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Praying To A Tree Trunk: Will The Tree Trunk Help?

Divinity-of-Doubt-Bugliosi-Vincent-9781593156299One of the main things people pray for is peace. But there have already been trillions upon trillions of prayers for peace through the years, yet peace remains as elusive as mercury, as groups and factions and nations persist in warring viciously with each other, the violence continuing unabated.

Wouldn’t one think that people would finally come to the realization that either there’s no one up there listening to their prayers for peace, or if there is, he doesn’t have the power to stop the violence, or if he does, he has no desire to do so? That they may just as well be praying to a tree trunk?

I’ve been told there is some religious sect in the Himalayan Mountains that has been praying for peace, twenty-four hours a day in shifts, for more than five hundred years. Nuns of the Franciscan Sisters in La Crosse, Wisconsin, have been praying for world peace in thirty-minute rotating shifts twenty four hours a day in an unbroken chain of perpetual prayers dating back to 1878.… Read the rest

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What’s So Great Up There in Heaven?

Divinity-of-Doubt-Bugliosi-Vincent-9781593156299The main objective of the Christian scheme of life and death is to get to heaven after we die. Why? Because that's where God is, and heaven without God would be like a sunny day without sunshine, an innate contradiction. Christians want to be with God because, they say, he is all-perfect, and eternity with him will be beyond the greatest happiness imaginable. But how many people stop to ask why this will be so. Okay, so God is the greatest thing since sliced bread. Even greater. So what? What will this do for me? As they used to say years ago in my hometown of Italian, Slavic, and Nordic immigrants in northern Minnesota to measure the value of what one was doing, "Will it put a chicken on the table [to eat]?" How does God's being so great and wonderful translate into our happiness being far greater than we could ever imagine if we are there with him? I don't get it. So he's incredible and magnificent and perfect and everything else, and I, along with millions of others, am by his side. Now what? Where do we go from there? I mean, what will we do in heaven besides worshiping the Lord? All manner of pleasurable things have been envisioned by people through the years about heaven, the Disneyland of the Christian imagination...
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