My four-day class at Cab Driver Institute is here, housed up three flights in a worn-down, antiquated former union building imbued with the soft squeal of a (hopefully) broken burglar alarm that wafts through the air. The elevator is slow to the shared office space where Rose runs her show.

I’m rolling west up Market fresh from a Financial drop. Well, semi-fresh. I’ve made it all the way up past Westfield Mall and am straddling the Loin, with all of its dregs.

It’s 4:30 in the am, and Tony is sending me darting out of the office with an order up in Holly Park, a residential hood not far from the Citizen’s Cab lot…

It’s 2:45 in the PM and I’m rolling a Citizen’s Cab spare, 2402, down Fillmore fresh from a fruitless jaunt through Pac Heights. As my day shift winds down, I’ll continue working these well-off commercial strips

As I cruise past the bustling crack and meth scene on 16th Street here, mixed in amongst a seemingly endless sprawl of tents, tarps and bicycle parts, I roll down into the Mission, on a mission…

It’s Monday here in Citizen’s Cab world, my first day back on the job after a crazy weekend that saw the entire world protesting Herr Presidente’s Muslim ban at many of the major airports. Taxi drivers in New York (comprised of many a Muslim) were on strike over at JFK.

By the grace of God, and/or Mother Nature, I’ve been doing quite well working Citizen’s Cab 1015 over the last couple of weeks, what with all of the cold and rain that’s descended over the Bay Area.

‘Gerald Suster can be considered one of the most Front Coverimportant occultists of the late-20th century. A prolific writer, esteemed historian and advocate of Thelemic Magick, he is best known for his biographies of Aleister Crowley & Israel Regardie

The newest publication from Gods & Radicals “A Beautiful Resistance: The Fire is Here” will be released very soon. Here is the introduction, written by editor and poet Lorna Smithers. Information on ordering is…

There’s a wave of interest in Robert Anton Wilson right now – a new biography of Wilson is due in 2017, and a RAW-influenced history of the 20th century was recently published, both of these coming from “mainstream” publishers.