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This week: The Americans take over!, Samy’s worm, Florida goats know how to party, Avril is Leavinge … see what I did there, and much more…

Personnel – Joe NolanFrater Isla, and Raymond WIley


  • Samy’s Worm Link
  • Our New Relative Link
  • Florida Party Goats Link
  • When I was a boy…Link
  • The Boner King of Cincinnati Turned Out to Be a Big Dick Link
  • Avril Replaced by Doppleganger Live


Die Antwoord – Baby’s On Fire

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Ever Wonder How to Disappear or Why People Do?

Tim Weaver the author of the David Raker series, crime thrillers about a missing person investigator, has recently completed an eight-part podcast examining the occurrences of missing people. He interviews experts revolving around the topic including a man that helps people to disappear in real life, people who find the missing, a psychologist, a surveillance expert, and more.

Here is the official MISSING website where you can find more information and links to the podcast where you can download or stream from Soundcloud or iTunes. Above is the first episode to wet your whistle.

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Overcoming Chronic Fatigue Syndrome – A Spiritual Pilgrimage

Hosts Selomon and Shantastic Shine talk with Nick Meador about his spiritual pilgrimage and his first solo journey abroad to walk the Camino De Santiago as a way of overcoming the limitations of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.

In this episode we speak with Author and Holistic Facilitator Nick Meador about overcoming limitations that come with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. Nick talks about his spiritual pilgrimage on the Camino De Santiago, Way of Saint James, how he is preparing for it and what he is expecting from it.

Other topics of note include his explanation about why suffering plays a part in spirituality, what his biggest fears and concerns are about traveling abroad alone and how he uses dream interpretation in his holistic practice.

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Find out more about Nick at his Blog.

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Coincidence Control Network: File #91 – Teetering on a Glass Bridge

This week: Make your own comics, you lazy… The stuff of nightmares, Philip K. Dick: The barely tapped resource, Animal magic, We’ll never know what her log had to say, and much more.

Personnel – Joe NolanFrater Isla, and Ken Eakins


  • Mark Millar Wants YOU to Make Comics! Link
  • Seriously…just no! – Link
  • Minority Report – film, television, reality Link
  • Live Migration Link
  • RIP Catherine ‘The Log Lady’ Coulson – Link
  • New Lou – Link
  • I TOLD You Little Girls Can Be Funny Link Link
  • YouTube Adfree subscription coming next month – Link
  • Californium is Full of Schlocky Dick Link

Kool Keith – 3000

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Today’s Planetary Signs of a Revolutionary Transformation

Hosts Selomon and Shantastic Shine interview host of the #1 Astrology Podcast on iTunes, This Week in Astrology, Benjamin Bernstein about the planetary alignments that are bringing a revolutionary transformation to Earth right now.

In this episode, we speak with Benjamin Bernstein, a professional astrologer and host of the #1 Astrology podcast on iTunes This Week in Astrology, about the revolutionary transformation that is occurring during a Pluto and Uranus square. We also talk with him about archetypes, why do the planets affect us, Pluto not being a planet, the difference between horoscopes and zodiacs, indigenous astrology and if there is a 13th zodiac.

We also talk with Benjamin about his Shamanic Breath Work Techniques, Astrology services and many more spacey topics. Near the end is a collective card reading by Shantastic Shine that will send shivers down your spine and a short meditation to leave you with peace of mind by Selomon.

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Reprogram Your Limiting Self Beliefs – Scott Golden on PBM2L

Hosts Selomon and Shantastic Shine interview Scott Golden on how we can overcome challenges and reprogram our limiting beliefs into golden opportunities.

In this episode we interview Scott Golden, host of the Power of Perception Radio show, about overcoming challenges, reprogramming limiting beliefs and the 6 basic human needs. He also describes the difference between pain and suffering, visions for the future and being a Life and Creativity coach.

The Power of Perception Radio show is a series of shows that helps people see all aspects of life from a new viewpoint. Everything from self help to sports and music is covered.

Check out the Power of Perception Radio show on BlogTalkRadio!

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Ego Death Experience – Mattrick Holbert on PBM2L

In this episode, Selomon and Shantastic Shine speak with Philosopher, Self Development Trainer and Writer, Mattrick Holbert about his first ego death experience and how we can create a culture we can all benefit and enjoy together.

What does it take to create a new culture? What tools can we use to get our society back on track? In this episode, we talk with Mattrick Holbert about creating a new culture. He describes his first ego death experience that led him to a path of learning from spiritual teachers like Bruce Lee. We also talk about what it takes to go from a Type 0 Civilization to a Type 1 Civilization which includes free energy and sustainable technology.

Mattrick describes for us the ideas of the Trivium, Quadrivium and Pentivium which are ways to improve ourselves and improve our society. Read more of Mattrick’s work at

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Landholding By Force of Arms

Mark Corske, anarchist thinker and writer of the excellent book Engines of Domination and the co-creator of the short film of the same name, has released a new video, “Landholding By Force of Arms.”

In trademark artistic style, Corske explores the relationships between state and private ownership of land and the domination of the human species.

You can listen to Corske’s interview with Free Radical Media via this link.

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Hopi Indians’ Blue Star Prophecy – Robert Harding on PBM2L

Hosts Selomon and Shantastic Shine interview author and healer Robert Harding about his incredible story of what he describes as a spiritual awakening that includes the Blue Star Prophecy made by the Hopi Indians.

Robert Harding was an ordinary man living an ordinary life for 49 years, when one day, he beheld the vision of Mother Mary floating directly above his bed. What happened next is an amazing story of a vision quest and spiritual pilgrimage that led Robert to the Hopi land and the Blue Star Prophecy.

In this episode we speak with Robert Harding, author of Blue Star: The True Story of One Man’s Spiritual Awakening and Vision Quest, about his amazing journey from living an ordinary life to one of grand adventure as he traveled from London, England to the Hopi Land in the United States. Other subjects that come up during the interview are how he became an intuitive healer, what he learned about in the land of the Hopi’s, the Blue Star Prophecy and advice for others who want to go on a vision quest of their own.

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