I’m rolling empty in the Haight to the tune of My Old Daddy’s Got a Brand New Way to Love, which again gets me musing about Bob Valor’s tale

Barnes, “No, sir. I’m a Christian. Marijuana is not allowed. I have a prescription for Oxycontin, which I need to re-up.” Barnes continues, “What with all of my ailments, my REAL problem is where I live. It messes with my head.

A controversial people rating app that allows users to rate people like how they rate restaurants and business, has arrived on the Android and iOS devices.

Happy Leap Day! February 29th is a day that happens only every 4 years, and 2016 is a leap year. Leap years keep our calendar aligned with the rotation of the earth around the sun.

Some doors just have the worst design. I can never figure which way they open- do I push or pull? Why is the handle the same on both sides of the door, when it…