To commemorate Barack Obama’s final Independence Day while serving as President of the United States, I present to you an important missive I recently mailed to the White House….

5am, and the magic “Start” button on 137 brings her display panel beeping to life out in the lot of ‘ol Citizen’s Cab. I hold my breath as my Prius taxi’s gas…

I began writing these taxi stories a few years ago as a way of keeping in touch with my aging, published author mother back on the east coast; to let her know what’s been going on in my life.

It’s looking to be a perfect, sunny day. The birds will be chirping and the sky is forecast for blue. I have my health and a means to pay rent. Yes. I could not be more graced. It is truly a wonderful year to be alive!

One of the perks of driving a taxi is being able to drop everything to take your kid to school. Despite the opportunity cost, I very much cherish these times. And I know that they will not last forever.

Thanksgiving week is usually slow. Reeeeel s l   o   w   .   .     . Thanksgiving proper, Citizen’s Cab lowers the gate (cab rental) for us drivers down from $91 to $61, as an…