrist and director of the Wound Center at East Jefferson General Hospital, came out to check on Lancellotti. Lorio said Monday that she first thought Lancellotti was having a heart attack and the other man was trying to help him.

“The stranger was still gripping Lancellotti as Lorio noticed her neighbor was lying in a pool of blood.… Read the rest

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5 Great Men Who Built Their Careers on Plagiarism

Robert Evans: As anyone here at Cracked will tell you, without even the slightest provocation, writing is hard. When the strain of coming up with new material becomes too great to bear, a writer has two options: He can pepper his work with penis jokes and pictures of cute animals, or he can steal his words from a better writer.

Occasionally, a brilliant (or at least sort of clever) mind comes across a bad spell of writer’s block and gives into the temptation to be a cheating plagiarist. Sometimes this blatant plagiarism ends up being the catalyst that launches their career like a rocket powered by lies.

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

What’d He Do? We’re not saying that King wasn’t an incredible person who did more to advance the human race than most of us can ever hope to do. We’re just saying that he was also a plagiarizing butthole.… Read the rest

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