For those of you who have expressed concern, or worry, as to my mental state over my last few reports from the road, I beg to assure you that I feel I am coming back from the brink. Backing out of a dead end alley, you might say… Of late,

There is a solitude in driving a cab. Your co-workers are the citizens of your town, as well as those just in for a short visit…

You cut me off, HARD, as I was crossing Mission Street on MY green. But you were sure to make quick eye contact through your shiny wraparounds first. And that curl on the corner of your smug face… Was that a smirk?

Did you know that all official Norwegian diplomats in training have to go through a formal lesson about Norwegian black metal?

I’m rolling empty in the Haight to the tune of My Old Daddy’s Got a Brand New Way to Love, which again gets me musing about Bob Valor’s tale

Barnes, “No, sir. I’m a Christian. Marijuana is not allowed. I have a prescription for Oxycontin, which I need to re-up.” Barnes continues, “What with all of my ailments, my REAL problem is where I live. It messes with my head.

A controversial people rating app that allows users to rate people like how they rate restaurants and business, has arrived on the Android and iOS devices.