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Black Metal Presidential Logos are Totally, um, Metal!

The 2016 election nightmare has begun and if there’s anything more boring than the candidates themselves, it’s their phony Americana inspired Mad Men reject logos. I’m yawning just thinking about them.

Artist Christophe Szpajdel has done us a solid and made them less boring. With metal.



Isn't Jeb Bush the lead singer for Armored Saint?

Isn’t Jeb Bush the lead singer for Armored Saint?

Totally metal, yet still a hillbilly. Go figure.

Totally metal, yet still a hillbilly. Go figure.

Almost as lame as the dead poodle he calls 'hair'. Almost.

Almost as lame as the dead poodle he calls ‘hair’. Almost.

Don't mess with Texas. Because metal beasts.

Don’t mess with Texas. Because metal beasts.

Ambigram or bad tattoo? You decide.

Ambigram or bad tattoo? You decide.

Bernie's a lot things, but he's totally NOT metal. Or electable. Or a socialist. Just sayin'.

Bernie’s a lot things, but he’s totally NOT metal. Or electable. Or a socialist. Just sayin’.

This scary metal elephant (listen- Mastodon is NOT metal anymore.) is pretty bitchin', unlike the Donald.

This scary metal elephant (listen- Mastodon is NOT metal anymore.) is pretty bitchin’, unlike the Donald.

You can check out more HERE. Rock! \m/

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A Man of Fantasies: Casanova the Novelist

The autobiography of Giacomo Casanova, many-faced man of mystery and otherworldly charm, reads like an erotic fantasy. Each affair and adventure is so bawdy and unbelievable that one wonders whether Casanova’s entire life was one rompish fairytale in the style of The Arabian Nights or The Decameron. Casanova sets the tone of his memoir with the a story of his nighttime gondola journey to the island of Murano on the outskirts of Venice. Casanova’s grandmother decides to take the eight-year old to see a witch in order to heal his incessant nosebleeds. After receiving her payment, the woman locks him in a box and initiates a healing ritual:

“after lavishing caresses upon me, takes off my clothes, lays me on the bed, burns some drugs, gathers the smoke in a sheet which she wraps around me, pronounces incantations, takes the sheet off me, and gives me five sugar-plums of a very agreeable taste.Read the rest

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Computer Hallucinations: Large Scale Deep Neural Net


Recently, Disinfo ran an article about how Google set up feedback loops to its image recognition software and created some very interesting “dream”-like effects. Yeah, Google. “Dream.” You can view a gallery of their images here.

Some other software engineers, among whom is Jonas Degrave, a Belgian PhD student, who are not nearly as concerned with euphemism, have created an “LSD neural net,” which is similar in concept to Google’s feedback loops. Except they actually made a channel on Twitch that shows the algorithmic permutations in real time video, constantly zooming in like a fractal. Remarkably, the viewers in the video chat can type in two objects, for example “tent + gondola,” and the algorithm randomly choose one entry and morph using images of these objects. It is really quite interesting.

If you’re some kind of freak that actually knows how this stuff works, feel free to check out the write up giving background on how the engineers technically created this piece on Jonas Degrave’s site.… Read the rest

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Sarah Solstice on Project Bring Me to Life

Selomon and Shantastic Shine interview Sarah Solstice on episode #53 of the Project Bring Me to Life podcast:

Sarah Solstice is a writer, vocalist, dancer, acrobat, actress, producer and performance artist. She shares a message of ease, fun, joy, and perpetual partying.

Hosts Selomon and Shantastic Shine speak with Sarah about subjects such as her party method to life known as Earth Planet Party, her back ground as a Christian, how to be heart centered and some of her most intense meditation experiences.

Find out more about Sarah Solstice at

Visit her profile on the PBM2L Website.

