Festival 23 is an interactive celebration of literature and the arts, of theatre, playshops and music inspired by the Discordian movement. It will be an Experience. A ritual for ritual’s sake.

I have a theory, about why San Francisco is so… unhinged. When I lived back east, you would commonly come across a guy on the streets of the Lower East Side wearing…

Tuesday 5:15am: Crooks, the disgraced ex-cab driver who lost his A-card after getting busted committing Paratransit fraud by keeping passenger’s cards and later swiping fake rides – who has since been driving…

I’ve been binge watching the Discovery Channel’s Naked and Afraid lately, on Sundays. It’s a reality show about two strangers, a man and a woman, meeting for the first time naked on some godforsaken snake and insect-infested corner of the earth

For those of you who have expressed concern, or worry, as to my mental state over my last few reports from the road, I beg to assure you that I feel I am coming back from the brink. Backing out of a dead end alley, you might say… Of late,

JJ Brine is one interesting character. The universe is a very complex place of which I don’t pretend to have all the answers. What I do know is that people don’t just randomly open up satanic art galleries and announce that they have seceded from the United States.

I’m out in the lot and just starting to prep and sanitize ‘ol 137. I go to log-in to the tablet and come to note that it’s stuck on some half glowing black screen, with a single line of gibberish yellow lettering displayed in the lower left corner.

I’m rolling the Fillmore strip up in well-to-do Pac Heights. And I cruise by the usual suspects; cops, affluent retirees – with their Golden Retrievers, and mansion contractors

I live across the street from the West Side projects of San Francisco, in an old three flat Victorian. You can still see remnants of the gas flame chandelier in the living room ceiling, from the turn of the century.