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McCollum, Time Travel and Murder: An Interview/Review

Aaron McCollum’s story is one that will either leave you believing him insane, a liar, the greatest government whistleblower of all time, or some combination of the three. Initially, in conversation with him, I confessed my belief to him that I thought he might even be a liar, a statement about which he seemed remarkably understanding, if of course in disagreement. But having heard him out, I feel satisfied concluding that he really does believe most if not all of what he’s saying, and that he’s thus either insane or exposing some horribly evil government action. His is a story full of outlandish facts that purport to expose hyper-illicit genetic modification, political assassination, contact with extraterrestrials, and time travel.

The Aaron McCollum Project Camelot Interview

After telling a colleague in the news media about hearing out this account, the colleague expressed amazement that I even had the patience to listen to Aaron McCollum...

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BP And Transparency

bpAs oil continues to pour from the sea floor off the coast of the Southern United States from the BP/Deepwater Horizon fiasco on April 20th, the public has become more outraged with BP, accusing the company of covering up the amount of petroleum, restricting access to footage of the spill for many weeks, and not taking all possible steps to mitigate the flow of the oil from the hole itself or its spread into the sensitive marshes of Louisiana.

By e-mail, the 501(c)(4) issued a call for members to protest yesterday at the BP Amoco Government Affairs office, listed by as 1776 I St. NW in Washington. Just as BP cannot stop the oil from bleeding from the Earth and decimating entire populations of organisms very probably as yet unknown, they have not proven unable to conduct a “top kill” on the flow of blood from the hearts of their sign and petroleum-wielding protesters.… Read the rest

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A Crass Footnote Re: The Supposed Anti-Depleted Uranium Conspiracy

Tungsten?Well, it’s been roughly half a month since Aaron Dames posted a link to the reductionist new Conspiracy Theories page over at Within about a week, astute reader 5by5 would comment that the State Department is now deliberately downplaying the effects of depleted uranium, or at least equating its effects with those of tungsten. Of course, the healthy distrust so imbues Disinformation‘s readership that 5by5’s comment became quite popular.

As posted at The Buffalo Beast, a new article about how the State Department’s newest claims stand up against medical experts, the EPA, and those working closest with victims of heavy-metal poisoning:

Late this May, sought to clear the air on a wide variety of topics: aliens, anti-Semitism, Islam, fake moon landing stories, various 9/11 theories, government synthesized AIDS and more. The page is produced by the U.S. Department of State’s Bureau of International Information Programs and, as expected, they endorse none of their cataloged conspiracies.

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Talking With The Guy Who Puts Fluoride in D.C.’s Water

Tom Jacobus has been the general manager of the Washington Aqueduct since 1994. As we finished up our phone discussion yesterday, he laughed at my having referenced the communist plot accusations from Dr. Strangelove regarding fluoride in the water. "If it is a communist plot, it's not working," he said. In this correspondence, he didn't care to elaborate on his personal views of mass-drugging, but he simply said on the phone that if he had some serious personal problem with it, he would have put in his resignation long ago. The aqueduct's use of fluoride, he revealed, is the product of a political consensus forged in D.C., Arlington and Falls Church, where the city councils and mayors have all acquiesced to the practice. I've decided to keep this article the color of water. The following is my correspondence with the man who puts fluoride in the water of America's decision-makers, preceded first by this film from the Fluoride Action Network: Tyler Bass: "Mr. Jacobus, I do appreciate your willingness to discuss with me the nature of water fluoridation and your take on its effectiveness, if any...
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Recent History, Sander Hicks and a New York Green Party Senate Candidacy