Don’t forget to follow us on Twitter @PBM2L, Subscribe to us at, and”Like” us at

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40 Years of Jaws


I’ve been posting about the 35th anniversary of The Shining over the last several weeks, but I thought it might be better to wait until it was officially summertime to post about the 40th anniversary of Jaws. The summer movie as we know it today didn’t exist until Jaws devoured box offices all summer long in 1975. Along with Star Wars‘ release in 1977, the pair of films changed the entire calendar of film releasing, creating the template for the modern blockbuster and put an end to the New Hollywood movement that made both of the movies possible in the first place.

Besides the game-changing industry impact of Jaws, the story of the making of the film was nearly as treacherous, desperate and paranoia-inducing as the plot of the film. From shooting on the open ocean, to doubts about the inexperienced director, Steven Spielberg, to the malfunctioning mechanical monster, it’s a wonder the movie ever made it to the screen.… Read the rest

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Porn On Psychedelics


The new Psychedelic Sex book published by Taschen this spring is currently being sold on eBay for $69. That’s a silly point to make about what amounts to a seriously in-depth look at what happened to the burgeoning culture of “men’s magazines” when they ran smack into the psychedelic revolution in the 1960’s.

During a tiny, titillating window between 1967 and 1972, LSD, the sexual revolution, pop art graphics and the go-go entrepreneurialism that’s always been the hallmark of the pornography industry all combined in a cauldron of hippie chicks, surfer girls and counterculture couplings that created “psychedelic sex.” While the freaks flew their flags of free love and good drugs in San Francisco, men’s magazine publishers were anxious to sell the revolution to the squares on the sidelines.

Magazines like Way Out and Where It’s At attempted to capture the aesthetics of psychedelic culture beginning at the place where the jeans and the fringe and the flowers hit the floor.… Read the rest

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Harmon’s Head: Community & The 8 Circuit Model of Consciousness

Bobby Campbell (CC BY 2.0)

Bobby Campbell (CC BY 2.0)

This is a model of the Dan Harmon created sitcom Community based on The Eight-Circuit Model of Consciousness, a metaphysiological construct developed by Timothy Leary and Robert Anton Wilson.

It is most certainly an imperfect mapping of the show, based on an imperfect psychological model, which cherry picks certain characteristics, and ignores others, but I found that it ends up fitting far better than I expected it to, and since the show is known for its impeccable story structure, it’s interesting to find something resembling character structure as well. For the sake of simplicity this is based on the original “Greendale Seven Study Group” incarnation of the cast.

  1. Shirley Bennett – The Oral Biosurvival Circuit

This circuit is concerned with nourishment, physical safety, comfort and survival. This circuit is imprinted early in infancy. The imprint will normally last for life, unless it is re-imprinted by a powerful experience.Read the rest

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Piracy on the High Sees: The Devaluation of Content


Let me open with the fact that when it comes to content (audio, video, games, photographs), I am extremely ANTI-PIRACY. I’ll debate with anyone who wants to take up the argument that content should be free. And… if you think the title of this article has a typo, you are wrong. You see, I am in the film distribution business, and I am going to steer this rambling toward 1) film and 2) until you see my point. I want to ‘sees’ the moment. OK… OK… seize it. I’ll stop with the bad puns as I am sure you see my point.

“You should come over one night,” said the man in the nice blue (and somewhat expensive looking) sweatshirt. “I have about 300 films I’ve downloaded.”

He laughed and then told me he hadn’t paid for even one… that he has some back channel way of getting them from a site that grabs them off of cable VOD services.… Read the rest

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Faces Of Crying Babies Projected Onto Factory Smoke To Highlight Pollution

In an effort to highlight China’s air pollution problem, Xiao Zhu projected faces of crying babies onto factory smoke pollution.

Via the YouTube description:

Xiao Zhu wanted to stand out in a market that was almost as congested as the air. A market where half a million people, mostly children, have died due to air pollution related illnesses. So we decided to put a spotlight on air pollution’s biggest culprits – the factories – by using the actual pollution from the factories as a medium. People took notice, and the word spread.

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