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Southern Gothic on The Black Fridays Podcast!

The Black Fridays Episode 20 — Micah Hanks

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On this episode of TBF, we talk with Micah Hanks. Micah is a “self proclaimed (but not self righteous) skeptic” that has been studying the world of the esoteric for quite some time now.

His articles and stories about the strange have been seen in FATE Magazine, Fortean Times, Mysteries Magazine, UFO Magazine, TCS Daily, The Journal of Anomalous Sciences just to mention a few. He has worked with The History Channel, National Geographic, and The Travel Channel while working with L.E.M.U.R from 2004 to 2010.

Visit Micah at The Gralien Report.… Read the rest

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The Black Fridays Meet Paratopia’s Jeremy Vaeni

The Black Fridays Episode 19 — Jeremy Vaeni

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The Black Fridays welcome Jeremy Vaeni to the show! As the host of Culture of Contact and the Co-Host of Paratopia, Jeremy has been on the scene for quite a while, and we tap his knowledge-base of the esoteric for information on the state of ufology, the paranormal in general, his experiences and then he gets to turn the microphone on Stacy for an interesting conversation about religion.

We thank Jeremy for his time, and look forward to working with him again in the future! Enjoy…

Jeremy can be found at Paratopia!… Read the rest

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The Black Fridays: Esoteric Jam Session With Tracy Twyman

The Black Fridays Episode 18 — Tracy Twyman

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tracy twymanWes flies solo tonight and is joined in an esoteric jam session with none other than Tracy Twyman. Tracy should be no stanger to our listerners as she is one of the most prolific researchers covering our little corner of the world.

Covering everything from the Grail Legends to Tracy’s metamorphasis into a first-class economic researcher, we cover just about everything she has ever done! We hope you enjoy…

You can find Tracy here and here is Tracy’s new podcast.… Read the rest

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The Black Fridays Meet Mysterious Universe’s Ben and Aaron

The Black Fridays Episode 17 — Ben Grundy and Aaron Wright

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mu_logoThat’s right, the guys from Austrailia’s Mysterious Universe drop in to talk shop, UFO’s, the Paranormal, and all things Mysterious.

We had a wonderful time talking to those guys, and look forward to chatting again in the future! We hope you all enjoy the show.

You can learn more about Mysterious Universe at: www.… Read the rest

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Stonehenge Expert Julian Richards on The Black Fridays!

The Black Fridays Episode 16 — Julian Richards

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The Black Fridays is pleased to bring you Julian Richards! We believe Julian to be one of the foremost experts on Stonehenge today and we were thrilled that stopped by for a chat! We cover most of the new discoveries that have been made in the areas around the site, as well as other sites of interest in the vicinity. Our honor to talk to Julian … we hope you enjoy!

You can learn more about Julian Richards at… Read the rest

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Time Travel, Chasing Shadows and The Harlequin on The Black Fridays


The Black Fridays Episode 15 — Jason Ouffut

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The Black Fridays welcomes Jason Offutt. Jason is a syndicated columnist, author, college journalism instructor, and a “fan of all things strange”. We talk with Jason about ghosts, Shadow People, and even a guy who invented a time travel machine.

We had a great time speaking with Jason and hope you enjoy it!

Find out more about Jason at

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Dr. Robert Schoch on The Black Fridays!

The Black Fridays Episode 14 — Dr. Robert Schoch

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Robert SchochWell, what can we say? Dr. Robert Schoch! How humbling it has been to have the guests we’ve had so far! But, this goes beyond our expectations. We talk with Dr. Schoch about his findings in Bosnia and Japan and of course his discoveries that turned the scientific world on it’s head.

Dr. Robert M. Schoch, a full-time faculty member at the College of General Studies at Boston University since 1984, earned his Ph.D. (1983) in Geology and Geophysics at Yale University. He also holds an M.S. and M.Phil. in Geology and Geophysics from Yale, as well as degrees in Anthropology (B.A.) and Geology (B.S.) from George Washington University.

Dr. Schoch is the author or coauthor of both technical and popular books, including the trilogy with R. A. McNally: Voices of the Rocks: A Scientist Looks at Catastrophes and Ancient Civilizations (1999), Voyages of the Pyramid Builders: The True Origins of the Pyramids from Lost Egypt to Ancient America (2003), and Pyramid Quest: Secrets of the Great Pyramid and the Dawn of Civilization (2005).… Read the rest

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Listener Discussion with John Ratcliff on The Black Fridays

The Black Fridays Episode 13 — John Ratcliff

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Today we’ve got a very special guest. Mr. John Ratcliff. John is an engineer and a Freemason and a newer listener to The Black Fridays. John first heard about us on Paratopia’s podcast with Wes and Tim Bannall. After which, John had some particular comments about us on Paratopia’s forum. We invited John to come on the show and talk about those posts, plus Freemasons, and UFO’s. We think we’ve found a new friend. Wes and Stacy both really liked talking with John and think you’ll like his ideas as well.

Wes and Stacy also have a lengthy discussion on the Emma Woods tapes and Dr. David Jacobs. To get a more thorough treatment of this issue, go to the episode 57 podcast at

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UFOs and The Divine Council on The Black Fridays

The Black Fridays Episode 12 — Dr. Mike Heiser

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We are VERY excited about having Dr. Michael Heiser on the show tonight! Mike Heiser earned the M.A. and Ph.D. in Hebrew Bible and Semitic Languages at the University of Wisconsin-Madison in 2004. Before attending the UW-Madison, Mike earned an M.A. in Ancient History from the University of Pennsylvania (major fields: Ancient Israel and Egyptology).

Mike’s main research interests are Israelite religion (especially Israel’s divine council), biblical theology, ancient Near Eastern religion, biblical languages, ancient Semitic languages, the history of the biblical texts, and ancient Jewish binitarian monotheism.

We talk with Dr. Heiser about his work on The Divine Council and UFOs. Is there a pantheon of gods in the Old Testament? Listen and find out.

Learn more about Dr. Heiser at and

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The Secret Archives of the Eastern Orthodox Church on The Black Fridays

gse_multipart38640The Black Fridays Bonus Episode 1 – Brian Burnett

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The Black Fridays welcome back Brian Burnett. One of our listener’s submitted a question asking if there are any secret archives of the Orthodox Church. We thought it was an interesting idea and wanted to have Brian back on the show to give his answer.

You can read more of Brian’s thoughts at:

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