With prognosticators claiming that Senator Chuck Schumer (D-NY)'s re-election campaign is full-steam ahead, activist/writer/playwright/Brooklynite Sander Hicks is running for the Senate on a platform of "true transparency," and economic and leadership policies focused on peace. We had an exchange about immigration, anthrax, the finer points of the alleged 9/11 cover-up, the BP oil spill disaster, the trial of Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, and — that old, beaten-horse topic for Green Party candidates — in essence, the ambiguity of saying Republicans are worse. Sander Hicks 1. On your campaign page, you hold up Cesar Chavez as an example of non-violence. In light of recent events in Arizona and the passage of controversial immigration legislation, how does Mr. Chavez’s opposition to illegal immigration function alongside your personal views of border control? (This is what I’m talking about.) Is attempting to apply restrictions on human movements through the enforcement of borders ever inherently racist? Any good labor leader will want to protect against strike-breakers. This is what Chavez was dealing with — illegals were being hired to cross picket lines and scab on the union. The ideal immigration policy would make it easier to become a citizen. We need to create more jobs in this country so that we’re not at each others’ throats competing for a such a small number of jobs...
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Political Publicists Manipulate Consumers With Anthro-Aesthetic Narrative

While the the American public at large varies in its level of outrage over U.S. government spending levels, over the past week, the physical appearance of Tea Party protesters served as a point of fixation for commenters describing their points of view from every part of the ideological spectrum. The overarching thesis of every paid mainstream commenter, in rough paraphrase, has been “I am not a racist; the people who disagree with me are racists. This validates my conclusions about the level and direction of federal government spending.”

These types of conflicting arguments float around either (1) pointing our the aesthetic homogeneity of the Tea Party protesters or (2) referencing the presence of ethnic minority participation in Tea Party protests in order to expose the previous dynamic as spurious or, daresay, racist unto itself. This common practice by detracting and promoting onlookers is deeply ironic, because, for the most part, virtually all of them claim to espouse a society that is colorblind.… Read the rest

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U.S. Park Police: Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell; and Image Control

ActivismYesterday, after six discharged veterans, Lt. Dan Choi, Capt. Jim Pietrangelo II, Petty Officer Larry Whitt, Petty Officer Autumn Sandeen, Cadet Mara Boyd, and Airman Victor Price, handcuffed themselves to the White House front fence, U.S. Park Police forced the public and the media to leave Lafayette Park, which takes up about an acre in front of the executive offices and residences.

The six chained themselves in protest against the don’t ask, don’t tell policy regarding homosexuals serving in the U.S. military, which places a prohibition on both inquiring of a servicemember’s sexual orientation and the explanation by a servicemember of their non-heterosexual orientation.

Barely more than a month ago, the White House’ front gate has played host to protests where some disparaged the president as a mass murderer, and yet the public and the media did not have to leave the park. Police around the White House barred protesters, but not the general public, from the sidewalk in front of the White House.… Read the rest

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Defense Contractors Sponsor Sesame Street Programming Special

If you fill out and send in this form, you can remove you or your ward's name from a list of prospective American military recruits. Its completion moves a name into a "suppression file" in the Department of Defense's Joint Advertising and Marketing Research & Studies. This makes it much harder for military recruiters to reach out to a prospective recruit whose contact information they may have acquired in various ways. Federal law actually requires that they have as much access to high school students as any other prospective employer. Sesame Street has become loved and reviled for its socially-conscious programming; in one famous example from 1983, after an actor on the show died, Sesame Street took the chance to impart to very young children the temporal nature of human existence by marking his character's death on the show. The forward-thinking episode invited some degree of opposition because even adults When Families Grievethemselves continue to find death very uncomfortable or even impossible to psychologically confront. Premiering tonight on PBS at 8 p.m. EDT is a program, "When Families Grieve," that features four families, two of which features fathers from the American military...
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Huffington Post Blogger Guidelines Now Not Anti-Conspiracy Theory?

I woke up this morning to read an e-mail from Maureen Gummert’s mailing list, one in which the author was exceedingly glad that The Huffington Post was publishing an editorial by Sander Hicks about the Vatican child sexual abuse scandal.

Sander Hicks has created a story about the Vatican sex scandal and has done a brilliant job at linking it to the Franklin Credit Union scandal.  The story posted yesterday 4/6/2010 at The Huffington Post….this is a huge breakthrough.

Huffington Post is exactly the mainstream media exposure we have hoped for.  Nick Bryant has worked tirelessly to assure the world finds out about what happened to so many victims.

Please take some time to read Sander’s story and please consider writing a comment.  We need to do everything we can to keep this story in the forefront on The Huffington Post.

To vigilant readers of this website, the Franklin Trust sexual abuse scandal is hardly news.… Read the rest

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